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  1. gWIL

    Smackdown Spoilers for 5/1

    Sounds like a busy show. Umaga vs Punk? Interesting. I would have thought Punk vs Edge at Judgment Day.
  2. gWIL

    Movie tournament anyone?

    Action & Adventure: Robocop Comedy: Wristcutters: A Love Story Crime & Gangster: Godfather II Drama: La Dolce Vita Epics & Historical: Schindler's List Horror: Dawn of the Dead (old one) Sci-Fi: Starship Troopers War & Westerns: Roma, città aperta
  3. gWIL

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    What have you heard of her stuff? I enjoy most of it, especially the minimalism of it, but I like most anything with a female vocalist. Pick up the album "the Greatest", I think if you like that you'll like most of her stuff.
  4. Not so true about all of Indiana. Down here in Evansvilleit hasn't been bad at all. In fact during the the day Friday was literally t-shirt weather and people were out jogging with no shirt on and suck. It's cooler than that now but no sign of snow or ice. I'm going back hone to South Bend and I'm sure we're going to get some lake effect, ugh.
  5. Preshow 1) Ninja Blue defeats Shawn Shultz. Terrible match with no heat. Ninja Blue has extremely stupid attire. 2) Boogie Woogie Boy Gary Valient defeats Ernie Osiris. Crowd turned against Valient immediately and fiercely. Not that bad of a match but man, does Valient sucks terribly. Ernie Osiris's gimmick was brilliant, with him asking the crowd for spare change and attempt to pick it up off the mat when it fell out and he was being pinned or submitted. Osiris's gimmick was one of the night's highlights for me. Main 1) The Briscoes & Kenny Omega defeat Kenny King, Sal Rinuaro, & Rhett Titus Great, hot opener. Set the tone for the night, good fast-paced match. Probably my third-favorite match of the night behind the two main events. The angle after the match did nothing for me, and struck me as pointless. ***1/2 2) Delirious defeats Alex "Sugarfoot" Payne. Payne is terribly vanilla and boring. Match was decent though but very far from great. ** 3) Sara Del Rey defeats Ashley Lane, Daizee Haze, & Serena Deeb.. Good match. I haven't seen much of Shimmer but the match was fairly enjoyable. I would have liked to see it go longer. *** 4) Brent Albright & Erick Stevens defeat Davey Richards & Larry Sweeney. Though I enjoy Sweet 'n Sour, this match didn't do anything for me. ** 5) Grizzley Redwood & Bushwhacker Luke defeat Irish Airborne. Why the hell was this match on the show? Why the hell is Bushwhacker Luke still wrestling? I don't get it and the match was not good at all. * 6) The Necro Butcher & Austin Aries vs. Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black ends in a double count out. Good match but stupid finish. A very telegraphed finish at that. ***1/2. Wouls be higher if the match had anything resembling a decent finish. 7) Bryan Danielson defeats Claudio Castagnoli in a no disqualification match. Great match, one of the best that I've ever seen live. You could really feel the ~hate~ in the ring. Well-worked, good spots. I really didn't think that the main event could top it. ****1/4 8) ROH World Championship: Nigel McGuinness defeats Jerry Lynn. Great match, topping even the stuff Lynn did in ECW. Although I knew that there was no chance that Lynn was winning, I was buying that he was walking out champion. Marked out like crazy the whole time. As was mentioned, the count-out spots were great and the match was amazing. ****3/4.
  6. gWIL

    ROH Live Events [a few questions]

    I'll be there too! Where ya at down south? I'm driving in from Evansville which is a 2.5 hour drive but it should be worth it.
  7. gWIL

    The Great TSM Wrestling Survey

    1. Who are you and what's your business here? Feel free to not answer this if you don't want to. Basically, if you wish, let us know what your deal is and how you came across TSM Forums. I believe I found TSM via a link at the old Friday the 13th forums. 2. When did you discover an interest in wrestling? What year/era? Perhaps it was the Showa era? Maybe the Heisei era? 1993? Attitude era? (You get the idea). What angle, match, or wrestler/character do you vividly remember as your first wrestling experience? As long as I can remember I've liked wrestling. My earliest memory is Taker beating Hogan for the WWF title back in I believe '92. After that it was WCW '96. NWO storyline and then later Sting vs NWO storyline is what got me hooked. I was a huge Sting mark back in the day 3. The Company Line: A. Which companies have you actively followed in your tenure as a wrestling fan? WCW from 1996 till their death. Latter-day ECW, like 98 to their death. WWF/E on and off since I've been alive. I also followed the WWA PPVs, and the FSN era of TNA. I now follow CCW, a local (Evansville) indy. B. What have some of your favourite companies been? Your least favourite? (In theory, your answer can be the same - if you were growing up a fan of the technical wrestling WCW brought to the table but thought the end of the line for them was some of the worst television this side of My Mother The Car, that's cool). WCW was always my favorite execpt for a short while in '99. Least favorite would be post death of WCW era until 2004 or so. C. What is your favourite company right now? Any reason why? My local indy, CCW, their product is more entertaining than the crap on tv. 4. (Not So) Favourites: A. Who were your favourite wrestlers (or gimmicks) growing up / when you first started watching wrestling? Sting, old-school Undertaker, The Giant, Ultimo Dragon and Lex Luger. (Why? I don't know) B. Who were some guys you couldn't stand? Never cared for Hogan. C. Who are your current favourites (if applicable / different from A.) Santino, Orton, and MVP. Specific Questions about your Interest 5. How would you gauge your current interest level in the product? Do you still get butterflies of excitement that make you look forward to upcoming PPVs? Did you ever? Do you watch every televsied wrestling program live, or just a few - and FF'd via DVR at that? If you consider right now to be the most interested in wrestling you've ever been, the rest of the questions in this section can be skipped over. I go to more live events than ever (thanks to having more money and a car) but never watch it on TV. Last PPV I got was the one, is it Unforgiven (?), that had all the scramble matches. It pissed me off and I stopped watching. 6. At what point in wrestling history (if it's not now) would you consider your interest to have been at it's peak? When were you compelled to watch every second of televised wrestling AND shell out money on PPVs, get excited about the release of video games, have TV/PPV parties with friends, etc. WCW (just about always) and 2004 era WWE. 7. At what point could you tell your interest was dipping and why do you think this happened, or what specific event(s) triggered the decrease? Was there anything even specific? Just a gradual interest loss of interest? Retirement (or death) of a favourite? A boring title reign on SmackDown in the Summer of 2004? I stopped watching for about a year after WCW died. I just did not care for the WWF. It was probably Scott Steiner that brought me back, actually. I guess I was hoping he was still in late WCW form. He wasn't. 8. Have you ALWAYS stuck with wrestling even during times of low interest, or are there any lengths of time you stopped watching for a period only to come back at a later date? No, mentioned above. Also, currently. 9. If applicable, at what point did you decide to pack in the wrestling fandom? Shitty booking of the scramble matches. Interesting Questions of a Somewhat Random Nature 10. What style of pro wrestling best resonates with your personal tastes? Has it always been this way, or have your tastes changed over time? I used to enjoy garbage wrestling, now I prefer a more speed based style or a good brawl. Chain wrestling bores the shit out of me. 11. Where do you "draw the line" with the whole "suspended disbelief" deal? Do you tell critics to "relax because it's just wrestling and you should enjoy the matches" (aka TNA fans about everything that happens on Impact!), do you come up with solutions that the writing team didn't bother to think about but you figure "it's there if you read between the lines" (aka "WWE Apologists"), somewhere inbetween, or do you take your greatest joy in watching wrestling to deconstruct everything that makes no sense? I don't know. It varies.
  8. gWIL

