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    OAO 10/29 Raw Thread

    So lemme get something straight. Is it rumors at this point? Is Jericho in the building?
  2. EL DANDY~!

    Favorite Eddie match?

    Best Eddy match: vs. Rey at HH 97. A lot of people are saying that the newer matches are better because of the story told in the match, but this match is all about why both of them are so good at this time. Rey could play the perilous face about as good as anybody with or without a mask, and Eddy was the nastiest motherfucker alive out to kill poor Rey. The spots were endless and spot on. Simply put, it's an amazing match. Favorite Eddy match: vs. Brock at NWO 2004. I was there for this. It'll be my fondest wrestling memory. Best match I've seen live (even though it's not nearly the best match I've ever seen) and the atmosphere, especially the pop at the end of the match is absolutely phenomenal.
  3. EL DANDY~!

    11/5 NOAH Budokan Hall results

    I REALLY invite you to watch a lot of his top matches in NOAH, as they are a lot better than most of the matches people are pimping as "top of the line." Just because he doesn't have the moveset of somebody like Kobashi and he's not in his prime years doesn't mean he still can't go. Good lord, the man pulled out watchable matches from Nagata and lazy-ass Misawa in the last two years, so go ahead and watch some of those, and I'm hoping you'd change your mind a little bit.
  4. EL DANDY~!

    Ring of Honor 11.5.05 results

    I'm REALLY interested in seeing 4 and 7, mainly because I wanna see if Daniels can hold up his side of the bargain with Joe after his draw with Punk was met with negativity, and whether or not Dragon and Strong can make a match centered around the backbreaker worth watching. Should be very interesting, at the very least.
  5. EL DANDY~!

    What were some great Sega Genesis games?

    Waitaminute! NO World Series Baseball '95 this far into the discussion? FOR SHAME.
  6. EL DANDY~!

    What were some great Sega Genesis games?

    There's this game I'm missing that was on Genesis: Some type of superpowered rodent (no, not Sonic) that was able to speed through levels at times. Any idea on what it was called? Maybe a Squirrel? I remember there being the score and such on top of the screen.
  7. EL DANDY~!

    xbox 360, the revolution, or ps3

    Revolution looks sweet because of the backlogging. If that's still a part of the Revolution, this will be the first time ever where I pick a Nintendo product over anything else.
  8. EL DANDY~!

    The Great Angle Bash Booking Thread

    "Thunder" Tim Livingston vs. Cuban Wall
  9. EL DANDY~!

    Booking for 6/23/05

    If I'm not mistaken, I think that it's gonna be Brickston/Thunder vs. Cuban Wall/TPR in a tag match to set up the singles matches for GAB.
  10. EL DANDY~!

    The OAO Tony Brannigan Thread

    *sneaks up on King and give him the ol' nutshot and then does the "Ouch, I bet that hurts" dance*
  11. EL DANDY~!

    The OAO Tony Brannigan Thread

    *keeps the party going by bringing out all DA LAAAAAAAAAAADIES~!*
  12. EL DANDY~!

    The OAO Tony Brannigan Thread

    *laughs at hideousness of Hoff's joke*
  13. EL DANDY~!

    The OAO Tony Brannigan Thread

    *Stands around doing nothing*
  14. EL DANDY~!

    Booking for the 6/16 HeldDOWN~!

    "Thunder" Tim Livingston vs. Vitamin X w/Cuban Wall
  15. EL DANDY~!

    Booking for the 6/9 HeldDOWN~!

    I do backstage segment with Thunder and Cuban Wall. Would have happened last week, but personal issues got in the way. So now it happens this week. Yep.
  16. EL DANDY~!

    Must See Matches

    Just a quick note about this thread: In my opinion, when somebody says "Must-see" when it comes to matches, I'm thinking of matches that are not just some of the best WWWF/WWF/WWE matches ever, but some of the best matches EVER, period. A lot of the matches selected are based on fan appreciation, which is OK, I guess, but it's like people are just throwing a bunch of matches out there from the last few years and saying that they're better than something like Bret/Perfect from KOTR 93, which is the best WRESTLING match in the history of the WWWF/WWF/WWE. All I'm saying is that people should really sit down and think about why each match is great, come up with the reasons as to why it's so great, and then post it. Just listing a bunch of so-so or good matches with one or two legit very good/great matches with little or no claim to back them up just ends up being Listmania at its very worst.
  17. EL DANDY~!

    Booking for the 6/2 show

    Cuban Wall is ANGRY~! He is pissed at one "Thunder" Tim Livingston...what will happen this Thursday? Yeah...you'll have to wait and see...
  18. EL DANDY~!

    Behave yourselves.

    BUT...BUT...Zack is our HHH! When he isn't on the show, ratings are down!
  19. EL DANDY~!

    Best Smackdown 6 Match

    Angle/Benoit vs. Eddy/Chavo in the semis of the Tag Title tournament is friggin awesome and is extremely overlooked. The teased Eddy/Benoit reunion at the end that gets sealed with the chairshot friggin rules. Two heel teams, but the crowd is REALLY into Benoit because the match is in Canada. One of the better matches I remember from that era, and it might be better than the No Mercy tag.
  20. EL DANDY~!

