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  1. Broward83

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    I haven't seen it posted in any of the spoilers but..
  2. Broward83

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    via Xbox's Twitter: "Microsoft_XboxCapcom officially announced Marvel vs. Capcom 2 coming to XBLA this summer."
  3. Broward83

    Red Dwarf Returns!

    I'm still on Season 8 of Dwarf (don't know if it goes further...just what I've gotten on NetFlix Instant Queue) and it seems like seasons 7 and 8 were the "jump the shark" seasons. Everything up to that point flowed nicely and seemed to fit in with things prior but 7 and 8 just seem like a lot of ideas just being thrown at a wall and whatever sticks, they produced and filmed. The whole re-creation of Red Dwarf is mind-numbing.. OH! Can anyone explain why for a few seasons there was a female Holly? I can only assume she carried over from the parrallel Dwarf that they came across..
  4. Broward83

    English Football

    So I hear Beckham is remaining on-loan to AC Milan til the end of the season then will finish up the MLS season. Apparently he's doing this so that he can be ready for World Cup play in 2010. Now I might be wrong here, but didn't the new coach of the England Nat'l team go on record to say that having Beckham on the team is more of a detriment due to the attention he brings to the team and the amount of paparazzi is a distraction? I mean, do any of you Brits want Beckham on the squad in 2010 or have you all had your fill and want him kept off?
  5. Broward83

    Jericho and Kelly Kelly

    You know, I find it in great respect now that people are going the "Hitler" route to close down threads. However, the mere mentioning of Hitler can't do it. See, Chris Jericho is a lot like Hitler in that he is conquering young territory without regard for his own person or the feelings of those associated around the world.
  6. Broward83

    What will be the worst movie of 2009?

    I tried to watch that youtube clip but I had to check out at "this man walks thru the raindrops"... I mean, seriously? Seriously?! HE WALKS THRU THE FUCKING RAINDROPS?!? I..I don't know what else to really say. There's a rant about how some high school drama nerd could write better.. or that Schaivo even in her last days could've mumbled out a better script but...I.. I'm done.
  7. Broward83

    Legends of WrestleMania

    I can't figure out how to run for shit and the directional pad + Y to reverse / block is a bit screwy. That said, I like the game. I won't go out and buy it..but I'll check it out from work when it comes out.
  8. Broward83

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Whatever happens, they'll make it on the Pro Bowl this year.
  9. Broward83

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    The Texans have been in talks with Cedric Benson to have him come in as a backup and be the Spell HB for Slaton this year. Given how he did for Cincy who's line is actually worse than ours, I think it can be a good move on our part.
  10. Broward83

    TSM NBA H2H: Year 6

    I'll come back..gonna look at who I should keep.
  11. Broward83

    CTDWAT: Indies/Overseas/General

    I'm thinking of getting tickets to the two RoH show's coming to Houston during Wrestlemania weekend. They've got a show on Friday and a PPV taping on Saturday. Anyone care to send me a PM or reply with a quick synopsis of the key storylines going on?
  12. Broward83

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Hey XC..after looking at your draft blog, where do you think the Texans go now with signing an end to play opposite of Mario?
  13. Broward83

    MLB 09 The Show & MLB 2k9

    It has sliders but I was running this on the basic settings from just popping it in and playing. I get that sliders are there to create a "unique" user experience, but if you're using them to create an "acurate" portrayal of a sport that the default settings of the game should already recreate, there's a problem. The computer hit a few deep bombs too..I'd say a total of 10+HR's between the two teams.
  14. Broward83

    MLB 09 The Show & MLB 2k9

    So I start up 2k9 and "Final Countdown" begins. I feel like this game is going to be awesome. I begin to play and realize its a shinier version of 2k8. I weep. Total Control Pitching I think was dumbed down and the "motion" isn't really needed..as long as you make the general motion, your pitch is true. Didn't tinker with the "zone hitting" aspect but in playing a BS game of Royals -at- NL Classics, the hitting is still broken. Final score was something like 28 - 20something, Classics with there being a point in the game where I think I rallied off like, five or six homeruns in my half of the inning. Fielding is meh. The stupid slow down of a fielder before he catches the ball is still there and it just seemed as if everything was generally slower. The end-game stats have a "Pepsi Clutch Player of the Game" and its all just a veiled attempt at trying to make it like NBA 2k9 with the top 3 plays and "dynamic catches" and "signature highlights". Add to this the stupid season bug and yeah..what a way to go out on, eh? Oh! There's a trailer for The Bigs 2. Seemed nice..a bit more "arcadey" and they've got some classic uni's and players in there. You see Clemente and the whole thing ends with the crowd chanting "Reggie! Reggie! Reggie!" as you see a shot of Reggie in his #44 Yankee jersey belt a ball into the light fixture.
  15. Broward83

    Street Fighter IV announced...

    Eh, I would assume like most EX moves it absorbs a hit or two thru armor and if so, the latter move lets you go in against the Shoto fighters who like to uppercut their way through a match. The former...? Eh..I'd assume a higher hit rate at a slightly faster rate of speed? I hardly use Cammy so I've got no real input on it..