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  1. res37618

    WWE No Way Out 2009

    I could be crazy, but I'm thinking we may see a HHH vs. Edge - title unification match or something of that sort at WrestleMania, and then a continuation of the Orton/McMahon angle, with the McMahons getting the one guy they despise more than Orton to take him out . . . Steve Austin. Austin provokes Orton to the point of him giving up his title shot at WM. Probably no chance in hell of this being the scenario, but this has thrown a pretty big wrench into what we "thought" were the obvious WM main events . . . that leaves Cena without an opponent, so maybe HE gets Undertaker?
  2. res37618

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    I just got back from our local Best Buy, I went to purchase Vols. 4-6 of the WWE Legends DVD's . . . . and they already had the Best of Saturday Night's Main Event set out! Sooo, I purchased it. Haven't gotten to watch it yet, but probably will this afternoon. It wasn't due out for a few more weeks, was it?
  3. res37618

    WrestleWar '90

    In defense of the "too many tag matches" argument, if I remember correctly, the original card for this featured 3, not 2, singles matches - Jack vs. Norman, Luger defending the US title vs. Dr. Death, and Flair vs. Sting for the World belt. That's still not enough singles matches, but I'm wagering that possibly the opening tag match wouldn't have been there had plans not been forced to change . . .
  4. Ticketmaster has WrestleMania tickets listed as going on "presale" this coming Thurs. morning at 10am. Is there a password involved, or does anyone have any more information about it? WWE.com says that the presale is only from 6-8PM this coming Friday (Nov. 2), so I don't know . . . . hmmm.
  5. res37618

    Raw Spoilers for airing 15/02

    And in an update, Dusty Rhodes has been announced as the first inductee into this year's Hall of Fame. And, afterward, Umaga destroyed him. Way to let Dusty enjoy his moment tonight
  6. res37618

    Raw Spoilers for airing 15/02

    I admire your positivity. Yes, the key words in my statement are might and somewhat. Depending on the participants in the match, it could vary anywhere from "complete train wreck" to entertaining "WrestleMania Moment"
  7. res37618

    Raw Spoilers for airing 15/02

    According the early spoilers from Portland, the confrontation (of whatever nature it is) at WrestleMania between McMahon and Trump will end with one man having his head shaved. Oh dear.
  8. res37618

    Raw Spoilers for airing 15/02

    Well, PWInsider has one spoiler listed already . . . . the stipulation for the Vince vs. Trump showdown at WrestleMania. I don't know what to think, except that it might be somewhat entertaining. Shall I list it here, or is it "off limits"?
  9. Heard rumors that the Hogan Anthology was already out at Wal-Mart two weeks early, so I stopped by this morning to check. Sure enough, it is there, bonus disc and all, priced at $19.96. Pretty good deal for a 4-disc set, even if most of the matches are released on previous DVDs . . . I went ahead and picked it up.
  10. res37618

    Reissue of D-X DVD (with extra matches)

    So, is the DX DVD gonna be released in stores, or is it just a Shopzone thing or something? I've looked on all the major retailers' websites for it, and there's nothing listed. It's a decent deal to order straight from WWE, but I'd like to pick it up locally and forego shipping if possible . . . same with RAW Homecoming, I haven't seen it listed anywhere yet . . .
  11. res37618

    Reissue of D-X DVD (with extra matches)

    Does anyone know if at Wal-Mart if the WM DVD is shrinkwrapped by itself with the Rey DVD? If so, I'll go buy that 2-pack and return the WM DVD to Circuit City, where I bought WM this morning. I don't know if it's true for all Wal-Marts, but ours here near Johnson City, TN have price matched the WM22 DVD to match Circuit City's price of 14.99. When I went to check on it yesterday, it had a special price tag sticking out from the display stating that the price was being matched to 14.99, and a clip from the Circuit City ad on Sunday. Pretty cool deal then, 14.99 and you get the free Rey 619 DVD as well.
  12. Was just at the official site for the Charlotte Bobcats Arena, looking for possible ticket prices, and saw this "talent listing" for WWE Vengeance. While this has been rumored and apparently seen on a PPV preview on some cable system, this seems to lend even more credence to it: From CharlotteBobcatsArena.com World Wrestling Entertainment’s® (WWE) Vengeance, a live, pay-per-view event Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 7:45 p.m. with tickets on sale Saturday, May 13, 2006 at 10:00 a.m. Superstars scheduled to appear: THE RETURN OF DE-GENERATION X! - DX IS BACK!!! JOHN CENA TRIPLE H Charlotte’s own…RIC FLAIR SHAWN MICHAELS EDGE THE SPIRIT SQUAD BIG SHOW KANE CARLITO SHELTON BENJAMIN SNITSKY “THE MASTERPIECE” CHRIS MASTERS LITA TRISH STRATUS TORRIE WILSON VICTORIA And many more! Line-up subject to change. Tickets for WWE’s Vengeance go on sale Saturday, May 13 at 10:00 a.m. Ticket prices will be $175.00, $75.00, $50.00, $35.00 and $20.00 (plus applicable convenience fee). *The $175 seat is ONLY the first 5 ringside rows. The ticket holder gets to keep the commemorative collector’s chair. They take it home at the end of the event. Tickets will be available online at CharlotteBobcatsArena.com, or by calling 1-800-495-2295. Tickets also can be purchased in person at Charlotte Bobcats Arena box office and the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center ticket outlet.
  13. res37618

    Dates/Locations for '06 WWE PPV's

    It also looks like almost all of the PPV's are on the eastern side of the US this year, except for Judgment Day in Phoenix.
  14. res37618

    Dates/Locations for '06 WWE PPV's

    LOL, yep, that's one of the three I'm talking about. I live in Johnson City, TN, so Greenville is about 2 1/2 hrs. away. I'm also planning on going to Backlash in Lexington, and possibly Armageddon in Richmond (I have friends there . . )
  15. PWInsider, er, PWSpywareandpopup has posted an article/news item that lists the PPV's and locations for the WWE PPV's for '06. I hope to goodness this is true, because I'll be attending two, maybe three of these shows (being in northeastern Tennessee, at least three are within reasonable driving distance) From PWInsider: WWE has announced the locations for the remaining pay-per-views in 2006 (except for Survivor Series). Here are the locations: WrestleMania 22 4/2/2006 Chicago, IL - Allstate Arena Backlash 4/30/2006 Lexington, KY - Rupp Arena Judgment Day 5/21/2006 Phoenix, AZ - America West Arena ECW One Night Stand 6/11/2006 New York, NY - Hammerstein Ballroom Vengeance 6/25/2006 Greenville, SC - BI-LO Center Great American Bash 7/23/2006 Indianapolis, IN - Conseco Fieldhouse SummerSlam 8/27/2006 Boston, MA - TD Bankworth Garden Unforgiven 9/17/2006 Toronto, CAN - Air Canada Center No Mercy 10/8/2006 Raleigh, NC - RBC Center Cyber Sunday 11/5/2006 Cincinnati, OH - US Bank Arena Survivor Series 11/26/2006 TBD Armageddon 12/17/2006 Richmond, VA - Richmond Coliseum