    New Japan 5/14 Results

    As a corollary, Inoki wants the IWGP to be the "only" title in Japan, looking to get a championship committee together to be at ringside to watch future title matches. Sounds somewhat like a boxing mentality in this decision, which is giving a unification type look, yet when it comes to actual representation, it's New Japan all the way. Here's the problem. The booking for the title over the last 3 years has been so atrocious that trying to do that is just gonna get you laughed at. I like looking at the booking from Tenzan's first title win on, mainly because he's got to be the fastest to get four IWGP reigns ever, doing it in just over 18 months time. 33. (11/3/03 @ Yokohama Arena) Hiroyoshi Tenzan beat Yoshihiro Takayama (27:26) with a moonsault press. -Tenzan finally gets his reign after winning the G-1 and the G-1 tag tourney.. 34. (12/9/03 @ Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium) Shinsuke Nakamura beat Hiroyoshi Tenzan (12:03) with a cross armbreaker. -...and then jobs to Nakamura in the "Surprise" drop that totally killed any and all momentum Tenzan built over the previos year. This was were the screwiness really started. -- Nakamura vacates on 2/5/04 due to various injuries. -Injuries were sustained at the New Year's Eve K-1 show (with the controversial conclusion to the match), and then Tak busted him up really good at the Dome 5 days later. Many things can be attributed to the stupidity of these 2 months, mainly Inoki's claim to make wrestling better than MMA by putting a shoot-style wrestler on top, even though he was too young to really be given a shot, and even though MMA had killed him competition wise. Not one of the smartest things Inoki did. 35. (2/15/04 @ Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan) Hiroyoshi Tenzan (2) beat Genichiro Tenryu (13:01) with a diving headbutt (tournament final). -This was actually pretty smart, as they booked Tenzan to gut out a hellacious beating that he took and get back at old adversaries, and then get put over a former IWGP champ and a puroresu legend in the process. This should have really put Tenzan on the right track again... 36. (3/14/04 @ Yoyogi National Stadium Gymnasium #2) Kensuke Sasaki (4) beat Hiroyoshi Tenzan (15:45) with the Volcano Eruption. -But for the second straight reign, Tenzan chokes. Sure he had a token defense over MiSuzuki, but in this setting, he should have really gone over Sasaki. And THEN this leads to... 37. (3/28/04 @ Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan) Bob Sapp beat Kensuke Sasaki (8:24) with a Beast bomb. -- Sapp vacates on 6/2/04 after refusing to face his next challenger. -This is an atrocity right here. Sapp was definitely at his peak, popularity wise. After his cross-over into wrestling against Mutoh and his victory over Tak at the Bom-Ba-Ye in 2002, New Japan used his cross-over appeal smartly by booking him on big shows, but by having him side with Inoki and making him a heel, instead of what might have been the Greatest Spectacle in Sport (a la Vader in the 90s), Sapp just didn't care too much. He made his defense against Nak at the Dome, and then got tired of wrestling and vacates it, leading to... 38. (6/5/04 @ Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium) Kazuyuki Fujita (2) beat Hiroshi Tanahashi (11:45) by KO (decision match). -Fujita's dumb ass reign. One defense against Shibata, and then he doesn't defend the belt for three months, and THEN when he gets picky about dropping the belt, they pull a decision right out of the Kevin Nash "Booking for Dummies" book. 39. (10/9/04 @ Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan) Kensuke Sasaki (5) beat Kazuyuki Fujita (2:29) by pinfall. -Fujita drops the belt in the most humiliating way possible, by laying down on a sleeper and getting pinned. This is yet another in the stupid line of decision making that has fallen upon New Japan this year. And because of Tenzan winning the G-1 again... 40. (12/12/04 @ Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium) Hiroyoshi Tenzan (3) beat Kensuke Sasaki (31:38) with a moonsault press. -They put the belt back on him by letting him get his win back over Sasaki. And THEN with the 4-crown proposed after the Dome show, New Japan, in all their glory... 41. (2/20/05 @ Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan) Satoshi Kojima beat Hiroyoshi Tenzan (59:49) by KO. -Put the belt on an outsider, again, and do it via a stupid decision, with Tenzan "getting dehydrated" 15 seconds from the end of the match. 42. (5/14/05 @ Tokyo Dome) Hiroyoshi Tenzan (4) beat Satoshi Kojima (19:34) with the TTD. Two times the title was vacted in 2004. Tenzan won the belt 3 times in a 13 month span, and then lost and won it back in a 3 month span with the man who beat him drawing with a wrestler who's no higher than 5th or so in the promotion 6 weeks beforehand. Read Sass' first post for how I feel on the 4-crown "reign." Title switched hands twice in a 6 week period. The booking for the "biggest title in puroresu" has been so scatterbrained and idiotic that I'm surprised the Dome was half-full, because the end of the main even was NEVER in doubt. New Japan really has a long way to go on that road to credibility.
  21. EL DANDY~!

    New HD Theme Song

    What about "Down" by Stone Temple Pilots? The song has been playing non-stop on my iPod all day.
  22. EL DANDY~!

    Booking for the 5/12 HeldDOWN

    What you sayin'?
  23. EL DANDY~!

    Booking for the 5/12 HeldDOWN

    I need SOMETHING. I don't think I want to do a comeback promo. Did that once, don't want to do it again or else I come off as Roddy Piper-ish. If nobody wants to feud, maybe I can work up a squash with a post-match promo or something. If somebody wants in, please let me know.
  24. EL DANDY~!

    5/5 Booking Thread

    Just so you know...TAFKA T-Bone has returned. New specs posted. Too late for this week's booking, probably, but just thought ya'll should know.
  25. EL DANDY~!

    What are you watching?

    Man, that was a top 5 Nitro match, too. Fuckin nWo... Oh, and for whoever it was asking about the Jumping Bomb Angels: They were one of the top face joshi tags of the 80s. Them, The Crush Gals, Jaguar Yokota/Devil Masami, and any pairing from Dump Matsumoto's Army were the top teams when it came to Joshi in the 80s. ROH 2004 and I've got a bunch of other stuff I still need to watch, so I'll get back this in a bit...