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  1. I work with this dumbass lady who isn't even aware that RAW exists although she watches SmackDown all the time (No, NOT for the matches of course). Anywhoo, I would HATE it when she'd come running to me on Friday morning.


    Her: Hey! Did you see Smackdown?

    Me: Ummm . . . a little bit.

    Her: That guy . . . oh what's his name was on? Ummm, Billy the Kid.

    Me: Who?

    Her: Ya know that guy, he is a team with that kid with the cute mask on.

    Me: Rey Mysterio?

    Her: I think so. Hey! Did they fire The Edge?

    Me: You mean Edge?

    Her: Whatever.

    Me: No . . . uhhh I gotta go.


    Of course, this was just a small dramatization, but normally this goes on for 5 brutal minites a week. I know what you're thinking, big deal it's only 5 minutes? Well, it's 5 minutes too long.

  2. As I toldya before, a fine review as usual. Lookin' forward to future reviews. Here are a few more suggestions:


    - Best of the WWF Volume 11

    - Rowdy Roddy Piper's Greatest Hits (I know it's been reviewed before but I'd like to see your take on it)

    - Amazing Managers

  3. but will give him one thing, Orton spent years in OVW to get to this point..


    Unlike SOME Nonwrestler who shall remain Goldenly Nameless whom got dragged off the street and thrown into a Powerplant and into a SQUASH stint and World championship Blah.


    Who might add is getting a Main event push now after what 4 months of being around the company?

    Like him or not, people cared about Goldberg. They tuned in and paid to see HIM. It doesn't matter if you've paid your dues for a year, 5 years, 10 years, or not at all. If people make it clear that they want to see one perform by tuning in, buying his merchandise, ppvs, ect, he should be pushed, simple as that.

  4. I'd say that Steamboat got fucked over both times. Between the two runs we saw his "thrilling" war with Magnificent Muraco/Mr Fuji over who was the best martial-artist from the islands. (the one that included Steamboat dressing like a ninja.) And him wearing fake looking wing-things to the ring while blowing fire in the corner. And him bringing his dragon into the ring to fight with Roberts' snake.

    The war with Muraco was actually a very good feud. It was only partially based on the martial arts, but their matches featured on Best of WWF Volume 5 and Ricky The Dragon Steamboat's CV had awesome heat and were great matches. Blood, guts, and hatred are what really fueled. Admittedly, the skits were pretty hokey but the matches were anything but.


    Also, check out Best of WWF Volume 8, Jake the Snake Roberts' CV, SNME 5/86, or The Big Event and say his feud with Roberts 'fucked' him over.

  5. Didn't see the episode but it was a pretty good review. You sure are more tolerant than Rob. I just can't imagine him giving the Kuwait and SS commercial segments points. But like I said, I didn't see the segments. I guess I'd be optimistic too if I got to relive the classic that was King Kong Bundy going one-on-one with Special Delivery Jones! Keep it up!

  6. Met the Big Show when he was 'Giant' at an autograph signing at a Ford dealership. I had him sign my Nitro game to which he sarcastically (I think) chimed "Good game." Since, I'm really dense and didn't pick up on his humor, I agreed with him to keep the peace. Shook his hand and he could have ripped my arm off my shoulder if he wanted to. Nice guy, but it was only 30 minutes into the signing so how grumpy could he be?


    To add to the Bubba Ray is a prick stories, at an ECW house show, Bubba Ray got into my buddy's face after he called Bubba a fruitcake bastard. So Bubba, in his infinite wit, decided to take his baseball cap and throw it into the crowd, and THEN security stepped in. Thanks guys. My buddy is almost the same size as Bubba Ray (well, not in the bologna basket) and was fuming! Never did get the cap back.