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  1. boobshaw

    Eastbound and Down

  2. boobshaw


    Although it has been a little underwhelming this volume, next episode is the official return of Bryan Fuller, who wrote the ep. It is what I've personally been waiting for this season before I decided whether or not to stop watching. I am not expecting his presence to turn everything around immediately for the better, because he has to work with what was given to him, but it should at least show some new direction and some positive direction for the show.
  3. boobshaw

    American Idol Season 8

    Based off of performances, I think that Anoop and Jorge should be going home. Although Megan picking Rockin' Robin was absolutely stupid, I still thought that her vocals were ok and she proved she has the chops to at least make it another week. DialIdol spoilers:
  4. boobshaw

    Pictures I Like

  5. boobshaw

    Pictures I Like

  6. Its the mother fuckin space olympics
  7. boobshaw

    SmackDown Spoilers - July 11, 2008

    Hopefully they stick with this one, as I think it still fits pretty well. I was at the show, and live that was not the music they used. It almost sounded like they used 15-20 seconds of that link as an intro, then added some badass heavy guitar on top of it. It was quite rockin'. Also, two things to watch for on TV... 1) Kennedy's DEATH KICK OF DOOM to Domino (live it looked like he killed him, which probably means it'll look good on TV, just better protected) and 2) Near the finish, Matt Hardy/Shelton botched a spot where Hardy ducked Shelton's spinning kick, then jumped on Matt like he was supposed to be power slammed, but they kind of backed into the ropes and Hardy awkwardly dropped Shelton. I kept wondering where my Jeff Hardy/Carlito match was, but I guess they had to make room for another Finlay/Hornswoggle v. Miz/Morrison match.
  8. boobshaw

    The "Night of Champions" PPV Thread

    With all of this talk about CM Punk cashing in MITB, what if he interrupts Edge's wedding at the Bash, cashes in to "catch Edge off guard", then wins the belt and brings it to Raw. He gets a month reign, uses MITB for good, and there's one title on each brand.
  9. boobshaw

    One Night Stand Roundtable

    If that bull whip got used it could've easily turned this match around. But, alas, it did not happen.
  10. boobshaw

    May 31: EliteXC on CBS

    The way that first round went was completely unexpected.
  11. boobshaw

    May 31: EliteXC on CBS

    That was, by far, the longest introduction for anyone, ever.
  12. boobshaw

    May 31: EliteXC on CBS

    Initially it is bad, but if this show does a good rating and gets good reviews (and good audience retention), the rematch could be big.
  13. boobshaw

    May 31: EliteXC on CBS

    I don't know why the crowd booed at all during that round. That was a solid round with no real slow down in action.
  14. boobshaw

    May 31: EliteXC on CBS

    I am going to laugh my ass off if this fight goes the distance and they have no time for main event. I wonder, would CBS let it air, as in "live sports event" roll-over, or would they cut it off?
  15. boobshaw

    May 31: EliteXC on CBS

    Helluva fight