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  1. Adam

    World Cup 2006 in Germany

    He missed two obvious penalties against Croatia at key points in the game. So, boo to him. But he didn't call Harry offside, so perhaps he was making up for it.
  2. Adam

    TSM: The movie

    Just go on a binge. Or move to England, where you can be skinny, yet flabby at the same time.
  3. Adam

    World Cup 2006 in Germany

    I woke up at 5am this morning, turned on the TV, and my first thought? "What the fuck is Kalac doing in there?" We dominated ther first half after that goal, and it was the same scenario after the second goal. I don't care if Kewell was offside, their should have been two other penalties go our way during the course of the game, so I'm going to take that as the fuutbaaal gods shining down on us. Italy next, and while Anorak may scoff, they'll give the Italians a harder time than the US did.
  4. Adam

    6/22 HeldDOWN booking thread

    I've got exams.
  5. Adam

    TSM: The movie

    Australian Hired Muscle, alongside the other burly bodyguard, Carnival. Played by Steve Irwin and Lara Flynn Boyle, respectively. Chave as the comic relief, played by me.
  6. Adam

    Luger Shoots on WWE and ECW

    This doesn't look real, which makes me even more sure that Lex actually wrote it.
  7. Adam

    TUF 3: The Thread

    I'm Dama-level HW-ness. Don't be pickin'. And Rudo leaving makes this place go down a level. That sucks.
  8. Adam

    2006 NBA Finals

    I'd *almost* rather a Kobe and Co. Title win than this.
  9. Adam

    OAO 6/20 ECW Week 2 Thread

    The question is will the board crash again this week. The board usually crashes for Mania's and big events, so in fact, last week may have been the very first time the board crashed because everyone wanted to express how utterly shit that show was.
  10. Adam

    Great Angle Bash booking thread

    Pull Phoenix out of retirement - or make him our version of Mr. Wrestling. Call him 'Phoenix II'.
  11. Adam

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    Okay, in the future, I need captions of who these guys are, because I'm a dumbass. I know Kendall and Solomon, of course, but the other two?
  12. Adam

    NBA Offseason Thread

    Surely the Lakers have nothing the Pacers want. They'd have to include a third team.
  13. Adam

    Peeing out your butt

    That's some bad teriyaki.
  14. Adam

    Favourite Weird Al song and video

    "Bob" was posted earlier in this thread on YouTune, IIRC. Brilliance. I man am Regal, a German am I! Never odd or even! If I had a Hi-Fi!
  15. Adam

    2006 NBA Finals

    Cuban? Speaking of, I'm not up with the history - what's the story between Mark Cuban and David Stern?
  16. Adam

    OAO 6/19/06 Raw Thread

    ECW. Although, DX could go either way. The segments this week could be gold, or they could be really quite awful. Because of HHH's influence I'm thinking that they will be okay, but in reality, you never really know with this company.
  17. Adam

    2006 NBA Finals

    Posey and Shaq are both on five fouls, this could get very very interesting.
  18. Adam

    2006 NBA Finals

    My god, Dama, would you please shut the fuck up and let people enjoy the game?
  19. Adam

    RVD, Angle, and Jericho

    Yes he did The ECW Television and WCW/WWE Cruiserweight? I think not.
  20. Adam

    OAO Slammiversary Thread

    CMW, are you sure it wasn't anything to do with your intense love of Molly?
  21. Adam

    World Cup 2006 in Germany

    Devastated. Our defence was superb in the first half.
  22. It made me want to cry. "Financial Bankruptcy"? There are other types? Well, I suppose if there was some form of mental bankruptcy, this guy filed for it a looooooooooing time ago.
  23. Adam

    NBA Offseason Thread

    You're delusional. The Francis trade was madness. Why trade a guy who's going to give you salary cap relief (which you so desperately need) for a guy who plays the same way as your best player? Jalen Rose averaged 35 minutes per game in 26 games for the Knicks. He started 25 of them. Nate Robinson averaged 23 minutes per game in the 29 games he was utilised after Rose joined the Knicks. He started 7. Before Rose arrived, he averaged 20 minutes per game. He started 18 of those games. You're right, he got more minutes after Rose arrived. Three more. If Rose wasn't there? I'm sure Nate would have played more minutes, and he would have started more games.
  24. If this is TNA's fanbase, we've got a lot to worry about. WWE = Worst Wrestling Ever
  25. Adam

    TUF 3: The Thread

    Kalib is going to bust through Danny. That should be fun.