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  1. Astro7x

    WWE announces 2007 DVDs

    I can confirm that the Blockbuster DVD is just 2 Discs as the post above describes... kinda disappointed, because I rented it from blockbuster wanting to see the match before the PPV. We were late getting to Wrestlemania and we missed it :-(
  2. I don't really go outside the WWE forum if anything
  3. So how can Ashley's Playboy Pictures not be on the internet already, it's Tuesday!
  4. Yeah... she didn't even do 10, and they were really half assed. Not to mention she skipped on the tires just hopping over them. Atleast they cut this segment down in half to 10 minutes. Last year was brutal
  5. Seriously, what media...? I never heard a thing about it outside wrestling news boards, and who cares about those things? It never made it out as a story which put the company in bad light.
  6. I don't think it was supposed to work that way... just a little inside joke/humor.
  7. Astro7x

    OAO ECW on Sci-Fi Thread for 7/11 (Week 5)

    I remember Sid being DQed at a PPV once. Too lazy to see if it's ben mentioned already
  8. Astro7x

    WWE announces 2006 DVDs

    I read somewhere at Vince thinks it would expose the business too much to broadcast in HD. Then again, I also read that WWE upgraded their equipment awhile back.
  9. Astro7x

    ECW tidbit from the Observer

    You have a point. People want to see all those cruiserweights give it their all in an ECW setting and would accept them as being part of the brand. Even in ECW's prime, there were a lot of people that I didn't enjoy seeing on TV. I never liked Roadkill, Doring and C.W. Anderson, yet those guys are still around and I do not want to see them pushed. I was also a big fan of the Impact Players, so I'd like to see Credible get a push even though people hate him. The one thing that bugs the hell out of me is seeing stuff that I could be seeing if ECW didn't come back. I don't like seeing a RVD/Big Show feud, RVD/Angle, Angle/Show, or even Dreamer/Show since it's something that could have been offered before with them under contract. Using the WWE wrestlers does make it seem like Raw Hour 3 and not something different enough to peak my interest. Maybe the problem with everyone having their fantasy booking in their mind is that if WWE doesn't do it, they want to shit all over it. Just look at some of the ideas in this thread, totaly unrealistic. And I know it's just discussion, but come on. As much as everyone loves CM Punk, you still have to build the guy up considering some people have never seen him before.
  10. Astro7x

    ECW tidbit from the Observer

    I kind of agree with that... ECW was known for taking nobodies and turning them into somebodies. But the fans shit on Mike Knox before they even saw him wrestle. The crowd won't even give a chance to anybody new (besides Punk), yet the older stars like Dreamer just can't go like they use to. It's not like the old days anymore, where if Test had left WWE and went to ECW, the fans would have given him a chance. Now it' "Boo! A WWE guy!" right from the get go. My guess is that if Punk doesn't live up to the hype, I'll be hearing it's because WWE limited his moveset or something. I swear, sometimes I just watch the shows on their own without the OAO Smart Marks thread commentarys, and they are not as bad as you guys make them out to be. Then again, sometimes the MST3Kesq threads are what save a crappy show.
  11. Astro7x

    Impact Spoilers for the next two weeks!

    I thought Team Canada was gone?
  12. Astro7x

    RVD and Sabu arrested for drugs

    Just ask Rush Limbaugh! Zing!
  13. Astro7x

    TNA Comments which don't warrant a thread

    That's why TNA should be running at the most 6 PPVs a year, not 12...
  14. Astro7x

    TNA Comments which don't warrant a thread

    It is? Last time I checked Impact was on cable, and I pay for cable. And not all cable providers have Spike TV, so I can see them wanting to be on iTunes for the few fans that really want to see it. I can't see how they can lose money from it. Even I have videos up on iTunes for free.
  15. Astro7x

    ECW's return to the ECW Arena - Live Results

    Bah, cover/sample. You knew what I meant. But since a lot of people here don't understant what royalties work I thought that might be a good recent music example. Technically, WWE using "Enter Sandman" would be Synchronization Royalties, and any fees for it would go to the songwriter of the song and the publisher, not "Metallica" as a whole.