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  1. Sass


    Maximum Carnage was more depraved and violent than it gets credit for IMO. I like the Scorpion/Venom merger. Its one of the best things Mark Millar has done in his lousy career.
  2. Sass

    NFL Discussion Forumtable

    I believe Drew Bledsoe should be in the HOF. His numbers (and ring) are HOF worthy. His 2002 season with Buffalo was amazing after getting kicked out of New England the season before.
  3. Sass

    The Invasion Angle

    I like everything except adding Hugh Morrus and not including Goldberg. The 3-way at WM I don't like either (these matches normally blow).
  4. Sass

    The Invasion Angle

    A well-promoted bout between NWA HW champ Lex Luger vs. UWF HW champ Dr. Death could have drawn well in 1988. Of course, Crockett should have cherry picked the company instead of buying the whole enchilada.
  5. Sass

    Marvel Comics - Post Civil War

    I am not looking forward to seeing Millar and Hitch leave the Ultimates. On that note, I like the Warren Ellis T-Bolts book.
  6. Sass

    NFL 2007 Season Schedules announced

    I am not looking forward to Week 14 when the Raiders play the Packers. This game could mirror the one Favre had on MNF after his dad passed away where he threw for nearly 400 yards and lit Oakland up.
  7. Sass

    The Invasion Angle

    The Rock vs. Goldberg feud never really looked clicked. The Rock seemed was too tepid about being a heel and at times he acted like a tweener (which is not good). Goldberg not squashing HHH at Summerslam was the final nail in what could have been a successful run as champ. Scott Steiner was not booked well either. He should have never been put on RAW with HHH when SD! was in more need of a heel at the time as opposed to RAW needing another babyface. Kevin Nash and HHH had a really unmotivated feud too and it looked as though neither guy could come up with a way to spark some energy into their encounters.
  8. Sass

    The Invasion Angle

    Loss4Words once brought up a good point IMO about Goldberg's WWE run: The moment he was in a comedy sketch with Goldust, he lost his "killer" aura. I agree with this sentiment as well. Goldberg should have been squashing everyone in less than 10 minutes. The only matches he should have struggled in were ones against guys like the Undertaker, Kane or the Big Show. He should have been able to overpower everyone else and bull rush them into losing. I also agree with how giving WCW/ECW a name like the Alliance made them too WWE-centric. It also didn't really help how the strongest guys in the group were WWF wrestlers like Austin and (later) Angle. The whole Invasion was botched when Eric Bischoff didn't show up on RAW taunting Vince and instead Stephanie did (with her new hooters). This thing needed Sleazy E if it were to have any legs. Vince vs. Eric was *the* feud 1996 and seeing the McMahons vs. Bischoff/Heyman would have been surreal. This angle was and should forever be remembered as the worst screw-up in wrestling history. This puts to shame the NWA buying (and jobbing) out the UWF or All Japan missing the boat with a UWFi feud too after things had wrapped up in New Japan. Perhaps a 1995 EMLL/AAA in-ring feud could also be argued. However, everything was in the works for this storyline to be successful and instead everything ended with a whimper.
  9. Sass

    NFL Discussion Forumtable

    Chris Henry should have been suspended for a year. Pacman should have been given 8 months. These rulings should have been reversed. Both of these guys act like trash and therefore should be treated like trash. Fuck'em both, especially Chris Henry.
  10. Sass

    The Invasion Angle

    Hogan and Flair being brought in with Sting as the "reserves" could have worked...maybe. I just don't like headaches and all 3 of these guys bring way too much baggage.
  11. Sass

    I am starting a TSM Wiki

    TSM's older stuff getting deleted did not help this endeavor. It's also too bad no one has any of the SKeith Nazi/Sailor Moon pictures to add to the wiki pages either. Those things were funny when they first appeared.
  12. Sass

