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  1. Human Fly

    Michael Jackson

    He had better be since he is basically broke.
  2. Human Fly

    WWE Smackdown - March 6, 2009

    I would like to see Shelton win MITB this year. He has been at midcard champ level for what, 4 years now? He is probably the hottest he has been since he was first drafted to Raw and beat Triple H and he has been in the match every year the have had it (maybe missing one, I do not think so though).
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    I checked it last night as well. Totally agree about the soundtrack. For a book that was written with so much musical influence almost every song felt out of place. Catch the muzak version of "Everybody Wants To Rule The World". Perfect placement. My major complaint, was that as long as the movie was it felt rushed. And maybe I have just read the book too many times but Also, judging by the walkouts during my screening this movie will not be popular with old people and black people.
  6. Human Fly

    WWE General Discussion - February 2009

    Speaking of looking like shit. That old Lightweight title....
  7. Human Fly

    KKK Bowl VI: Week 17

    Washington Redskins - 17 Points St. Louis at Atlanta (13.5) Jacksonville at Baltimore (12.5) (6.5) New England at Buffalo Kansas City at Cincinnati (3.5) Detroit at Green Bay (9.5) Chicago at Houston (2.5) (3.5) Tennessee at Indianapolis N.Y. Giants at Minnesota (6.5) (3.5) Carolina at New Orleans Miami at N.Y. Jets (2.5) Dallas at Philadelphia (1.5) Cleveland at Pittsburgh (10.5) Oakland at Tampa (12.5) Seattle at Arizona (6.5) Denver at San Diego (7.5) Washington at San Francisco (3.5)
  8. Human Fly

    kkk Bowl: Week 15

    Washington Redskins - 24 Points New Orleans at Chicago (3.5) Tampa Bay at Atlanta (3.5) Pittsburgh at Baltimore (2.5) Denver at Carolina (7.5) (7.5) Washington at Cincinnati (3.5) Tennessee at Houston Detroit at Indianapolis (17.5) (2.5) Green Bay at Jacksonville (5.5) San Diego at Kansas City San Francisco at Miami (6.5) Buffalo at N.Y. Jets (7.5) (3.5) Seattle at St. Louis Minnesota at Arizona (3.5) (7.5) New England at Oakland N.Y. Giants at Dallas (3.5) Cleveland at Philadelphia (14.5)
  9. Human Fly

    kkk Bowl Week 14

    Washington Redskins - 17 Points Washington at Baltimore (5.5) Jacksonville at Chicago (6.5) (8.5) Minnesota at Detroit Houston at Green Bay (6.5) Cincinnati at Indianapolis (13.5) Atlanta at New Orleans (2.5) Philadelphia at N.Y. Giants (7.5) Cleveland at Tennessee (13.5) Miami at Buffalo (0.5) Kansas City at Denver (9.5) (3.5) N.Y. Jets at San Francisco St. Louis at Arizona (14.5) Dallas at Pittsburgh (3.5) (4.5) New England at Seattle Tampa Bay at Carolina (2.5)
  10. Human Fly

    WWE Raw - December 1, 2008

    Can you diagnose torn ligaments in 5 minutes in a trainers room? I honestly do not know and am wondering if that indicates work or not.
  11. Human Fly

    kkk Bowl VI: Week 13

    Washington Redskins - 16 Points (11.5) Tennessee at Detroit Seattle at Dallas (12.5) Arizona at Philadelphia (2.5) San Francisco at Buffalo (7.5) (7.5) Baltimore at Cincinnati (4.5) Indianapolis at Cleveland Carolina at Green Bay (3.5) Denver at N.Y. Jets (7.5) (8.5) Miami at St. Louis New Orleans at Tampa Bay (3.5) (3.5) N.Y. Giants at Washington Atlanta at San Diego (5.5) Pittsburgh at New England (0.5) Kansas City at Oakland (3.5) Chicago at Minnesota (3.5) Jacksonville at Houston (3.5)
  12. Human Fly

    WWE Survivor Series - November 23, 2008

    Cena has basically been chasing the world title (or WWE title) whenever he has been healthy over the last year they needed to pull the trigger. I think Batista v. Cena is the direction for WM building off of Summerslam. At this point you have Cena v. Jericho in December and then the build to WM starts. Batista needed to win the title a few weeks ago because he is borderline Luger at this point and needs to periodically pull out the big one. Jericho needed to win it back so they could save Cena v. Batista. I like Jericho as much as the next guy and think this is the best run he has been on since 1998 but does anyone out there really think there is money in Cena chasing Jericho for the title?
  13. Human Fly

    kkk Bowl: Week 12

    Washington Redskins - 19 Points Cincinnati at Pittsburgh (10.5) Carolina at Atlanta (1.5) Philadelphia at Baltimore (1.5) Houston at Cleveland (3.5) San Francisco at Dallas (10.5) (8.5) Tampa Bay at Detroit Minnesota at Jacksonville (2.5) (3.5) Buffalo at Kansas City New England at Miami (1.5) (8.5) Chicago at St. Louis N.Y. Jets at Tennessee (5.5) Oakland at Denver (9.5) (3.5) N.Y. Giants at Arizona (3.5) Washington at Seattle Indianapolis at San Diego (2.5) Green Bay at New Orleans (2.5)
  14. Human Fly

    WWE General Discussion-November 2008

    I thought the Von Erichs were guaranteed a spot in the HOF as part of the World Class deal a few years back, was that ever confirmed?
  15. Human Fly

    kkk Bowl VI: Week 11

    Washington Redskins - 17 Points Denver at Atlanta (6.5) Detroit at Carolina (14.5) (9.5) Philadelphia at Cincinnati Chicago at Green Bay (4.5) Houston at Indianapolis (8.5) (3.5) Tennessee at Jacksonville (5.5) New Orleans at Kansas City Oakland at Miami (10.5) Baltimore at N.Y. Giants (6.5) Minnesota at Tampa Bay (4.5) St. Louis at San Francisco (6.5) (3.5) Arizona at Seattle San Diego at Pittsburgh (4.5) (1.5) Dallas at Washington Cleveland at Buffalo (5.5)