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  1. Scarlett_Rayne

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Just had to put this up here... wish I was still in Austin. http://www.woai.com/news/local/story/Hacke...QqCbYBQ5tg.cspx
  2. Scarlett_Rayne

    Could you pass the US citizenship test?

    20/20 It would honestly be sad if I would have missed one on here since I actually teach this stuff
  3. Scarlett_Rayne

    Grad School, pt. 2

    Or along the borders... Congrats on law school admission though. I'm looking at that same route myself in a few years. I just need to get myself financially back on track first or get one hell of a scholarship, then I'll be good to go. How are you financing it?
  4. Scarlett_Rayne

    Campaign 2008

    So did any of my fellow Texas Democrats take part in the precinct caucuses this past election day and if so were you name county delegates? If you weren't let me just tell you, it was like watching Rome burn... Seriously a disaster. I was precinct chair for our caucus and I had to challenge my delegate slot at the county convention. They only got my partial list so the list that I was on as a delegate was "lost". Thankfully I kept my designated copies as proof. With everything finally squared away, I was able to be named as a delegate to the state convention in Austin in June. Here's to hoping the state convention wont be the total cluster fuck that happened at county conventions across the state this past weekend.
  5. Scarlett_Rayne

    The poster above you (forum edition)

    is a fellow ghostbusters and venkman fan
  6. Scarlett_Rayne

    The poster above you (forum edition)

    ^ to answer Smues and to go with the thread, is still my bf
  7. Scarlett_Rayne


    I'm still here just lack of comp at home now plus the occasional internet censorship here at work has me limited
  8. Scarlett_Rayne

    Teenage girl is beaten

    Fights at school happen because of wanting attention and showing off to their peers. Usually they feel like they have something to prove in front of their friends. Also, you're exactly right, another reason why they happen is so they can be stopped. I once asked all my little gang kids in class one day that very question and that's exactly what they said. Hardly any of them are outright crazy enough to fight in an isolated area where they could possibly be killed or left beaten so badly, that's why they always fight in public places. Girl fights are the absolute worse, I'll agree and a lot of the time it's because they are so emotionally charged.
  9. Scarlett_Rayne

    Survivor: China

    yeah they do... just look at torrie wilson without makeup
  10. Scarlett_Rayne


    Those are the best cheese balls ever. Last I had them was in college 4 years ago.
  11. Scarlett_Rayne

    What did you eat today?

    So just looking through this thread at past posts of mine, my eating has dropped significantly and thus I've slimmed down significantly cause of it... Anyways here's the usual meal day when I'm teaching school: breakfast: half a breakfast taco lunch: 1 easy mac package on good days, about 5 or so ham, cheese and crackers on other days (pretty much the equivalent to your basic lunchable minus the candy) dinner: usually a light dinner like today--about a cup serving of spaghetti, light sauce, 2 small meatballs beverage of choice--water
  12. Scarlett_Rayne

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Anyone come across this yet? http://www.vote756.com/marcecko/
  13. Scarlett_Rayne

    Best Female Promos?

    indeed, Beulah cut some good promos during that time. Another good one was against Justin Credible
  14. Scarlett_Rayne

    Guilty Pleasures

    Ugh, this crap is all the rage at the school where I teach right now. Some of my students found out that I like rap the other day and this one useless kid asked me if I liked "dat Soulja Boy." Also, I was teaching about Martin Luther's 95 Theses the other day and some kid said that Luther "got 95 problems but a pope ain't one." Just thought I'd share that. Kinda reminds me of when I introduce Teddy Roosevelt to my kids in class and as soon as I mention the Spanish American War and the Rough Riders I get a whole bunch of DMX crap.
  15. Scarlett_Rayne

    Pictures I Like

    wonder if this is real... anyone seen anything similar to this? edit: more pics