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  1. Ace309

    I Come, Asking Favors.

    Interesting. It went down differently than I expected it to - I was sort of expecting, at the beginning, an existential angst moment at the end where the cheap-ass condom broke. The cashier's character could use a little bit of tweaking - I think he could work up to dropping the bomb by being moderately annoying first, if that makes any sense, sort of testing his limits to see if he can get rid of Rex earlier.
  2. Ace309


    What an odd thing to say. (What other boards?) And damn, Windy, but you're weird.
  3. Ace309

    PROMO - Wait...WHAT?!

  4. Ace309

    From The Fire Availability Thread

    Available and approving of plans which have been PM'd to me.
  5. Ace309

    SWF "Can't Get A Date" (Card)

    What's this about Polanski being a perfectionist? Scary, scary stuff, folks. I have also shew.
  6. Ace309

    SWF "Can't Get A Date" (Card)

    Facewashes for all!
  7. Ace309

    Home Brewing

    Sorry, sorry, what'd I miss? The easiest thing to start off with is something dark and hoppy, since you're likely to make a mistake (pitching the yeast too warm, or using a crappy yeast strain, something like that) and in a light beer such things have nowhere to hide. If you drink porter, IPA, or nut brown ale, any of those are a great first brew. Definitely pick up Papazian's book, and you can actually go ahead and skip the canned brews if you read the first few chapters and go straight to extract brewing. Your beer will be better and it's no harder to screw up. http://www.northernbrewer.com/ is a good mailorder shop if you don't have a local homebrew supply shop. By the way, extract brewing is sort of the equivalent of using a cake mix, whereas all-grain brewing is more like cooking from scratch. Extract is a little easier to do and involves less time from start to finish. I enjoy brewing from grain, but the quality of the beers isn't really that different.
  8. Ace309

    SWF CLUSTERFUCK 2008! (card)

    Yes, just follow the directions for a returnee writing. The Fuck's a bit ambitious, though... sure you want to write it?
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    Hi people.

    Welcome aboard, the both of you!
  10. Chemistry is overrated. I'm available.
  11. Ace309

    I rule

  12. Ace309

    Class Is In Session Discussion Thread

    Matches in which I am involved or which I am to mark are all in the hands of their recipient.
  13. Ace309

    Class Is In Session Discussion Thread

    I am amused on 4i levels.
  14. Tom Flesher sits at the desk at his office in downtown Buffalo. With a smirk, he looks to the camera, a smoldering Camel hanging from his mouth. He smoths out the chest of his blue collared shirt, then addresses the camera. "Landon Maddix... you think you took everything away from me when you won the commissioner's slot, don't you? You really think that all I wanted was that feeling of power you get from running around like a chicken with your head cut off, trying to manage a top wrestling promotion and handle a bunch of guys who, because they're the top athletes in the business, have given up everything they had mentally? People who don't see their families and take out all their anger on the poor bastard behind the desk? Come on. I'm a bright guy, Landon. Give me more credit than that." Tom takes a drag from his cigarette and pauses a moment to collect his thoughts. "I've got news for you, kid. This promotion is nothing. This promotion has been nothing for a long time now. Do you really think I was the one running it into the ground? As brilliant a businessman as I am, there wasn't anything I could do with the payroll I had, with the wrestling boom dying and our best athletes jumping ship because they couldn't keep up with the touring schedule and guys like Michael god damn Alexander stretching the piss out of them. When you're running a promotion that's basing itself on Toxxic's eighth World Title reign like it's something new and exciting, on Wild and Dangerous like they're doing something they haven't been doing for five years, and the kids who wanted to wrestle and would have been great talent are jumping into the drafts for Major League Baseball and the NBA instead of sticking with the sport brought them to the dance, you've got a dying business. What are you going to do to revive it? Ghost Machine 4.0? Did I funnel some money off? You're damn right I did. I gave the best god damn years of my life to this promotion, and I'm not about to watch it die and not take those years back any way I can. But, you know what? There's money in that World Championship. And that's all it's good for. It hasn't meant a thing since ALAN CLARK, for god's sake, walked out of the arena holding the belt. But you need me to squeeze the last few bucks out of the wrestling business so you can pay the guys who actually think they'll make it big some day, who aren't smart enough to get out of the business while they can. Me? I'm secure. But if you want to put me in the main event, if you want me to be the one to kill the business, I'll be happy to do it. You're looking at the next World Champion, Landon, and I'm going to give that belt every bit of the respect it deserves... and not an ounce more."
  15. Ace309

    All Hallows Discussion Thread

    Mach schnell with the match.