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  1. Cartman


    Was anyone else bothered by how the previews for next week's episode pretty much spoiled the cliffhanger ending of this week? I mean why announce that
  2. Cartman

    The Sweet 16 & Elite 8 Thread

    I did in the money pool at work. Pitt losing screwed me out of the chance to win it but I can finish 2nd if UNC wins tonight then meats UCONN next week for the Title (Assuming UCONN gets by Mich St.).
  3. Cartman

    PlayStation 3

    Most DLC is a ripoff anyways. I usually stick to Sports and RPG's so DLC won't bother me much. The only DLC I ever paid for was for Guitar Hero 3 and Warhawk.
  4. Cartman


    There's no way Ben is really dead.
  5. Cartman


    It's gotten so much better the last 2 weeks though...
  6. Cartman

    Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

    Or this:
  7. Cartman


    EDITL This was in response to Dama. No... Ben would remember the Lost people if he saw them in 1977 because they were there in 1977. The Losties could not possiby remember being on the island in 1977 because they didn't go to 1977 until after they crashed on the island in 2004. Say you time traveled tomorrow, to the year 1960. While you were there you bumped into your parents and told them who you were. Then you traveled back to tomorrow again. Tomorrow you would know you went there and saw your parents and they would remember you were there too, but the you of today wouldn't know that you were in 1960 because you did not do it until tomorrow.
  8. Cartman


    There's really NO doubt that there are no Alternate Timelines in Lost and what has happened can never be changed.
  9. Cartman


    As best as I can interperet everything...Everything that we are seeing in 1977 has already happened. Ethan would not have been born if Juliet was not there to perform the C-Section. Ben knows all kinda of things about the 815 people before ever interacting with them, and more than just things his spies could have told him. The fact that almost every Dharma member was murdered allows for Jack/Sawyer/Kate/Hurley/Sayid to never be remembered by anyone except Ben and Richard(meeting with Sawyer). I assume they all end up back in their normal times in 2008/9 in the end which explains why they aren't there when 815 crashes.
  10. Cartman

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Carolina doesn't want any 1st round picks this year apparently.
  11. Cartman

    TSM Fantasy Baseball 2009

    Anyone want Dice-K for a good hitter? My offense is garbage.
  12. Cartman

    TSM NBA H2H: Year 6

    I'll be staying of course. Keepers look like Howard, West, and either Rondo or Miller...probably Rondo.
  13. Cartman

    2009 World Baseball Classic

    Yea, but Lugo going down is a blessing.
  14. Cartman

    Talking Quarterbacks

    Wait, what? Until Brady had that incredible season he was throwing to a bunch of nobody's and certainly didnt have a Marvin Harrison.
  15. Cartman

    Spring Training 2009

    That's only when he wants to actually try. Over the years he got by because he always produced despite being a tool. Last season he blatantly stopped trying so the team would trade him. How would that NOT piss off his teammates?