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  1. Lightning Flik

    SWF Storm Card for February 21, 2007

    Just like to say, minor change to the move set. I'll explain why in a promo that will hopefully be up sometime today.
  2. Lightning Flik

    Storm comments for 2/14!

    Funny because that's the only part of the match I had a problem with - Myers dresses up to entertain the crowd, to make them laugh and have a good time. When was the last time SPike Jenkins made someone laugh (Intentionally) and have a good time? Plus he's a heel so he's a choice that Myers just wouldn't go for. My suggestion? 14th President of the United States Franklin Pierce (Myers) and Vice President William R. King (Matheson) (With a comedic twist to it), it's Sports Edutainmnet something totally off the wall. There was a lot of pieces I laughed at, just because a damn near perfect emulation that almost beats Zyon is in itself fun. Maybe not funny, but it was a fun read. Not all the time does a funny gimmick need to be "hahaha" funny. There are times it can just be fun as in "wow, cool" type of deal. ...yes, I know what evil I just spoke of thanks. Oh, I don't know. There was enough people in the federation that you could get away with impersonating some long forgotten wannabe that made a splash and then just sorts faltered. ...not saying I'd do something like that or have that exactly planned for my match, but there is enough to go around. I will say though, I'm very tempted to somehow do up Matt "Cardboard" Myers, in tribute to the always active Cardboard Comet! Or even the Pilsbury Doughboy! Yeah, no bringing back some ol' foggie for me. No siree.
  3. Lightning Flik

    Storm comments for 2/14!

    Because people seem to have lives, and I don't - my feedback for the show. Before I do, a warning: I'm not gonna pretend to know what the hell is going history wise, before I came back. If something goes over my head, just smack me with the cold hard cod fish of truth and I'l be on my way. I'll be postponing a promo I meant to do for this, because I honestly did say I was gonna do this after work. Stupid me for taking the overtime that was offered. ...though, more money to pay bills now. First of all, I really enjoyed the opening promo. It was a nice way to break the ice and definitely made me have a great laugh. Kudos on it, whoever wrote it. A good promo always breaks the ice, and should either a) get the crowd going or b) get them emotionally built into it. This only did a) but I liked it for that. You can also do a + b, but those aren't usually the opening promos. WC vs. ZM - As always from a WC match, WC just goes into overdrive from the get-go and its why I always wished my matches as LF could've been. BTW, that's LF the character, not LF me. Also was gonna complain that WC keeps moving and there's no commentary, but then I just picture Mak and King trying to keep up with their mouths and going "just speak when he slows down". Other than that, lots of action WC. Good stuff. Dear God, why the hell did I say I was gonna do this, my eyes are going blurry from lack of sleep. Oh well, continuing on. JD vs. CS - I take it CS didn't show, because that was an awfully quick match. ...then again, should I speak? Oh wait, I had and did, so its a moot point. Asia vs. BT - Pretty small match, but was decent. Nice introduction of a newbie ref. ...I so need to get some sleep... Promo + 4000k match ain't gonna be easy if I'm half dead to the world. And I've got a damn podcast thing on Sunday limiting my time to Saturday to get my match done. Toxxic's promo - This is b) from what I said earlier. Nice delivery, but its Toxxic, so yeah. Myers vs. Zyon - Pretty entertaining match, I understand what Myers is like now and I definitely will be using it to my advantage for the upcoming match. As for the actual match, I love the fact that Zyon made "Hollywood" Matt Myers. House of Marvellous - Not sure how this started, but I'm entertained never the less. Wonder what Landon's match selection will be, but definitely interesting to see how different this is. IL vs. Jimmy - Pretty good match. I'm getting too tired to think anything more. Toxxic vs. AC - I had read Alan's before this one, and I can definitely say I would take either or since both are freaking solid matches. Especially liked the idea of actually saying what's in Toxxic's tron video. Nice touch. Drake vs. Barbosa - I ain't commenting other than saying Drake made me even more pissed with myself for the trash I produced originally. Great match, and frankly nice job of at least letting me be presentable. I also have some selling to do for my next match. Now for much needed sleep. Until the Devil Kitty wakes me up at 6am or 5 hours from now, whichever comes first or at the same time.
  4. Lightning Flik

    SWF Storm Card for February 21, 2007

    Thank you Ace. Got to see it in action from the show, and I'll be definitely using that to my advantage for my match
  5. Lightning Flik

    SWF Storm Card for February 21, 2007

    Lovely. I get not only my worst type of match a three-way, but I get the added bonus of hardcore rules. Sweet, I love self-inflicted punishments. *goes off to find out just what the hell "Insert Gimmick Here" is for*
  6. Lightning Flik

    Storm comments for 2/14!

