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  1. Your Paragon of Virtue

    The YPOV Question of the Day

    Will you continue posting on the board now that Leena has taken over?
  2. Your Paragon of Virtue

    The Agent of Oblivion question of the day

    He never said anything about a lack of responsibility, but in certain situations self-control is a little harder to exert than in others, especially as it concerns certain issues that are more sensitive. For me, nothing too bad, mostly dumb stuff as a teenager like accidentally starting a fire after a fireworks display went wrong, possession of marijuana (this one happens pretty often), and drunk driving. Okay, that last one is pretty bad, but thankfully I only did it once. Learned my lesson after that. When I was a kid I used to get into fights every once in a long while, but I'm pretty sure that's more a case of boys being boys than anything else.
  3. Your Paragon of Virtue

    Nineties Runoff

    If the Tragically Hip were to be represented I figured Ahead by a Century would have been the song.
  4. Your Paragon of Virtue

    Nineties Runoff

    Don't be dumb. Don't be sensitive.
  5. Your Paragon of Virtue

    UFC 94 - Georges St. Pierre vs. BJ Penn II

  6. Your Paragon of Virtue

    Nineties Runoff

    Another video that would have made it if the artist was the right skin colour. This is the remix, far better than the original.
  7. Your Paragon of Virtue

    The Upcoming Shows/Rumored Fights Thread

    I'm a big Matt Brown fan, but I'm not sure of how well he can handle the blackleticism of Johnson.
  8. Your Paragon of Virtue

    Nineties Runoff

    From what I've noticed, lots of black people that should have made it in didn't, because Kinetic is a racist.
  9. Your Paragon of Virtue

    Nineties Runoff

    Definitely a classic, the acapella version is far superior to the original. This was a staple of my high school days, even though the song came out about a decade earlier.
  10. Your Paragon of Virtue

    TUF 9: USA vs United Kingdom

    This is coming up soon, but absolutely no hype for it from what I can tell.
  11. Your Paragon of Virtue

    Kane and MMA fighter in bar brawl?

    Yeah, because Brock Lesnar's success in MMA has everything to do with his days in the WWE and nothing to do with his days as an amateur wrestler...
  12. Your Paragon of Virtue

    Bobby Lashley makes MMA debut on December 13th...

    When you have trouble with Guida, you don't deserve a shot at the big leagues just yet. "But it's only his second pro fight!" Yeah, no shit, but that's even more justification to not have him fight on a big show. Seeing a wrestler with his kind of physique and athleticism struggle this much definitely makes Lesnar look more impressive considering the amount of competition he faced in the early stages of his career. Guida's thirty pro fights are a joke compared to Heath Herring's experience.
  13. Your Paragon of Virtue

    Dispatches from StormFront

  14. Your Paragon of Virtue

    Japanese MMA Thread

    How did Rice and Bas disrespect the fighters?
  15. Your Paragon of Virtue

    This is not a Test - Andrew Martin dead

    There's no indication of Bret putting himself over there, he actually put Test over a lot. I guess when one retard uses the usual talking point the rest follow without actually reading what was written.