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    Tons of shit. Wanna know ? Ask. I know, cliche huh ?
  1. theintensifier

    Jeff Hardy suspended

    Way to ruin a great career opportunity Jeff, nothing like being your own worst enemy. Maybe his big brother should do something about this. I'm sure he's pissed, or at least disappointed. Jeff is a far lesser worker, and doesn't give two shits, while his older brother is a far more talented worker, cares, and busts his ass and gets hardly zero fame. Confusing.
  2. Youtube to the rescue I like how the comments run the table from "stone cold and hhh must have been drunk" to "i like seeing women get beat up". Good times. That was ridiculous. The WWE has far too often pushed the envelope. And to answer the thread question, no, not at all.
  3. Bret/Shawn has been, and probably always will be overrated. Meltzer gave it ****1/4 - **** for Rock/HHH. ****1/4 for Lesnar/Angle - ***1/2 for HHH/Benoit. Personally, HHH/Rock is the best out of the four, more action, good story telling, crowd heat, and both men were motivated. HBK and Hart aren't a match in the ring, unlike HHH/Rock.. They generally refuse to work hard with each other, not wanting to put the other man over in the slightest, which hurts the match considerably. The only match I can recall that was good between the two was the SurSer '92 match, long before the hatred, jealousy, and insecurity from 1996. The Iron Man match could have been great, Shawn and Bret both were very capable workers at that point in time, but their unprofessionalism hindered whatever they could have possibly accomplished. I haven't seen the match in a few years, but I remember enough to know that it's boring, and not worth viewing.
  4. theintensifier

    EHME's campaign speech

    I wouldn't give two shits if I was banned. Actually, I'd appreciate it, almost to a tremendous level of appreciation.
  5. theintensifier

    EHME's campaign speech

    I'll fight you. All you have to do is fly into Michigan.
  6. theintensifier

    Question about name changes thread

    There would be at least 5 pages worth of posts if all of Czech's name changes were accounted for.
  7. theintensifier


    No offense, sounds like every other fantasy booking I've ever read, or written myself. Also, wouldn't having an extreme ruled match on every card take away the "prestige" of said match? The way I run ECW, is simple actually, rules are relaxed, DQ's are rare to receive, violence and anarchy are the key, and the angles are envelope pushers. Your idea would be like TNA having a all cage match PPV. Wait... This would certainly be a mouthful, to say the least. When I started my WWF game, I simply re-named them back to their original name; World Wide Wrestling Federation. I'm sure most would fuck that up as well, but it's not as hard as the name you've provided. I'm curious to see where you take this.
  8. theintensifier


  9. theintensifier

    4,000 dead Americans

    bigolsmitty, I guess you're not as smart as I thought.
  10. theintensifier

    Lets Talk about.....

    They could have done something potentially amusing with the group. Albert is the big power house capable of physically dominating most of the other wrestlers, Credible is the extremist who is willing to take insane bumps, and X-Pac could do the bronco buster.... I don't know what they could do with X-Pac. He sucks, and hasn't been remotely worthwhile since the early-mid '90s.
  11. theintensifier

    I banned Choken One.

    tHAT HE CONgratualted you for yourchild and your'e being a prick to him, or something. I still cant believe that you punhced a lamb in the head, so ruhtless.
  12. theintensifier

    I banned Choken One.

    Ouch VF. He's trying to make you feel guilty. Matt, how could you let yourself get mauled by Marvin? Come on man, pick it up.
  13. theintensifier

    I banned Choken One.

    "BURN~! .....What?!?! I appreicate a good burn..." /Kelso
  14. theintensifier

    The 2008 Royal Rumble Thread

    What do you care? You watch the NFL, where concussions are as common as your eyes blinking.
  15. theintensifier

    The 2008 Royal Rumble Thread

    You've gotten on that boat too? Much better than the hands up version.