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  1. evilhomer

    Heel Characters That You Agreed With?

    Yeah, because apparantly in the WWE universe, you're the bad guy if you try to have good morals. Also see: Bret Hart and Right To Censor. And Kurt Angle I can't recall the Molly Holly angle, but as far as RTC, Angle and to a lesser extent Hart, you can be right, but you don't have to be such an arrogant dickhead about it. It's more the attitude than the message that makes you a heel (and of course they're a heel because WWE tells you so). Edit: okay Viciousfish already said it, I'll go sit at the back of the class now.
  2. evilhomer

    Awesome Wrestling Pictures

  3. evilhomer

    Wrestling Quirks

    That one doublely makes no sense. a) Flair's now in the submission hold so he should get the rope break, and b) assuming the ref is too dumb to realize that the move has been reversed, he caught Flair using the ropes to cheat, should be an instant 5-count to break the hold
  4. evilhomer

    WWE Raw - January 26, 2009

    Orton: I have something inside of me... Guy in crowd: HERPES! Tell me I wasn't the only one who heard that.
  5. evilhomer

    Worst Series of All Time

    As soon as I saw the title Undertaker / DDP came to mind. I loved Page's opening promo when he revealed himself and said that the whole stalker angle was just a way to get to Taker and make a name. I can't remember how long this lasted but then for no reason they resurrected it. DDP was back to worshipping the horseface Sara Taker which was unbelievable on it's own, but absolutely ludicrous when you think of what he had at home. But the matches themselves were what really killed this series. It was bad enough that Taker won every single match, but the fact that he sold nothing throughout the entire series was the worst thing. Even a nut shot was only partially sold and that wasa only after Taker realized that he had to sell it or it would bring his manhood into question.
  6. evilhomer

    Perry Saturn

    This is brilliant. You're Welcome. Oh man, you just reminded me of how pissed I was with where they went with that. I envisioned a badass mf'er who would beat the living hell out of someone and then say "you're welcome" to the broken unconscious body. Instead he plays a retard and we get moppy, which got the comedy pop for a month or two before dying.
  7. evilhomer

    Awesome Wrestling Pictures

    I think it's that it looks like Bossman is reaching down into Studd's pants. and he looks quite horrified at what he's found Thanks for the explanation, I didn't see that at first either.
  8. evilhomer

    Just refusing to job

    Saturn was in a match with some jobber who refused to co-operate because he didn't want to lose in his hometown. The story was that Saturn had to stiff him a bit then lock in a legit submission to get him to give it up. Parry Saturn is not the guy you want to get into a shoot match with.
  9. evilhomer

    Raven files a lawsuit against the WWE

    I disagree. WWE makes absurd profits every quarter, they could easily afford health insurance for the roster, and help cover expenses. In fact, the non-wrestlers get these perks. It's fucked up that the road agents get things covered, but the actual wrestlers do not. Sure WWE could afford it, easily. It is totally fucked up that the greedy pigs take so much and don't fairly share it, without a doubt. But that's the way it is, that's the way it's always been, it's not a hidden fact that is sprung upon the wrestlers after signing the contract. It's all there to be seen, if they don't like it, McDonald's is hiring. Things will never change so long as there's a mile long line up of wrestlers willing to be screwed by Vince and Co.
  10. evilhomer

    Awesome Wrestling Pictures

  11. evilhomer

    May 31: EliteXC on CBS

    Thompson was certainly rocked and on dream street, but no worse than he was in the second round when Kimbo tagged him with a couple. He recovered then, he could have recovered again because Kimbo was so gassed, I don't think he could have thrown another punch. I watched the end of that and couldn't help but think the ref was told to stop it at his first opportunity. It looked to me like Kimbo got too caught up in his own hype. On the ground in the first and part of the second he was muscling his way out, picking up Thompson and whatnot. You can't do that with someone in the 250 lb range. He expended so much energy doing this, believing that he is this unstoppable monster that he had nothing left towards the end.
  12. evilhomer

    Top accidental lines

    He said that? Interesting, as the biblical horsemen are supposed to be in the future, negating his "since" qualifier. I probably quoted it wrong but if you check out the recent Horsemen dvd, he talks about the promo where that line came about.
  13. evilhomer

    Top accidental lines

    Every once in a while you'll hear something in a promo that isn't meant to be a catchphrase but it starts up like wild fire. The top three that come to mind for me: 1. Austin 3:16 - without question number 1. Austin just blurted it out because of Jake Roberts bible thumping gimmick that was going at the time and it became probably the biggest money making line in wrestling history. 2. The 4 Horsemen - second only because of 3:16's success. Arn made a reference to the biblical horsemen of the apocolypse saying "Not since that 4 Horsemen have 4 men reaked more havoc. It wasn't meant to be a stable name, but by god was it an awesome one. The name was given and turned a great stable into a decades lasting legendary one. 3. What? - not a line that was just thrown in, but probably not something that was expected to catch on like it did. Austin just wanted to berate and belittle Hugh Morrus, but the line was so simple and fun that quickly whole arenas were shouting it at every opportunity.
  14. evilhomer

    TSM Profile: Christian Cage

    Angle's is a rip off of Tom Cochrane's "Lunatic Fringe". (Unless of course it's been recently changed, I haven't watched for a while).