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  1. This is a test to see if comments are enabled in my blog. Please take the time to leave a comment to see if it's working. Thanks.
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    Test #2 -- Please try to leave a comment

    This is a test to see if comments are enabled in my blog. Please take the time to leave a comment to see if it's working. Thanks.
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    56. Quitting Declaration Premature.

    Marvin's way ahead of me on the confidence scale. Way ahead. Who initiates the conversation? Or better yet, who initiated the first few conversations? Because if he initiated conversation at all during the first few conversations than he's way more confident than me. If he didn't do that than he could possibly be at my level.
  4. DynamiteChris

    I love the world

    Fair enough, I'll leave but I don't understand how you would not expect me to respond when you wrote the whole last paragraph about me after using me as an example of what not to do in life.
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    I love the world

    You can be a worthless loser like WP's gimmick and always think about it, but never actually do anything. He'll never know moments like this weekend, he'll never realize that a stripper is paid to flirt and smile at him. He can try to play Freud and analyze my relationships but he can't talk about something he never been through. WP, might be able to analyze a wrestling match to intricate details but he can't speak on love or anything remotely similar to it. I'd rather actually do the real thing, feel the realness with the chill down her spine sending her into shivers. Wrestling is love my friend. I am working on myself. Right now I'm not in an ideal situation to be chasing girls but hopefully I will be in the future. One of the things that hit me hard and helped to give me some more confidence (Yes, I used to be way worse than I was) was when I realised that my highschool crush who was incredibly nice and attractive (and I've never had a crush that was even close to this one before) seemed from all accounts to actually like me. So I can relate to crushes somewhat. I still have a crush on her to this day and respect her tremendously as well because of her kindness and work ethic. Too bad for me she's married now.
  6. DynamiteChris

    WP really annoys me

    First off, cleaning ladies are not common around my parts. Nobody has them. Nobody. People would probably get laughed at for being lazy because they have a cleaning lady. Joe vs Punk II is severely overrated. I will be watching about 7 or 8 better matches this coming PPV. Yes, there are some that like it but there are some who hate it as well. I didn't say I could list 100 matches better than that. That was for Misawa vs Kawada from 6/94. I said I could list 5000 matches better than Punk vs Joe II. Easily. However, that is for matches that connect with me. If for whatever reasons it connects with you to the point where you think it's an all time great match than that is fine. However, it would be wrong to assume that it connects with everyone that way.
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    I feel guilty and need to confess

    I'm trying to enable people to be able to respond to my blog. If you can please say some kind of response so I know if it's working. Thank you.
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    I feel guilty and need to confess

    A few weeks ago at the gym I did something that I feel pretty guilty about. The gym I was at was crowded and doesn't have all the proper equipment it should. So instead of using a power rack for my shrugs I was using the bench press to lift off my weights. Since when I do my shrugs I like to have my feet closer together than what the width of the weight bench allows I have to walk backwards with the weight until I can put my feet a little closer together. Than I proceed to do my shrugs. After I do my shrugs I put the bar back on the bench press while I wait until I'm ready for my next set. Since this isn't too commonly done (don't reccomend walking backwards with a barbell) people who just look over at the bench press automatically think you're just doing benches. So if the gym's crowded they can take over the spot where you would normally shrug at. This happened to me the other week. It happens sometimes. No big deal -- I'll just tell whoever what's up and everyone's happy. This time though a girl decided to use the eAxact spot where I had been shrugging at. Not just any girl but the hottest girl in the gym. Now this was different because as anyone from this board knows I'm the wimpiest person ever the fairer sex. So it came down to this -- My love of weightraining and being able to finish vs actually having to make conversation with a girl and not only that but at the same time perhaps interfering with her workout some. My first instinct was to delay and that's exactly what I did in the hopes of not having to talk and at the same time in the hopes that she would be done quikly. Well, there was no luck there and time started to get away with me. This was inturrupting my workout and I was really starting to panic similar to what I'd do if I had to do a presentation project in my school. Finally, I grew some testicles and explained to her that I would just need that spot for my brief set and than she could do her sets. Nobody would get inturrupted as we'd do sets one right after each other. A perfect solution that has solved many dilemnas in the gym. But it didn't turn out that way. I think (maybe it was my fault for being so nervous and hence not clear enough) but I think she thought I wanted the spot all to myself. So she left the area there and went working out elsewhere. After that, I felt tremendously guilty and because I was scared if I went back that it'd be showing some kind of interest in her (never mind the added pressure of having to talk again especially when I didn't have the motivation of getting into "her" spot for my exercises) so I didn't rectify the situation. Maybe in saying this here I can get rid of some of the guilt that's been anchoring me down as of late. I hate it when my natural instincts prevent me from being a good person. Chins Bodyweight 178 + 41pds around waist for 9 full range reps. This wasn't to failure as I'm cycling up to hopefully 12 reps.
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    Recliner of Porn

    I only have 1 nude picture of myself. Anyway I can get those pictures from you?
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    33. Random bitching.

