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  1. B. Brian Brunzell

    Guilty Pleasures

    I love the first two, not so big into Rhianna.
  2. B. Brian Brunzell

    No Surrender 2007

    Same here. I love Shelley, and HATE VKM. At least Kip James wasn't wearing feminine ring gear though.
  3. B. Brian Brunzell

    MTV VMA awards

    I had no idea that Britney was a fan of theirs. At least she has good taste in music. Oh wait...
  4. B. Brian Brunzell

    No Surrender 2007

    I really enjoyed No Surrender. Harris/Dustin was really the only match I could have done without, to be honest. The of the show gets a "thumbs up" for sure. And Jimmy did a fine job holding his own in the gauntlet6, Too bad Hoyt couldn't get the job done and secure them a #1 contender's shot.
  5. B. Brian Brunzell

    Led Zeppelin back together

    It's just too bad that Roberrt Plant's voice sucks now. Otherwise the reunion, for the 3rd time would be sweet.
  6. B. Brian Brunzell

    WWE General Discussion - September 2007

    I'm having nightmares about Snitsky being Vince's bastard child.
  7. B. Brian Brunzell

    TNA Comments which don't warrant a thread

    I can't wait for Rave tonight. I'm gonna throw purple & gold streamers at my tv. My roommates & I always showered him with streamers whenever ROH came to Dayton.
  8. B. Brian Brunzell

    Scarface references in rap

  9. B. Brian Brunzell

    Booker T Quits WWE

    All hail King Bookaaaaahhhhh~! **bows one last time**
  10. B. Brian Brunzell


    Ugh. Aesop Rock rules you all.
  11. B. Brian Brunzell

    Deep Purple

    Last I heard, Ritchie was playing with Blackmore's Night, which from what I heard, was very Renaissance-ish sounding.
  12. B. Brian Brunzell

    WWE General Discussion - September 2007

    "Owen, you & I will be nose-to-nose, but we'll be MILES APART."
  13. B. Brian Brunzell

    Deep Purple

    I'm also a Deep Purple fan. I've always liked Blackmore's playing, and Ian Gillan is a great frontman.
  14. B. Brian Brunzell

    Your Five Favorite Anything

    No love for No Control? Nice to see Recipe for Hate in your list anyway, a slightly underrated album. I like No Control alot, though I'm more of a fan of Suffer when it comes to the earlier material. And while I think that Against the Grain is the best album, Recipe for Hate is my favourite.
  15. B. Brian Brunzell

    WWE suspends 10 wrestlers

    Was the escort really necessary? Do they think the fired wrestlers are gonna crash the tapings and shoot or something??? Eugene's retarded. You never know how he could act.