    Before anyone inquires who wrote and didn't hand in, that was me. I'll save Ace the trouble of responding to that question. And no, its not a confidence thing. At least not the way some of you might think. I'll edit my post to pertain to the actual show when I can read it more in-depth, after I get back home from work but needless to say right now, I enjoyed the Drake vs. Barbosa match and Toxxic is well Toxxic and his match was damn fine.
  7. Lightning Flik

    State of the SWF, 2007

    I'm the last person to be saying this, since a) I'm JTTS, b) I'm a talented writer but can't string together a good match, and c) My first written match during my 4th run will be this Wednesday's match. But... I think the biggest problem is even when people posted up losing matches, no one really gave a damn. Back during my first run after Red Storm Rising, I posted up every match as I went into a huge losing streak, yet the only advice I was given was "just keep working on it and you'll do fine". When you put effort into the match and that's the best reply you get, its hard to continue on. Though looking back during my first run, I think I can more attribute the lack of response to the stigma I had from being associated with RSR and basically getting an undeserved push (I wasn't and still aren't at my potential) because of it. And then life went to hell. Ahem, no point on digressing on the past. Continuing onward. During my second run, I desperately needed some feedback as I was rusty as hell, and yet, I ran into the same problem as the first. Came back as Eddy J and I yet again ran into the same problem. Its a little hard for writer's who isn't very confident in their writing to continue for the long haul when they continually are matched against... oh say the World Champion (no, I'm NOT picking on you Ace, I'm just saying as I ran into that during my second run a lot), its a little harder for them to see the efforts. While I think a lot of people might not like the idea, I think that a combination of promos and matches would be a better way of doing things. Yes, matches should count as the final stake, but the promos should carry a little bit more weight and make a slight factor with who wins. If someone's got the better character they've got a slight edge heading into the match. This way then someone who's not as good writing a match can still win and then get fair critisims against his match as it is the "winning" match. People tend to read only the "winning match" and don't really care about the losing ones because well, do you really wanna read who lost? However, slight edge only means the person still has to put up a good effort to make their case for the win, it doesn't and shouldn't win them the match. Now before anyone says that who does better would be personal bias, I say that's actually a good thing. You hafta be able to get people to be invested into your character and you hafta convince people that this character is soundly built to gain that edge. And yes, I do already believe there is an edge of that sort already, but I think it needs to be tilted slightly moreso. That's all. I just added my own problems as a reference. I also think that there needs to be a wide open idea thinktank session of what storylines are running. Not how they are, but who's currently doing what (sans surprises, because we don't wanna kill those) so that we can see who's doing what storyline and so that if someone wants to get in contact with someone to see if they can participate in a storyline or to cross storylines. You could just make a post with what current storylines are running and who's running them. I'd also recommend at least the starting point of said storyline being attatched to the current storyline to let the newbies or people like me who have no clue as to what's going on to be able to read it and at least during our spare time see what's currently up. I'm not suggesting we do away with the match writing, because that's what this place is about. We need to make things more accessable to new people. I will say my idea's probably not ground breaking, original, nor probably hasn't been suggested/debated before (and probably already casted aside), but I just figured I'd say it anyways since its the only thing I've got to add. And I guess I'm along the same lines as Landon, but I think the competitive drive should remain an important element. Yes, there will be a match from me for Wednesday. I ain't gonna let Drake walk all over me. ...I'll just let him toy with me then walk over. It'll make everyone enjoy the match more.
  8. Lightning Flik

    OAO Anime/Manga Thread

    The problem that most fans have with it isn't actually the ending but the fact that if they were gonna base this one solely on the manga, then they never should've pulled out a storyline that isn't within the manga. The consistancy that they didn't deliver is what most fans are pissed with about the series. And a lot of people believe it should've stopped right at the point of the test, since they could've gaged for a sequel and would've gotten favorable results. Oh and I love Pizza Hut Rebellion. Can't freaking believe Suzaku actually isn't any better than Zero (hell, he's worse) and has already done the exact same thing Zero has done. It was awesome seeing that.
  9. Lightning Flik

    SWF Storm Card for February 14, 2007!

