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  1. Above Average

    MLB Divisional Series Thread

    I feel like I should comment (and not leave Keiper by his lonesome taking taunts for the whole of Philly) about just how hot the Rockies were. If you listened to local talk in Philly, everyone who knew anything about baseball wanted nothing to do with them. I don't know what happens next year, but this was a fun ride and I'm just happy they fought so hard to get where they did. On a seperate note, I bet the Eagles are the saddest people in Philly, because now they don't have the Phils to dampen the wrath of their fans.
  2. Above Average

    This Week In Baseball 9/24-10/1

    Are you enjoying this a little bit, Al? Just a little. I know it's making me laugh.
  3. Above Average

    This Week In Baseball 9/24-10/1

    !!! I have just witnessed the best birthday gift ever for a Philly native. From now on when Jimmy speaks you better listen up bitches! J-Roll is public enemy number one in the NYC (part of it anyway) from now on...
  4. Above Average

    This Week In Baseball 9/24-10/1

    After watching Cole Hamels pitch that jem, I jusut have this permanent smile on my face. 3:55 PM tomorrow can't come sooner for me. If the Phillies win the divison is Jimmy Rollins the MVP... even considering Holliday's numbers? And on a whim I feel like I should talk about how bad Yost looks after 'sticking up' for his players in the middle of a pennant race. Now the Cubs have clinched and he has to feel like a complete jackass. Oh well.
  5. Above Average

    This Week In Baseball 9/24-10/1

    I'll be in section 428 or 429 myself. My dad's got our tickets so I don't know where we'll be, but it's a good bday present considering Sunday (my actual birthday) is sold out. Would have loved that J-Roll poster though... still nothing like a beer and a dog with dad.
  6. Above Average

    This Week In Baseball 9/24-10/1

    PHILS IN FIRST PLACE?! Unbelievable... I don't think we'll be hearing any random EAGLES chants at Citizens Bank Park for a while. Can't wait to go to Saturday's game now.
  7. Above Average

    Complete Raw spoilers

    Am I the only one who thinks it's still Kennedy? Unless I missed something, which is entirely possible, he STILL makes the most sense considering everything said during the ME promo. I mean, things are looking up could be a reasonable reference to him and in mystery/suspense situations isn't the easiest way to get rid of suspicion on a character to have them be the first choice eliminated. I wouldn't be surprised by a swerve as, speculation aside, we aren't even really sure if he's suspended or not.
  8. Above Average

    The Harry Potter Spoilers Thread

    I should rephrase. Albus was definitely a good one, but adding Severus seemed forced. Not that he doesn't deserve mention. James and Lily were reasonable considering. I'll be honest and say it felt predictable so I wasn't as into it as I could've been. Maybe on the second read.
  9. Above Average

    The Harry Potter Spoilers Thread

    Yeah, she is. And all is well. On a seperate note, those kids have some terrible names. Having finally finished it, I'll post about the book once I've absorbed it all.
  10. Above Average

    Toxx gets married

    Congratulations. Surprised that after 7+ years your girl wanted the small cermony but thats love for ya I guess.
  11. Above Average

    This Week in Baseball 5/21 - 5/27

    After watching that Phils game all I can say is... surreal. 3 runs on what can only be called bullshit, then Barajas' blunder, then Myers going down was insane. Gary Matthews ripping into Rod was the only thing that lifted my spirits. I just stayed with watching LOST after that chalking one up to us being Philly and then I find out that they pulled it out. It was a rea rollercoaster ride.
  12. Above Average


    I'm glad I went into this finale unspoiled. I really want to see that one again. For a second, I thought that the ending that would test everyone's patience was Charlie reactivating the jamming equipment before he drown. That would've been a tough one to swallow. I think they told an excellent story with how sure Jack was that he was making the right decision. Last season Locke made this huge mistake because he felt compelled to prove Eko wrong and this season Jack made the exact same mistake with Ben. It was really sad what his life had become because of one choice and if you couldn't feel sympathy for the Jack character then you never will. Heartbreaking. Locke not being able to pull the trigger and just walking off after saying he chose wrong was perfect. Add me to the group that really wonders whose funeral it was. Obviously the dialog was very vague, but hints wise people had been pushing Ben dying in the season finale and thats one way to have that spoiler be true... it could also be Locke (another very strong possiblity) but then why no pronoun usage. What woman would Kate know whose involved with their story enough to be mentioned in that context? Juliet? They could've had a falling out and Kate definitely doesn't care for her. Season 4 can't come soon enough for me.
  13. Above Average


    I think thats kinda the point of the season. Vince is so obsessed with making the movie that he's going to go for broke on it and it alone. It's his and E's fall from grace while Drama and Turtle are rising up. Right now, I don't know if the writers should have Mediin be a bomb or box office success. It'd be a hell of a way to open next season though, with Vince/E finally missing on a gamble. About the episode... I'll just say what everyone else is. Drama's being so utterly defeated by the reviews, the funniest of which was the NY Post where they took away a star just for him being in it and then the payoff was great. Turtle hooking up with Lauren London was also pretty cool. That chick is hot and Rufus' reactions to Turtle gaming his daughter were classic.
  14. Above Average

    SWF Storm Card - 5-16-2007

    If I can find some time to dedicate towards the public library, I'll turn something in. My match was all of like 2K, so it only job was to prove that taking an Inverted Atomic drop after some Icy/Hot can be made into a near fall.
  15. Above Average

    Storm Xhomments

    Sorry about not turning in my match yet. It's finished, but with my internet going bye bye it's stuck in My documents for the time being. Verizon is the devil... I knew we should have used Comcast.