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  1. mister foozel

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    http://www2.sportsnet.ca/blogs/perry_lefko...trange_and_sad/ bret hart interview
  2. mister foozel

    Chris Benoit Dead - Toxicology results released

    i thought it was weed?
  3. mister foozel

    Urban Legends and Myths

    The version I heard was that it shrunk your balls. Another urban legend I always heard was that Arby's roast beef starts out as gel, and isn't really meat at all. An old friend of mine said he was shown this by one of his friends. He said it was a container he opened up, and the gel expanded, and there's your beef.
  4. mister foozel

    Wikipedia is garbage

    wow, how's that news? i've found myself thinking this constantly
  5. mister foozel

    NHL Thread

    i can't remember the last time they won in the afternoon
  6. mister foozel

    XM and Sirius announce merger

    ha! and people think capatilism isn't a farce.
  7. mister foozel

    Windows Vista.

    haha the problem with microsoft is they couldn't give a fuck i mean, windows update wouldn't be necessary if they'd just fix the bugs before releasing their product to the public for my next computer, if i get one, i will definitely consider a mac, the extra price seems well worth it i have no desire to get vista, xp was never fixed so i know what to expect with that, let alone what beta testers were saying about it's readiness plus, i'm guessing it takes up more memory which would be useless to me
  8. mister foozel

    Joe Rogan vs. Carlos Mencia

    naiwf and citrus give up, you lose, the ship is sinking rapidly and your arguments are on board the coast guard is on vacation the life preservers and rafts are full
  9. mister foozel

    Car Question

    why would you need 5th gear when you're at a light anyway? but i suggest google for a vw forum or something like that
  10. mister foozel

    What is your opinion of Mole as an administrator?

    douchebag! 4 more years!
  11. mister foozel

    You have 7 hours...

    shoot heroin
  12. mister foozel

    Have you ever got so frustrated with a game that you...

    smashed a controller to pieces, tiger woods '06 on ps2 haven't played it much since
  13. mister foozel

    Fidel Castro cedes power to his brother!

    wheres that death predictions thread? i give him two weeks...intestinal bleeding will probably lead to massive infection
  14. mister foozel

    NHL Thread

    this east race is coming right down to the wire my predictions for 7th and 8th: atlanta and tampa bay...montreal's last game is against new jersey, and they haven't beat them all season atlanta plays florida and washington in their last two, non-playoff teams, and tampa plays washington in their last game so i hope gainey gets rid of that floater kovalev in the off-season...so what if he leads the team in points? he doesn't work hard enough
  15. mister foozel

    Do You Still Complete Games?

    i've got lots of games i haven't finished, i just keep buying games though.. latest is re4 I too have not finished GTA San andreas, but i think the whole double pack of GTA 3 and Vice City was enough for me, Vice City being the only game of the bunch i played all the way through never got into GTA 3, played it a few times but dont touch it often