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  1. janusd

    Poor poor SWF...

    Hi, I'm Janus, and this is my yearly checkin to this empty den of inquity and fun memories.
  2. janusd

    Poor poor SWF...

    And then a year later I got nostalgic and started poking around here too. Woo!
  3. janusd

    "Yo Quiero Discussion!"

    I call Right Hand of Doom!
  4. janusd

    "Yo Quiero Discussion!"

    Oh hey there.
  5. janusd

    Ashes 2 Ashes Discussion Thread

    Contemplation. Guest appearance. Hm.
  6. janusd

    The Birthday Thread...

    *toots own horn*
  7. janusd

    Class Is In Session Discussion Thread

    Colour me intrigued.
  8. janusd

    Ground Zero Stuff

    Gothic Power from X-Ray Dog Music, aka "the dramatic sounding stuff you heard in the Lord of the Rings trailers." Wait, what?
  9. janusd

    SWF 13th Hour 2007!

    Sounds about time for a random appearance.
  10. The card formatting has really gotten lazy... Then again, so have I! *zing*
  11. janusd

    PROMO: “Oh, How I Hate Goodbyes.”

    The SWF: We No-Sell Broken Necks Like Whoa.
  12. janusd

    Storm Card for February 7

    *raises hand* Pizza.
  13. janusd

    Clusterfuck Discussion

    I won't be -writing- the Clusterfuck, as I told Tom when he inquired about it some time back. But if people want to drop Janus in there as the obligatory big guy, feel free. Especially if you're going to have him antagonise Michael Stephens for a bit. Harassment for the win! (Stats? What stats?)
  14. janusd

    Storm Comments

    Feel the love. And the presence of a seven foot beast occasionally stalking you through back hallways of an arena. *whistles* JJ vs Drake is going to be a piece of work, I have to say. Mr CFC inDEED.