    Was it still working when you got rid of it?
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    18. So bored at work today.

    When I was 13 or so I was a big baseball and hockey fan. I would watch every game I could and be completely enthralled by it. However, today I don't watch too much sports at all.
  12. DynamiteChris

    Top 25 Rappers of All Time

    It says you don't know much about rap from the 80s-90s if you only recognize one person on that list. True and I actually know more than most other people around me! I know who Vanilla Ice, Will Smith and RunDMC? are though so I'm not that bad off. I just thought I'd bring the perspective of an average person into the thread. I respect Carnival's dedication to his music love. Impressive brother!
  13. DynamiteChris

    Top 25 Rappers of All Time

    Yeah, I know it says I have lack of knowledge about this music genre. BTW, BlackEyedPeas are my favourite group who can sing rap. "Don't Funk With My Heart" is pretty good.
  14. DynamiteChris

    Top 25 Rappers of All Time

    This is the geekiest thread in the history of the internet. I know 1 rapper on that list and Eminem sucks so what does that say for the rest of the list? Of course, I imagine that there are some rappers better than Eminem on that list but still that doesn't make me too excited if I see him at first place.
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    14. My avatars: People will never shut up.

    You're hot as anything Leena. And that's from someone who is fussy as anything in real life. I especially love that bent over avatar you have.
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    Joe versus Kobashi

    I got a chance to watch Joe vs Kobashi and I must say it was pretty good. Kobashi's offence is still better than most wrestlers and his charisma is noticeably higher than most wrestlers today as well. Joe's offence looked good too. Joe brought some offence that Kobashi was familiar with which was a nice touch. Oh man, the crowd is as annoying as ever. At some points they helped the match but at others they detracted from it. Talk about being marks for themselves. ECW had nothing on these guys. If forced to give a star rating I'd go with 3 3/4. As anyone can see from that rating, I really enjoyed it. Probably my fav ROH match to date and I would be interested in seeing a rematch as I believe they can top this bout.
  17. DynamiteChris

    HTQ's Survey: If You Were A Wrestler...

    Prefer to be given only finish and call everything else in the ring? Lay the entire match out beforehand? I would experiement with everything. Of course, it would depend on certain situations. Like to have your promo's scripted? Or just be given a couple of bullet points, and wing the rest? Wing it. Blade often? Only on occasion? Would you rather never blade at all? I don't know. I like my good looks and cutting myself open is something I don't like doing. Ironically, I've cut myself thousands of times working with barbwire and stuff. One time I decided to paint my bleeding hand all over my face so I could go down to the house and scare everyone but my buddy talked me out of it. I've also written words on the basement door in blood -- I guess what I'm getting at here is that I love the attention blood gets and the thrill and excitement of bleeding. So thinking about it -- Yes, I'd probably be pretty tempted to blade. Maybe I'd use barb wire instead of the normal methods.I'd love to be gushing blood in a dramatic match scaring the audience out of their seats What style would you like to wrestle? Why would you prefer to employ that particular style over others? Every stlye possible that I could do. I would tend to go for very long control segments especially once I got good at my work. Refuse to take certain moves? Only take them when working with certain wrestlers? Don't care for low blows. Not so much for the pain but because I have to keep that area special for the ladies. Are there any match types you'd like to wrestle in a lot? Some match types you'd rather never have to work in? I wouldn't want to work some of the deathmatch stuff. Some of it I would What style of normal match would you like to do the most? Would you prefer to sell or to dominate? Would you like to do long matches? A sprint because I love to push myself and test my mettle. I'd like to both sell and dominate (that's a creepy line). Yes, I'd love to do long matches. An all out sprint too. My buddy and I once had a 3hr shoot mercy fight/wrestling match that totally drained us (not in that way) and I loved every second of it. Would you like to have a manager or valet to work spots with or would you rather just do it all yourself? Yes, I'd love a valet because than I'd have a chance of getting my first ever kiss. Doing it all yourself gets depressing after awhile. Are there some types of angles that you would refuse to do? Some types of angles that you'd love to do? Yes, some of the WWE angles that demean women. I would never hit a woman. What promotion would you like to work for the most? What promotion would you hate to work for? Not sure. I wouldn't want to work for the WWE at times. ROH at times. What promotion of the past would you most liked to have worked for? What promotion would you have hated working for the most? Anywhere where there is great wrestling - I would love to be there. Stampede around Dynamite's heel run would've been great. I would hate working for Memphis Any wrestlers today that you'd like to work against? Any you would avoid working against at all costs? Benoit, Kobashi, Rey, Jamie Knoble, American Dragon, KENTA and a ton of others. Anyone that was careless in the ring I would like to avoid. What wrestlers from the past would you like to work against? What wrestlers from the past would you not want to work against? The Dynamite Kid, Johnny Smith, Jumbo Tsurta, Mach Hayato, Davey Boy Smith, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Ben Basserb, the Viet Cong Express tag team, Ravishing Rick Rude, the Cuban Assasin, Andre the Giant, Stan Hanson with glasses, Rip Rogers. Manami Toyota and Debbie Malenko in a handicap match. There's nobody I really wouldn't have wanted to work against.
  18. DynamiteChris