    Living Abroad.

    So last spring for the second semester of my freshmen year I spent a semester in Florence, Italy and fell in love with being outside of the US. I traveled throughout Europe and meet more people and saw more things then I ever could have imagined. I slept on trains and outdoors like a bum and traveled for weeks on end with nothing but the clothes on my back. I've done more in my 19 years than most of my family has in their whole lives. Than I came back and boy does Indiana really seem to suck now. I now several other people yhere have lived asbroad and I thought I'd make a thread to share memories from living and traveling abroad. In two months I'm moving to Buenos Aires and I can't wait to start that chapter of my life. Favorite memories from being abroad: Visiting the old Communist prison in Budapest, Hungrary and being placed in one of the solitary confinement chambers. That was probably the scariest thing I've ever seen. Going to a HIM concert in Barcelona by myself and being unable to catch a cab or a ride back to town. Having to walk for miles without a clue where I was going in what I later found out was the dangerous part of Barcelona. Purely lucking into a ride finally and hoping for the best. Sleeping on the Beach in Barcelona with some friends because we were too cheap to get a room. Smoking some great weed in the open and just chilling on the beach with it and some Absinthe (however that's spelled, and the real kind too with the wormroot or whatever) Accidentally carrying both weed and a knife in my carry-on in my flight between Spain and Italy and not getting caught. They have some really relaxed regulations. Sleeping at the ruins of Pompeii where it overlooked the sea and the volcano. Traveling throughout Italy on trains without buying a ticket and hiding in the bathroom when there was someone checking these tickets. Washing my clothes for months with what I later found out was dish soup. Detergente isn't what you'd think it would be. Randomly wandering around Amsterdam's Red Light District on shrooms unable to sleep. Going out and getting drunk with my professors and drunkenly asking for an A+ and getting the A+. Taking a bus throughout Austria that kept breaking down every ten minutes and thus seeing just about every gas station in the country. Frinking several bottles of Champagne to ease the trip along. Climbing over my balcony to try and get to my hotel room in Greece and banging on the window trying to get my friend to wake up and let me in, failing but managed to wake up everybody else in the hotel. Going four wheeling in Corfu, Greece and not dying. There's mine, whatcha y'all got. I know somebody was in Japan and I'm sure we have a well traveled cultured board.
  9. Mike Stryker is best guy at the commentary table so far. And not to be a broken record but is there a TSM chat?
  10. Thanks. last time I ask for a link tonight, what's the link for the TSM chat room?
  11. not to be that guy but... stream? stream?! stream?!!!
  12. So I'm going to a show in Nashville and I'm extremely out of the loop regarding ROH. I was wondering if anybody could explain storylines that the wrestlers are currently involved in. The card is below: ROH World Title Match Nigel McGuinness (if still champion) defends vs. Jerry Lynn Six Man Tag Team Grudge Match The Briscoes & Kenny Omega vs. Kenny King, Sal Rinuaro, & Rhett Titus SHIMMER Four Corner Survival Sara Del Rey vs. MsChif vs. Daizee Haze vs. Serena Deeb Scheduled to appear: -Bryan Danielson -Austin Aries -Jimmy Jacobs, Tyler Black, & Delirious of The Age of the Fall -Davey Richards and Larry Sweeney of Sweet N Sour Inc. -Brent Albright -Claudio Castagnoli -The Necro Butcher -Erick Stevens -Plus more to be announced!!! Also, can Lynn still go?
  13. gWIL

    EliteXC: Heat

    I wanted Frank
  14. gWIL

    EliteXC: Heat

    That REALLY sucks for Elite XC. I wonder if they can find someone to replace him. Shame the commision won't let Frank do it.
  15. gWIL

    Indiana Boys: identify yourselves.

    Shit, all of Northern Indiana is like part of Mexico that moved north.