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  1. Crowe

    Better Know A Writer!

    "Brat Pack" is referring to young writers of any SWF generation who outclassed older writers.
  2. Crowe

    Is it my imagination...

    You're hallucinating.
  3. Crowe

    Better Know A Writer!

    Real Name: Markus Adam Cirillo Characters Portrayed: Crow In SWF Since: Uh, honestly, I can't remembered when I started. I smoked pot during my active time, remember? I did own in 2003 though. Real-Life Height: 5'11" Real-Life Weight: 100kg. Real-Life Age: 21 Real-Life Location: Adelaide, Australia. Picture: http://www.myspace.com/myacidwords Education: High school completion, other certificates. Accomplishments Outside of SWF: I'm not dead yet? Favorite Band: W.A.S.P. Favorite Song: It changes regularly on a whim, but for now I'd say W.A.S.P.'s 'The Great Misconceptions Of Me'. Favorite Movie: The Crow, Rocky, Four Brothers and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Virgin? Explain.: No. When you say explain, do you require a graphic retelling of the moment I first shot sperm inside a female? Accomplishments Within SWF: As previously stated, I owned in 2003. I was deemed the JL Wrestler Of The Year, Best JL World Champion (52 Days) and Best JL Promo Writer. My title reign included multiple defenses (about 7?), several of which against my JL nemesis Va'aiga. In the SWF, the only accomplishment I can think of is a great feud with Janus resulting in a Best Of Five series (where I ended up writing 70% of all matches). Besides that, having a good time with Z as a tag team, even though it was very short and the beginnings of a feud with IL that I'm kicking myself over 'cause I didn't finish it. Favorite SWF Moment: Honestly, I couldn't tell ya. Favorite SWF Writer (All-Time): I always enjoyed anything written by Muzz (whose promos inspired me to compete), Zed, Kibs and Atlas. Favorite SWF Writer (Current): Everyone but Toxx. Why You Joined The SWF: I was a chat mainstay (and op) before I even started in the thread... I eventually succumbed to pressure and joined the federation. I sucked to begin with, but I got better.
  4. Crowe

    State of the SWF, 2007

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around how the process would work on Myspace, as the group forum layout doesn't lend itself to massive amounts of text. The frame is far too small and would make matches painful to read. A blog is more accommodating (yet still small), thus suggesting that promos and shows be posted on the SWF myspace page while all the guts of the process is done in the group forum. However, this would require a daily moderator to copy over said promos into the blog and I'm also pretty sure that blogs get removed once they reach a certain number (or time limit). In that case, an archive would have to be created to house previous shows and promos. This could get ugly. Unless I have misinterpreted the idea of moving to Myspace. If it's being used as a means of showcasing samples of shows/promos and providing information about the federation in order to attract attention and people to a fully functioning, autonomous website (using a database system, etc), then it is a great idea. Creating affiliations with the more popular discussion based wrestling groups on Myspace (ala a banner on their Myspace page/group) would be beneficial and hopefully bring in a whole new generation of writers. Has this already been discussed? I did skim briefly over this entire thread and may have missed it. Please suss it out. Concerning a website, do we have one? If yes, what is the URL? If no, I am prepared to put something together in my spare time. That stated, my knowledge of PHP and website databases is non-existent and someone else will have to take care of that while I make the design and layout that wraps around it. Get back to me. On another note, I've been contemplating returning for a final fun, possibly with Crow or an entirely new character. Problem is, I am unsure of my dedication and my knowledge of wrestling has certainly decreased during my time of inactivity. I'll need to think about this further.
  5. Crowe

    Er... hi...

    Axis would be overjoyed if he wasn't a Canadian now.
  6. Crowe

    Next question:

    Wildchild's misinformation had to be corrected. I don't mean to brag, but I like to boast.
  7. Crowe

    Next question:

    I did. Crow vs Sean Atlas vs Christian Blackwell, in the JL. It hurts that you've forgotten. My hardest competitor? Oh, it's definitely gotta be David Blazenwing. Wow, he gave me a run. In all seriousness, it'd probably be Va'aiga. I think I no showed that one as well. My bogey opponent was Edwin. I think we only faced each other a few times, but he dispatched me easily, causing me to have a spazz after one PPV. No, you did not. I vividly recall your arguing with Zed over his decision.
  8. Crowe

    Next question:

    I did. Crow vs Sean Atlas vs Christian Blackwell, in the JL. It hurts that you've forgotten. My hardest competitor? Oh, it's definitely gotta be David Blazenwing. Wow, he gave me a run. In all seriousness, it'd probably be Va'aiga.
  9. Crowe

    Andrea and Strangler.

    Check your NationStates. Especially you, Andrea, you are now regional delegate due to a moderator fuck up resulting in myself getting ejected from the United Nations. Fucking communists.
  10. Ha @ above. Uzerbrachworthenstan, check. Takishan, Xavrelis and Xerchina also need to check.
  11. Drimeeran and Revisis. Check 'em.
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    I'd just like to point out that Tom's signature is awesome.
  13. Takishan, Xavrelis and Xerchina!!! Recheck! You're in the red, if you don't check your Nation, it will be deleted and I will have your ass.