    What I'm Watching

    You guys should also post these in the "What are you Watching?" thread in General Wrestling. I've been watching the top 100 DVDR matches of the 90s. Enjoyed it very much.
  19. This is the exact same problem I have.
  20. DynamiteChris

    Well, it finally happened

    Before this thread I'd never even heard of a PS2 lasting over 2 years. That is of course it was played constantly. WP -- Seen over 15 playstations 2's go down and not one single PS2 survive.
  21. DynamiteChris

    HTQ Reviews The Suck

    Here's a tough question for you. Kind of off topic but oh well I've always been a rebel. What in the world was up with the WCW cruiserweight tourney in 96. It was primarily a WCW tourney but for whatever reason they let the finals occur in Japan. Theoretically the winner of the tourney in Japan faced off against the winner of the tourney in WCW to crown a new WCW cruiser champ. Now we all know everythng was screwed up so let's just talk about the end of the tournament and the aftermatch that followed it. Ohtani vs Benoit in the finals. I'm going to some guessing here and say this match was mainly New Japan's decision. They wanted Ohtani in there and the biggest "former" New Japan star which of course was Benoit. WCW might not have wanted Benoit in the finals since they never really got their double elimination cruiser tourney coherently booked. It just seemed like Japan said "Hey, we want Benoit in there" and WCW just complied so as not to ruffle any feather over something that probably didn't bother them too much. Benoit was never really a factor in the cruiser division after that - thought that could've been due to them pushing him as a heavy. Ohtani couldn't have been WCW's call to win the belt because they had him lose it on one of their "B" shows which hardly anyone would've seen. In under 5 minutes to boot. It looked like they were trying to get revenge on New Japan for putting the belt on Ohtani. After that Ohtani was gone. Malenko was now the champ though I'm not sure if they initially wanted him to win the belt initially because if memory serves correct Malenko got jobbed out twice in the WCW cruiser tourney. But than again that could be on the fly booking due to changing scenarios. What a mess. Any thoughts on this?
  22. DynamiteChris

    HTQ Reviews The Suck

    I actually like bad wrestling matches but they hve to be watched with company otherwise I can't get through them. The Benoit/Savage/Japan scenario. Since you seem to know lots of insider gossip I thought I'd ask this. I heard before that Savage wanted to wrestle Benoit after being impressed with him when he came in during the fall of 95. Any truth to this? The Benoit and Japan deal. How exactly did that work? I know Benoit had to go over there once a year minimum. The only reason why he didn't go in 98 was because of the elbow injury. Even than I think that was a last minute decision because I remember Bret being all excited to face Benoit in a rematch after their first encounter but couldn't go up against him at that time because he said he had commitments in Japan he couldn't get out of. Something like that. So Benoit was actually "booked" to go up against Savage in a PPV match! but couldn't because of Japan. Whose call was it to book Benoit in Japan? Was it New Japan, WCW or a combination of both? In interviews Benoit had while in WCW he didn't seem too upset about missing Japan. However in his DVD he does seem to be angered that his Japanese bookings eventually lessened and lessened. This seemed to indicate that he was misled or something of that nature and was supposed to have wrestled more often over there.
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    DVDVR and Velocity comp!

    Thank you, thank you very much. It's a relief to know somebody will be able to tape Velocity this week. I was panicking there for a little bit after I realised there was no more Velocity on TNN. Everybody needs their Benoit vs Regal. I'm definitely going to have acquire this match sometime or other. Are you part of the NMB message board? Will you be participating in the best match project?
  24. DynamiteChris

    DVDVR and Velocity comp!

    Will you be getting the Benoit vs Regal match from this upcoming Velcoity? I've heard the show will still be airing internationally.