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  1. Astro101

    OAO Destination X PPV Thread

    Well, they're also the ones that got Lance Hoyt that major push. Though they also did throw trash at Jarrett...curse you Orlando how I hate you so!
  2. Astro101

    TNA news from pwinsider

    Guess we have different definitions is all.
  3. Astro101

    TNA news from pwinsider

    Coulda made better? Sure. Completely ruined? Absolutely not.
  4. Astro101

    Impact rating for last week

    It was gonna be Tuesday Night Allstars during the PPV era, but then they went to Wednesdays and had to come up with another name.
  5. Astro101

    Impact rating for last week

    Any ratings bump is great news. I'm enjoying the product and so are a majority of the fans it seems.
  6. Astro101

    Wreztling Obzerver Notez for 12/27 and 1/1

    Upgrade over Borash. Her voice still sounds shaky when she talks. Dunno if it's still nervousness or it's just her.
  7. Astro101

    WON News + Notes, December 25th Issue

    Well, US has Queer Eye. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Bravo UK has UFC and some Spike stuff? Totally different demos.
  8. Astro101

    TNA Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Well, you could say that he gives the rematch anyway in fear of Angle doing much much more. And they can't charge for PPVs in Orlando. Aren't able to.
  9. Astro101

    TNA Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Look for the usual overbooking to go into overdrive for that Impact. GO SIX SIDES OF STEELISH ULTIMATE X!
  10. Astro101

    Good TNA Ratings News

    Very good news. Time to see if they can keep it up.
  11. Astro101

    OAO 12/14 Impact Thread

    http://www.tnawrestling.com/news/fullnews2.php?all=1077 Director's cut of the PCS! Total awesomeness... Including Zach Gowen references.
  12. Astro101

    OAO 12/14 Impact Thread

    OMG. I want to hate Nash, but I can't. Lethal: Why do I have to go first? Nash: Cuz you're black.
  13. Astro101

    WON News and Notes (11 December Issue)

    Leticia Cline is the new backstage gal. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendID=32003997
  14. I say screw it. They wanna do the angle? Let 'em. BG and Kip aren't wrestling, so that's fantastic. And if they're gonna bring the war over, might as well go into WWE territory. There are worse things TNA could do with the James Gang.
  15. Astro101

    OAO 11/23 Impact Thread

    IIRC, they didn't have a falling out. Cornette got sick of D'more interfering in matches and disbanded Team Canada and they all went there seperate ways. Tenay mentioning that last night would have been helpful, though. I agree. Petey's got a pretty high profile match, tagging with the biggest star in the company in a tag title match against the hottest act in the company. That beats just about anything they've done with him since he lost the X-Title in that UX match with AJ and Sabin. I think I remember at the disbandenment that Roode didn't hug Eric or anything which got some boos. From then I just assumed that Roode thought Eric was a disgrace to TC.
  16. Well I'm glad that Joe and Angle's gonna have a rematch. So really because of that I don't mind Angle going over Joe twice like this. Also I kind of half-expected Abyss to outright lose at these tapings just for the sake of it.
  17. According to reports, fans were chanting "bullshit" when LAX was stripped. It'd be great if this was a way for LAX to be faces while still being against the gringos.
  18. Astro101

    TNA Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Because people like me still mark out for the Destoryer?
  19. TNA site says that those who order the replays get the 2005 Bound for Glory DVD.
  20. Astro101

    TNA Comments which don't warrant a thread

    Just doesn't look right!
  21. Astro101

    OAO Primetime Debut Thread

  22. Astro101

    OAO Primetime Debut Thread

    VKM! And btw, at least Kazarian and Bentley have some sorta personality now.
  23. Astro101

    TNA Comments which don't warrant a thread

    I think if TNA gets WWE to somehow indirectly attack TNA somehow during the broadcast, then it's a success, but I think WWE is smart enough not to mention TNA.
  24. Astro101

    WON TNA News and Notes - November 13th

    More SoCal Val on tv? Sweet.
  25. Astro101

    TNA Taping Spoilerz

    Yay, another X title change. Daniels v Sabin would be cool I guess...I don't remember their last TNA match, if they had one, so it would be fresh to me.