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  1. tommytomlin


    Why do they insist on the most contrived ways to put in the 'comic drawings from the future' plot device into every season? The rest of the ep was good, but surely the writers can invent better ways to create suspense than that old trick.
  2. tommytomlin


    I thought the scene played out that Widmore was desperate to know if Penny was safe, which is why he gave Desmond the information. I don't think there's an ulterior motive beyond that.
  3. tommytomlin


    I thought it was awesome, they've basically ditched any notion of trying to make the show watchable for the average viewer. It's all just fan-service for the uber Lost watchers now, and that's probably the only way you can tell a story as convoluted as this.
  4. tommytomlin

    Campaign 2008

    I'm an Aussie watching the election intently too. American politics is so much more important to the world than any other country. Though, you have a horrible voting system. In Australia we mark boxes on paper ballots, they're counted by hand on the same day and we have results by 9pm. I saw one U.S voting ballot that required you to connect the head and the arm of an arrow to your candidate of choice, and those ones where you punch holes are just retarded. Anyway, go Obama.
  5. tommytomlin


    Venom's rush-job was the fault of the studio, but Raimi deserves complete blame for the miserable crap that was Spider-Man 3. He was the director of that scene where Emo Peter walks down the street and dances, right?
  6. It was also the victim of some horrible luck, with the injuries to Goldberg and Hart. Putting aside the lack of originality, nWo with Hart/Nash/Hall/Steiner/Jarrett v Goldberg/Sting/Benoit/Sid et al would have been a step-up from anything in 1999.
  7. tommytomlin

    Campaign 2008

    Because New York has more Democrat voters per capita than Texas. Makes sense that you'd favour the states that favour you when selecting a candidate to represent the party. You do it strictly by capita and a red-state Democrat's vote is going to be worth more than any other.
  8. tommytomlin

    Campaign 2008

    Fox News is saying that South Carolina hasn't gone for a 'Democratic President since Jimmy Carter in 1976'. Because there's been so many Democratic Presidents since Jimmy Carter. They must be counting Jed Bartlet and Matthew Santos.
  9. tommytomlin


    I think it would have been better to start the Season with an episode like this. The only problem is you lose the mindfuck twist with Kensei popping up as Adam, but it would have been just as fun to introduce him as Adam in Ep #1 and then reveal him as Kensei in a later episode.
  10. tommytomlin


    Good lord, this show has taken such a turn to the lame. The only compelling storylines are the Group of 12, Noah and the Petrellis. Everything else remotely interesting is ruined by some of the worst dialogue recorded on to film. 'I'm sorry I can't fix your dreams.' - Just kill Micah. Please. Luckily, it had a 619, giving Heroes a one week respite.
  11. tommytomlin

    Booker T Quits WWE

    There is far too much big-name talent on the market for TNA to fuck up. Oh wait. They still will.
  12. tommytomlin

    OAO TNA: Hard Justice PPV Thread

    Freakin' Sting knew Elizabeth was just messing with him when she pretended to be hating on Luger at Starrcade '99. So now, Samoa Joe is dumber than Sting, who is the world's most gullible babyface. Did anyone not see Karen Angle turning heel as soon as the angle started?
  13. tommytomlin

    OAO Raw Thread - July 30, 2007

    Same effect on ratings.
  14. tommytomlin

    WWE General Discussion for August 2007

    Why not a nice old massive stable? Taking aside the shock TV, the Attitude era was powered in part by The Corporation. It gave Austin guys to feud with, gave the rub to Mick Foley when he joined and was kicked out, set the stage for The Rock's heel turn and also feuded with dX and The Undertaker. Look at the nWo, The Hart Foundation, The Alliance, The Horsemen. Say what you will about how those stables ended, they did make some compelling television. RAW needs an over-arching storyline, something beyond Cena's feud of the month.
  15. tommytomlin

    OAO Raw Thread - July 30, 2007

    This is the most beautiful piece of ratings news in a long time. For comparison's sake, here's a WCW Nitro from the 30th of October 2000 that also drew a 2.5. Reno = John Cena.