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  1. JMFabiano524

    The Old School questions thread

    An online recap a few years back referenced a list Dave Meltzer made of the inaccuracies in Hulk Hogan's first autobiography (the WWE-produced one). Is this list online?
  2. JMFabiano524

    The alledged Randy Savage ban from WWE.

    I know. I'm just saying that if they really wanted to eradicate someone from WWE history, for whatever reason, THAT is how they would do it.
  3. JMFabiano524

    Worst Excuse for a Face Turn

    This gives me an opportunity to finally ask a question about GLOW of all things. Do you remember the season finale in which Ninotchka beats Tina "Ivory" Ferrari for the GLOW championship...then promptly gives up the title, only to return next season ditching her evil Soviet gimmick for a babyface French ballerina one. Yet...the commentator was nonetheless constantly burying her, calling her a "traitor" (against the EVIL Russians????) and making fun of her shape and outfit. Anyone know what was up with that? And why did she give up the title in the first place??????
  4. JMFabiano524

    The alledged Randy Savage ban from WWE.

    Also, at least Savage is still prominently featured on choice reruns on 24/7. I would think we should all know by know what they could do if they do not want to be associated with someone (coughB*N**Tcough)
  5. THIS is the exact shirt I was thinking of when I saw this thread! It is, however, extra hilarious when you ignore/can't see the first part of the statement. As an addendum, would you wear that shirt with these modifications:
  6. JMFabiano524

    WWE 24/7 Discussion Thread - August 2007

    Also...to the person who said Eddie was treated well...well, his matches are still seen, and he is still mentioned...but considering what happened for 1 1/2 years on SD!, would you say it was worth it??????
  7. THIS is the exact shirt I was thinking of when I saw this thread! It is, however, extra hilarious when you ignore/can't see the first part of the statement.
  8. JMFabiano524

    Does the younger generation remember WCW?

    Here's an idea: all we have to do is share our old tapes with younger fans. They'll get the idea seeing the footage in its "pure" form and our memories. (which WWE actually does more often than you say...they show WCW/NWA shows on 24/7 basically untouched, after all...well...as untouched as you can with music clearance changes and "necessary" edits)
  9. JMFabiano524

    WWE 24/7 Discussion Thread - August 2007

    They choose to edit off any footage featuring Benoit, they don't have to. Frankly, I feel that removing Benoit from WWE history is retarded. Retarded, but necessary. I hate having to defend that company, but this scandal is causing them a lot of trouble, and do they want to be seen as "glorifying the work of a murderer"? (not necessarily the truth, but people can twist it as such) This doesn't warrant the usual BAWing about WWE revisionist history, you know, the "don't give Macho Man a DVD cause he had sex with young Steph or whatever the urban legend is" rants. Remember, this is the same society that felt the need to remove ANYTHING with the WTC in it after 9/11, no matter if a terror attack was being implied or not. So I wasn't too surprised. If you really want to see Benoit matches again, things may look up after everyone has gotten over it, etc. etc. (but how long will that take is the question...) But we as a society are good at that too, to a fault...going back to my original example, look at the people who make 9/11 jokes and all!
  10. JMFabiano524

    Spiderman 3 Trailer...

    The Sandman thing...I can see how it is supposed to push Peter under the influence of the symbiote to giving in to revenge and all. (Sandman, then, would be the equivalent of Rhino in the TAS version of the Venom story, but they tagged on a reason for Spidey to wail on Sandy) But I do hope it proves to be a swerve of some sort, and I can see it being so, actually. Otherwise, it reeks of "Joker killed Thomas and Martha Wayne," yet is nowhere as unintrusive as that really was for Batman '89. That really wasn't THAT big of a retcon. On the other hand, with Spidey, yes, first we saw the thug in the first movie, albeit not doing the killing. Second, yeah...if Peter didn't stop the WRONG guy, is he really guilty of causing Uncle Ben's death? And thus Spider-Man should NOT exist??? If Sandy = killer is anything but a swerve/something that proves to be a lie, the only way to fix this is to make him and the unnamed thug accomplices somehow. Raimi doesn't seem to be the kind of guy to Schumacher us, so I am clinging to the hope that this will have some logic to it as it plays out in the movie.
  11. JMFabiano524

    Bob Barker to retire in June

    The worst though was when Riki Lake hosted it for "Game Show Marathon". She managed to butcher TPiR, Card Sharks, LMAD, Press Your Luck AND Match Game '74. Yes the TPIR episode was abyssmal (dig the Showcase Showdown where they made up rules on the fly), but the GSM versions of MG, PYL, and CS I liked just because I saw Match Game '98, Card Sharks '01, and Whammy. So nothing could out-underperform those. And I know you meant the Doug Davidson TPIR, but Dennis James and Tom Kennedy both did good jobs for non-Bob TPIR hosts. Still you make a good point, as FremantleMedia tends to pick hosts out of their ass (Louie Anderson? Richard "I'm gonna DOUBLE THE POINTS, LOVE ME DAMMIT" Karn, Pat "You can change the card cause I'm a nice guy" Bullard, and aforementioned Ricki Lake, the antithesis of game shows as talk shows like hers caused the genre to be buried pretty much). John O'Hurley is probably the best choice they made in the last 10 years.
  12. JMFabiano524

    WWF Observer notes

    As far as Zenk's old articles...would The Internet Wayback Machine help? Did you try it?
  13. JMFabiano524

    My WCW Theme Library

    Make that double on the email request list!
  14. JMFabiano524

    WCW Torch Notes

    Is the Meltzer on WCW thread still floating out there somewhere on DVDVR? Also, Shark Boy went unmasked as Dean Roll on WCNSN, no? (also remember him from that MTV special that gave us the phenom that was Rapid Delivery)
  15. JMFabiano524

    WWF Observer notes

    Of course it is. 93,173 people jam-packed the Pontiac Silverdome to see the IIIIIIIMMORTAL Hulk Hogan lift the 700-pound Andre the Giant over his head! Not only that, what made it more amazing was that Hulk didn't know if Andre would let him win and pass the torch to him by losing the WWF title that night! And we all know that sadly, Andre died months later this historic contest. Seriously, cool stuff...wonder if we can get some Meltzer on JCP someday?