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  1. EL DANDY~!

    OAO 10/29 Raw Thread

    So lemme get something straight. Is it rumors at this point? Is Jericho in the building?
  2. EL DANDY~!

    Favorite Eddie match?

    Best Eddy match: vs. Rey at HH 97. A lot of people are saying that the newer matches are better because of the story told in the match, but this match is all about why both of them are so good at this time. Rey could play the perilous face about as good as anybody with or without a mask, and Eddy was the nastiest motherfucker alive out to kill poor Rey. The spots were endless and spot on. Simply put, it's an amazing match. Favorite Eddy match: vs. Brock at NWO 2004. I was there for this. It'll be my fondest wrestling memory. Best match I've seen live (even though it's not nearly the best match I've ever seen) and the atmosphere, especially the pop at the end of the match is absolutely phenomenal.
  3. EL DANDY~!

    11/5 NOAH Budokan Hall results

    I REALLY invite you to watch a lot of his top matches in NOAH, as they are a lot better than most of the matches people are pimping as "top of the line." Just because he doesn't have the moveset of somebody like Kobashi and he's not in his prime years doesn't mean he still can't go. Good lord, the man pulled out watchable matches from Nagata and lazy-ass Misawa in the last two years, so go ahead and watch some of those, and I'm hoping you'd change your mind a little bit.
  4. EL DANDY~!

    Ring of Honor 11.5.05 results

    I'm REALLY interested in seeing 4 and 7, mainly because I wanna see if Daniels can hold up his side of the bargain with Joe after his draw with Punk was met with negativity, and whether or not Dragon and Strong can make a match centered around the backbreaker worth watching. Should be very interesting, at the very least.
  5. EL DANDY~!

    What were some great Sega Genesis games?

    Waitaminute! NO World Series Baseball '95 this far into the discussion? FOR SHAME.
  6. EL DANDY~!

    What were some great Sega Genesis games?

    There's this game I'm missing that was on Genesis: Some type of superpowered rodent (no, not Sonic) that was able to speed through levels at times. Any idea on what it was called? Maybe a Squirrel? I remember there being the score and such on top of the screen.
  7. EL DANDY~!

    xbox 360, the revolution, or ps3

    Revolution looks sweet because of the backlogging. If that's still a part of the Revolution, this will be the first time ever where I pick a Nintendo product over anything else.
  8. EL DANDY~!

    The Great Angle Bash Booking Thread

    "Thunder" Tim Livingston vs. Cuban Wall
  9. EL DANDY~!

    Booking for 6/23/05

    If I'm not mistaken, I think that it's gonna be Brickston/Thunder vs. Cuban Wall/TPR in a tag match to set up the singles matches for GAB.
  10. EL DANDY~!

    The OAO Tony Brannigan Thread

    *sneaks up on King and give him the ol' nutshot and then does the "Ouch, I bet that hurts" dance*
  11. EL DANDY~!

    The OAO Tony Brannigan Thread

    *keeps the party going by bringing out all DA LAAAAAAAAAAADIES~!*
  12. EL DANDY~!

    The OAO Tony Brannigan Thread

    *laughs at hideousness of Hoff's joke*
  13. EL DANDY~!

    The OAO Tony Brannigan Thread

    *Stands around doing nothing*
  14. EL DANDY~!

    Booking for the 6/16 HeldDOWN~!

    "Thunder" Tim Livingston vs. Vitamin X w/Cuban Wall
  15. EL DANDY~!

    Booking for the 6/9 HeldDOWN~!

    I do backstage segment with Thunder and Cuban Wall. Would have happened last week, but personal issues got in the way. So now it happens this week. Yep.