    The Invasion Angle

    Earlier, I did point out how Hogan and Flair would have drew money for the Invasion angle had they originally been a part of it. I never said fans wouldn't pay to see Hogan or Nash. However, my point of contention with hiring Flair, Hogan, Steiner, etc. would have been the eventual headaches they cause down the road after things don't go their way (like say, getting jobbed out to Chris Benoit or Chris Jericho or something else trivial). I'm on the fence about hiring Sting. I think it would have been cool to have brought him in once the WWF ended up taking the lead in their fight against WCW/ECW. Sting's arrival could have helped carry on the angle for a while longer with a Brock Lesnar vs. Sting or Goldberg showdown at Wrestlemania 18 or later than that. This whole angle had at least 2+ years worth of stuff to work with and instead the Invasion ended in less than 6 months. That. is. horrific.
  13. Sass

    The Invasion Angle

    Eric Bischoff, Goldberg, Booker T, DDP, Buff Bagwell, Kronic, Konnan, Kanyon, the Natural Born Thrillers (+ Mike Sanders), and maybe half a dozen cruiser weights (with heel kingpin Rey Mysterio Jr.) would have been enough. Along with Paul Heyman and the ECW guys the WWF actually used in 2001, I think this would have been all the muscle the Invasion would have needed to look as though it had some balls behind it. Guys like Hugh Morrus/Bill DeMont should have never been hired and allowed to join the group. He was just...never able to project himself well enough as a "HEY WATCH ME!" guy and was a weak link in the WCW side IMO. Bringing in Hogan, Flair, Nash, Hall, Steiner, etc. would have been redundant IMO. I mean, they wrestled in the WWF before (albeit, years before 2001) and, let me get to this point...while some of the guys I mentioned above wrestled in the WWF as well, Kronic and Konnan had been repackaged immensely different from their salad days in the WWF. Sure, Vince would have drawn money with Hogan & Friends. That's a given. The only problem is that Hulk Fuckin Hogan and Dick Flair are back in the WWF, which will come back to bite them in the ass when all these guys contracts are written up (kiss of death from a business standpoint in the long run). These two old fuckers were shat on for years by the WWF for being too old and now the WWF fans are supposed to percieve them as threats to the younger WWF guys? I don't think so. Plus, everyone who was reading the Observer in 2001 heard ad nauseum how the nWo hiring in late '01 "killed backstage morale" and I'm sure hiring Flair and Steiner also left a bad taste in a lot of other wrestlers mouths, which was/is an unnecessary hiring. The WWF could have maximized their profits by hiring the cheaper guys I mentioned above as opposed to dealing with Hogan, Nash, Hall, etc. and their deals later on down the road. Turn the Big Show, Test, Albert, Regal, and Val Venis against the WWF guys and everything would have been awesome. Shane and Stephanie should have joined forces with their dad against Bischoff and Heyman. Linda should have been the only McMahon to turn heel on the WWF after all the years Vince cheated on her. I think the WWF soap writers could have gotten a lot of mileage out of the Vince/Linda shattered marriage angle. Bischoff and Heyman tag teaming with Linda would have been the icing on the cake.
  14. Sass

    NFL Discussion Forumtable

    The Raiders have still not named a replacement WR coach after Fred Biletnikoff retired earlier this off-season. I wish the team would have maybe somehow managed to sign James Lofton for the spot. Apparently, the Raiders are in discussions with Detroit about signing Josh McCown (...shoot me). I *really* wish they would have signed David Carr since him and HC Lane Kiffen were player and coach at Fresno State when Carr played there. My bold predictions: The Raiders go 14 - 2 next season and lose the two games to the San Diego Chargers, headed by former Raiders HC Norv Turner. Ladanian Tomlinson will rush for over 2000 yards as well and shatter the record. TO will get knocked out in a game and will be forced to retire afterwards. So, there.
  15. Sass

    Fedor signs to fight with Bodog

    Bodog, with fine management, will thrive with Fedor. UFC HW champ Randy Couture vs. PRIDE/Bodog HW champ Fedor Emelianenko would be outstanding.