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  1. BifEverchad

    WWE No Way Out 2009

  2. BifEverchad

    WWE No Way Out 2009

    I did that last year...against Mayweather.
  3. BifEverchad

    I want to discuss Kanye West's insanity

    She sure loved his mama.
  4. BifEverchad

    NHL Thread

    I know this might not exactly be an outlet for fantasy mumbo jumbo, but I feel like asking some of you hockey gurus for your 2 cents.. Whut: Letting Mats Sundin loose in my fantasy league. Why: I'll admit it: I got caught up in the hype. I was one of many who stocked up on his indecisive ass for weeks. Now it's been what, 9 games? 3 points, a shitty minus, lagging play. Let's just say he's not exactly tearing it up. But I do hear there's talks of Mats on a line with Demitra and Kesler? Any Canuck boys wanna confirm this or weight in on my pondering? Zuh: I'm thinking I may add Kyle Okposo. While he is on the hideous Isles - he's been decent lately and has a fairly good schedule this week. FLA and TB twice. TB are god awful, now add Mike Smith out with an injury, and that leaves Ramo and AHLer, Mike McKenna. This RW move would only be for a few days, as I'm thinking I may need a 3rd goalie for the end of the week anyways.
  5. BifEverchad

    The Office Season 5

    How about that Stayin Alive breakdown?
  6. BifEverchad

    The Office Season 5

    She's coming back on Thursday Shit, musta missed that..
  7. BifEverchad

    The Office Season 5

    Karen? Did I miss something?
  8. BifEverchad

    The Office Season 5

    Man, where can I download that Jack Black/Cloris Leachman movie?
  9. BifEverchad

    The Office Season 5

    Yes. That and Kevin looting the vending machine were both gold. or Oscar jumping into the ceiling? CLASSIC Opening.
  10. I ate way too much crap.. Oh, and good game!
  11. Wow. Just wow... GSP is the man.
  12. Soooo....anyone put up streams of this like WWE PPVs?
  13. BifEverchad

    Patrick Swayze to die...

    "and I.. had.. the time of my life..."
  14. BifEverchad

    NHL - January 2009

    Les Canadiens! Fuck you Jon Quick!!
  15. BifEverchad

    The Office Season 5

    Is it wrong I'm looking forward to that episode more than the Super Bowl?