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  1. muzz

    UFC 2009

    I actually had a few decisions with my first CAF, but that might have been because I didn't spam head kicks and was on a harder difficulty.
  2. muzz

    100 Posts of Solitude

    SBOOFN! should reach the final solely on the strength of his name.
  3. muzz

    Red Dwarf Returns!

    That snuck up on me. I know the show was still in limbo, but I never expected them to actually continue with it in any form. Colour me excited.
  4. muzz

    Mass Effect

    Pretty much the same, except you could forgive Rome more. They really rushed this one out the door.
  5. muzz

    Mass Effect

    I just haven't been able to get into Mass Effect, although I haven't been able to get into many games recently. Empire Total War being an incomplete mess hasn't helped. I was hoping I could play that for the next 10 years, but it looks like it will take 10 years to fix.
  6. muzz

    The End - Part Deux

    PM me for my address bitch Ill be waiting for you with open arms LLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL internet toughguy'd Either that or he thinks he's talking to a chick.
  7. muzz

    Ask Leena thread.

    I'm starting to think the only thing that could survive a nuclear holocaust is cockroaches and the E-Fed forums.
  8. muzz


    What weight class will this be fought at?
  9. muzz

    Weekend Box Office Report March 27-29

    I'd like to know how much profit some movies have been through rental/retail along with the cinema gross. I'd wager The Condemned made more in the former, it seemed that way for our company at least.
  10. muzz

    The YPOV Question of the Day

    I will continue reading and posting once every week as usual.
  11. muzz

    Discussions of Northwest Navigation

    This works for me too.
  12. muzz

    Pictures I Like

  13. muzz

    Downgrading to XP

    You could go back to 98 if you wanted, as long as you have a working key and disc.
  14. muzz

    Another Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    This. I have a nasty habit of winning, then slowly giving it all back over time, or moving up to bigger tournaments or cash games after a decent sized cash,
  15. muzz

    WWE General Discussion - March 2009

    It's not like the all-Divas announcement aired on the program last week. Wait, it did. Can we all just pretend that didn't happen? <WWE Creative>Would you look at this please? You need something new.