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  1. MrRant

    NBA Playoffs 2008 - Conference Semifinals

    I wasn't able to tune into the game till right when that dunk happened. It was *switch to TNT on the remote*.... DAMN~!
  2. MrRant

    24/7 Shorties

    I really enjoyed watching Eddie vs. Jericho again at Fall Brall 97. I have good (well sorta) memories of this since it was on my birthday (9/14/97).
  3. MrRant

    BruiserBrody: Lost in Cleveland

    There are Mexicans in Cleveland?
  4. MrRant

    Affliction - Banned: Fedor vs. Sylvia

    UFC banned clothes?
  5. MrRant

    BruiserBrody: Lost in Cleveland

    You would think Ohio wouldn't be a shitty place.
  6. MrRant

    Sevendust - Chapter VII Hope and Sorrow

    What is with having albums with random chapters and shit? You didn't even have album(s) Chapters I-VI asshole(s)!
  7. MrRant

    Ripper loses his job: Part...um....

    Comcast is in the ATL. Apply there.
  8. MrRant

    Walmart Manager's Blog

  9. MrRant

    The Sonics' Pending Move

    Shultz gets A LOT of blame around here. There is a good chance his lawsuit is just to lessen that a bit but there is a lot of anger that he sold to someone outside like Clay. We all knew where it was going and since day one we've known that there will be an issue with a new arena and using all public funds to build it. Half the issue is that Clay/Stern are completely against even just remodeling the Key and instead demand a completely new arena. Built with mostly public money.
  10. MrRant

    Airbag/How Am I Driving?

    I think if you truly wanted some adult discussion you would ban the whole death threat/rape threat is ok BS. There is a certain point to letting things go but to have people go willy nilly too much just leads to wanting to post at another place that isn't populated by retards, jackoffs and a certain Canuck who wants to fight everyone. And the Pit has quite a few of those too...
  11. MrRant

    Fuck Apple

    Have you considered taking it to an Apple store?
  12. MrRant

    NBA Playoffs 2008 - Round 1

    Denver's D must drive George Karl nuts. I miss George Karl, I remember meeting him and talking to him a few times when I did the Sonics Hoops camp for two summers.
  13. MrRant

    Ask Milky.

    Too busy reading about Milky taking two cocks up the ass?
  14. MrRant

    Ask Milky.

  15. MrRant

    Parents fight over gang ties...

    I'm pretty sure that people should be able to parse that Marney was not asking to be banned but rather suggesting that VX doesn't have the balls to do it. The whole "someone asked to be banned so I banned them" without taking context into play is fairly... stupid.
  16. MrRant

    Parents fight over gang ties...

    Portland has turned VX into a pussy. And then his mod powers~! turned him into a douche. VX is now Pussy Douche. Mod Almighty.
  17. MrRant

    Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

    I demand a Babality where you turn Batman back into a child and then shoot his parents infront of him.
  18. MrRant

    Rock Band!

    $15 seems a bit steep for a Judas Priest album at about 8 songs or so. I understand some extra cost involved with the work that goes into taking the tracks and making them playable but still.
  19. MrRant

    Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

    Uh. Wow.
  20. MrRant

    Airbag/How Am I Driving?

    Nigga got overruled.
  21. MrRant

    Pictures I Like

  22. MrRant

    WWE Bans Ringside Photographers

    I sure as hell hope they at least ban the scary super fans.
  23. MrRant

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    I'll be picking it up. Though I have a backlog as well plus MGS4 coming out in May/June (can't remember the month).