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  1. Adam

    PS3 .VS. Wii .VS. Xbox 360?

    I was going to get a PS3, but because I now have to wait six months, screw it, a 360 it is.
  2. Adam

    Mod-ulation Situation.

    You've always struck me as slightly efeminite. That's a good thing.
  3. Adam

    European PS3 Delay

    My sentiments exactly. I actually spoke to the guys at EBGames about different PS3 stuff yesterday in the hopes of ordering one with them. Not gonna happen now. I'll stay with my XBox 360 in 06, PS3 in 08 philosophy.
  4. Adam

    Crocodile Hunter Dead

    People are devastated here. That's celebrity for you.
  5. Adam

    A message from DRH 502

    First thing I said was that she's got a damn nice bridge. Must be the Canadian heritage.
  6. Adam

    New Moderators

    Best thing to happen to this place in a year. Good job.
  7. Adam

    Crocodile Hunter Dead

    ...someone had to say it.
  8. Adam

    Crocodile Hunter Dead

    It's on the News Limited website, run by Murdoch. I'd trust it.
  9. Adam

    This is the NFL Preseason Thread

    Question, are odds of $3.38 for Philly to win this weekend against the Jets good? I know McNabb will be sitting out, but will the Jets beat them?
  10. Adam

    A couple of UFC notes from WON

    I'd put money on that being the case.
  11. Adam

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    WHOOSH Okay, you're gonna have to 'splain that one.
  12. Adam

    Tyrannosaurs in F-14s!!

    Someone needs to post that fake one that was on YTMND set to Enya.
  13. Adam

    Fantasy Football

    I was watching Boston Legal. I've got 87,000 RBs. Anyone want one?
  14. Adam

    Fantasy Football

    7am ET = 11pm here. That's the price you pay when you have an Australian commish
  15. Adam

    Survivor: Cook Island

    I'll watch. Carwreck waiting to happen.
  16. Adam

    Fantasy Football

    Okay, the ESPN League didn't work out, so we have a third Yahoo league instead. Draft is 24 hours from now. Two spots left. ID#: 530756 Password: TSMPIT
  17. At least it was 40 points and not 50.. wait, is that a positive? Well, we have less NBA players on our team than Slovenia, anyway. USA should win this whole thing with a great deal of ease, but look for Argentina and Spain to have a good ol' crack as well.
  18. Adam

    Kurt Angle released!

    I really hope he gets back on track. Wow, this is incredible, I never thought they would actually release him.
  19. Adam

    Lord Of The Curry

    I didn't see a problem with the file. It was a sweet throw.
  20. Adam

    Gang Warz 2.0: Draft.

    So, first round... Team Leena: iggymcfly Team Czech Republic: Piss Team Sadunsky: Carnival Team StylesMark: Mole Team Malibu: *on the clock*
  21. Adam

    My Laptop

    Okay, I bought my laptop 18 months ago with a 12 month warranty. It's an Optima, 1.5G Gig Processor, 512 RAM, 40GB HDD, runs XP Home. Now, its gone from fine to fucked in the space of a week. First, the internal clock went. It can't, WON'T, keep time. I thought this may have been the battery, but now, I'm not so sure. Now, not only when i turn it on do I have to shake the fucking thing for it to actually turn ON, but none of the 5 USB ports work. At all. I need urgent, urgent help. I'm freaking out over here. Any thoughts?
  22. Adam

    Chuck/Wandy OFF

    Hey, can't say I blame Tim for not wanting to fight Fedor, but I'd love to see the big tool get his head knocked off.
  23. Adam

    Rando's Opinion of Gang Wars V2

    Shouldn't you be off creating some witty AIM gimmick?
  24. Adam

    Do you guys want to see my picture????

    "My penis is hard... I obviously like you."
  25. Adam

    Fridge's Whereabouts

    Great to see you're doing well. Take care of yourself.