    No. It probably isn't a good thing. I'm thinking about seeing the doctor lately. But moreso just for the fact I'm still having some issues from the head drop. And on a brighter and more positive note, let's think of all the great ways Drake will kill me.
  10. Lightning Flik

    SWF Storm Card for February 14, 2007!

    To be honest, don't really know. I just was petting the cat before I went to bed, was asleep and next thing I remember is waking up on the bathroom floor with a splitting headache and blood pouring out of my nose. By the time I had woken up, there was a nice splot of blood on the floor. Only thing I can think of is I was nearly dead asleep, went to the washroom, and then well, slipped and hit my head. Problem is, I was asleep as the blood on the ground was a pretty nice pool. ...ok, it was just a puddle and I'm exaggerating its greatness. Still, it was there and there was quite a bit of it (and on me) before I got up.
  11. Lightning Flik

    SWF Storm Card for February 14, 2007!

    This is me before reading my match: "Well, with my family issues finally resolved, I'll be able to put some decent time into working on my opening card match for Storm. Thankfully, I'll probably be facing someone that I can likely win against without having to fret over every little detail." Cue me reading my main event match: "I don't know which dropping was worse this week. The waking up in a pool of my own blood from my head on the bathroom floor or getting a main eventing match against the SWF Champion and my jaw dropping... There goes my weekend!" Cue me now, still digesting this: "I'm so dead! ...oh well, I'll make it a fun death that's for sure."
  12. Lightning Flik

    Final Fantasy III

    Its a DS upgraded release. Looks kinda like FFVII does. BTW, I'm sorta not really sure where the hell I'm supposed to go next. I saw the village in which it was totaled and all the men were taken away by soldiers of King Angus (sp?), but I head west and just find the Village of Ancients instead of where I need to go (however, I get goodies in terms of upgraded gear). Just where the hell is it that I'm supposed to go west? ...oh and I thought it was totally cool to find out the continent was in the air, before being told the deal about it in the Village of Ancients.
  13. Lightning Flik

    What game(s) are you playing now?

    Currently playing: Madden 2007 (PS2), LoZ:TP (GC), Final Fantasy III (DS), and Summon Nights 2 (GBA) I'll be adding Ar tonelico to this list on Tuesday (or sometime later this week depending).
  14. Lightning Flik

    Final Fantasy III

    I think its a pretty good upgrade of the original and I wish all the games being re-released would get an upgrade like this. BTW, for that first town, the Mythril Mine doesn't have anything in it. Its just a special spot where you can sit there and get 100xp for Luneth and Arc. This you can do till about 15-18; give or take your patience, I only waited till 13 but you could easily get them near that high. For all the undead in the mines, train Arc or Luneth with the spell of Cure use it every battle till HPs in trouble, leave, repeat. This will also let you get their Freelancer pretty damn high and therefore make it pretty useful. Makes the game a heck of a lot easier. Also when you get your first jobs, the only classes to start with are Red Mage and Warrior. I'm sorta using White Mage and Black Mage now that there's enough spells to be had for them, but early on those two classes are the only ones I like. I don't like Monk as it doesn't seem to do anything and Thief is well Thief, so I'll eventually need one I suppose. I find it hilarious that early on, bows are pretty nice weapons. So different from the other games. I appreciate the fact that the only way I find out where the hell I hafta go is by actually talking to people within the towns. Downside is I don't appreciate you aren't really given many directions. As for the story... It hasn't really been good. There's not much character interaction and the plot hasn't even really kicked into why the Warriors of Light are doing their job. Pretty good overall but I'd hardly call it the best one.
  15. Lightning Flik

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    The 2K series returns for football folks. All-Pro Football 2k8 will be arriving this year. Sure, no license, but do we really need licenses to enjoy our football? Besides, someone will create a true to life real team roster anyways. Read about it here!