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    Campaign 2008

    People have been saying Palin isn't qualified since the morning she was picked, but if you want to compare the bottom of the GOP ticket to the top of the Dem ticket, I say keep it up. The term doesn't mean lack of qualifications, it means lack of substance. You're essentially saying someone has no ideas of their own. Actually, sorry, I mis read what you said when I responded. Yeah, I know what Empty Suit means and I think Obama fits the bill. If you want to call Palin that yourself, go right ahead. I got no issues with it. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  2. The Robfather

    Campaign 2008

    People have been saying Palin isn't qualified since the morning she was picked, but if you want to compare the bottom of the GOP ticket to the top of the Dem ticket, I say keep it up.
  3. The Robfather

    Campaign 2008

    Umm, what? I don't just don't agree with the stuff Obama stands for. I also think he's an empty suit who's been spending most of the campaign riding a wave. Now the Dems want to complain about identity politics, about personality politics. I don't feel their pain. Sorry. But state isn't a Battleground State, so no worries. As for the media, hey, they can do whatever they want. I just think everything they've thrown at Palin has backfired.
  4. The Robfather

    Campaign 2008

    Well, I would guess used car salesmen have higher approval ratings than the press right now, but maybe I'm mistaken. That's their perception, seems to be playing out a bit like 04 with Rathergate, media can't shake their own image and it hurts the Dems. The way I look at it, there's going to be a debate. Biden should eat her for lunch. That's what I'm hearing. But I'm also hearing the media need to ask her a ton of questions. I think the Dems want the media to destroy her on their behalf. Just the vibe I'm getting. Maybe I'm wrong.
  5. The Robfather

    Campaign 2008

    Why does she need to 'address the press'? People are free to run their campaigns anyway they want to. She's doing an interview. Now it has to be a full blown press conference. I don't remember Lieberman or Cheney doing those in 2000 or Edwards in 04. There are four ways a reporter can do things: gotcha questions (pulled on Bush), tough but fair questions, out-of-bounds slime questions, or fluff. A press confrence would become gotcha attempt, no doubt about it. I really think the national press overrates their importantance to the political process. I've managed to stay informed and I watch football on sundays, not those dull chit-chat shows. Hell, I knew what was going on five days ago when my lights were out due to Gustav and all I had was local radio.
  6. The Robfather

    Campaign 2008

    The way I look at it, Obama made a dumb remark. It was just stupid after Palin made her lipstick remark at the GOP-Con. Did he mean to refer to Palin? Eh, I think at the very least, they were trying to co-opt Palin's lipstick line and turn it into a negative. He didn't even come up with the line. He's just repeating lines that his political advisers are feeding him. Listen to him stumble just to spit it out. He really isn't much of a speaker. So, now he's falling into the trap of identity politics. Its been pulled on the GOP many times in the past, so I got no issues with it. It takes him off his game. If you are explaining, you are losing. Dems should have went with Hillary. Yeah, her negatives are high, but at least she's viewed as a bitch that gets things done. The One is just an empty suit. Maybe Biden will come down with a 'health issue' and have to step down? hmmm hmmm hmmm
  7. The Robfather


    Tracy Porter definitely looked solid for the Saints today.
  8. The Robfather

    Broadway Brett beats retirement!

    Wow... 20mil... man, its not about money, Packer org! Brett couldn't take a bribe after coming this far.
  9. The Robfather

    Harry Potter Movies

    They did a good job casting the child Tom Riddle.
  10. The Robfather

    WWE Raw (7/28/2008)

    Well, this could be cool, I suppose, as far as GMs go, audience didn't know what to make of it. Good luck, raw ends, people are left dumbfounded.
  11. The Robfather

    WWE Raw (7/21/2008)

    Punk will get his big win eventually. JBL has been trashing him as a fluke, sooner or later Punk proves him wrong and gets that big win. That is, of course, assuming the writers want to build a logical storyline, that is.
  12. The Robfather

    Harry Potter Movies

    The people going to the movies don't need to know Neville was almost the boy who lived.
  13. The Robfather

    Supreme Court upholds the Right to Bear Arms

    [i do not see those as 'reasonable' gun control laws. Glad the court got this one right. It was a "Duh" ruling. "The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home." That is such a "Duh" statement. Surprised the 4 libs drew a line in the sand on this one. I guess I thought they had more common sense, but I think a few of them may have been a tad intellectually dishonest. IF we're starting at a point where they say I got to join the national guard to have the right to bare arms, well, I'm glad those fuckers lost this case.
  14. The Robfather

    2008 NBA Finals: Lakers vs. Celtics

    All I remember the media lecturing me about when a foul is not a foul... when there was a critical no-call in the Spurs/Lakers series. ho hum. Lakers will get there's in game three.
  15. The Robfather

    WWE Raw (6/2/2008)

    I remember when Savage was the WWF champ, defending it against Skinner on tv and that guy hadn't won a match in who knows how long.
  16. The Robfather

    WWE Raw (6/2/2008)

    Yeah, Jericho is being situp for a fall with his talk of finally becoming a defending champ.
  17. The Robfather

    Jonathan Coachman leaving WWE for ESPN

    Some people are just blessed with an amazing voice. Listening to Gorilla was always a joy because he had that distinct voice. Vince has one of those voices too, even if some of his actually play-by-play sucked, he still always seemed to make things exciting and important. Michael Cole and Coachman pale because their voices are pretty generic. Lawyer sucks because he isn't the classic heel color guy from the past. The Brain and Jesse were great at that stuff.
  18. The Robfather

    OAO 5/12 Raw Thread

    HBK has been involved in some very good angles as of late.
  19. The Robfather

    NBA Playoffs 2008 - Conference Semifinals

    The Spurs have a very tough road to the title at this point.. have to come back 0-2 and then face Lakers, then likely Boston or Pistons. The NBA is probably wanting a NO/LA Western Conf championship series, so they can start building a CP3/Kobe rivalry.
  20. The Robfather

    We Have Us An Iron Man

    A few plot contrivances... Not an expert on defense contractors, but don't they have to account for every round of ammo to planes etc? I just don't buy that they could double deal under the table. Jeff Bridges' has evidence that is sooo easy for Starks accident to find in a few clicks. Jeff Bridges' character going completely off the deep end. I got a big robo-suit, but I've blown my standing in the world, now what? Anywho, Robert Downey Jr is the best thing about the movie. Hope for stronger bad guys in the next one.
  21. The Robfather

    NBA Playoffs 2008 - Conference Semifinals

    CP3 is the brightest new star the NBA has at this moment. This game means nothing. Spurs are winners, and every team plays for a split in games 1 and 2.
  22. The Robfather

    The 2008 NFL Draft Thread.

    Saints are on the clock!
  23. The Robfather

    The 2008 NFL Draft Thread.

    The Panters gave up alot for an OT. 2nd, 4th, and next years 1.
  24. The Robfather

    OAO JR's blogs

    Thanks for the blogs.... love hearing the backstory on the watches.
  25. The Robfather

    WWE Raw (3/31)

    I got chills watching this.