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  1. mfn

    House Season 5

  2. mfn

    The OaO Raw Thread For 5/11/2009~!

    I almost went tonight. I'm glad I didn't. What happened to this forum? It used to be happenin. Did everyone leave? If so where did they go?
  3. mfn

    Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffen

    Holy shit! This fight is going to be absolutely amazing.
  4. mfn

    South Park Season 13

    I laughed so hard tonight. So hard. my favorite 'the FUCK?' moment was the radioactive fish.
  5. mfn

    UFC 97: Redemption

    I honestly think Silva just played it safe to get the record and the victory. Whoever he faces next he will absolutely destroy.
  6. can anyone explain to me how the hell that renegade angel show on adult swim is STILL on air?
  7. mfn

    South Park Season 13

    I loved this episdoe. I also hate Kanye, but I really loved this episode. Maybe it was because I was well drunk when I watched it.
  8. mfn

    WWE General Discussion - April 2009

    I know, this is fairly common knowledge. I'm just astounded he's going to talk about it openly on ESPN I am curious. Same with the creative meeting and backstage segments, even if they are short, it is just something that hasn't really been seen much before. It Goes something like this: Shane you beat up Orton and Rhodes. "Vince should I squash Orton as well" Yes Trips. People like when you go over strong. "Vince should I wear the rip away tank top. No not yet John. While your the next Hogan we cant rip off the entire gimmick...Just stick to making bad movies and looking like superman. 2 out of 3 is good enough Who wrote this shit !!!! What person in their right mind wants a 4 way TLC for the IC belt. Rey vs Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy vs Evan Bourne wont = ratings. Just scratch that and add a divas match Then add 10 more minutes to Vickies promo Now that's good tv
  9. mfn

    Eastbound and Down

    I couldn't get enough of the show. I thought it was fantastical. Our taste in humor must be completely different. I don't see how anyone could find this show not funny.
  10. mfn

    WWE General Discussion - April 2009

    I hate Cena as much as the next guy, but I'm not going to resort to name calling for having an opinion. I mean... I can't stand the guy in the ring, but I love watching him get his ass kicked. So he's doing something right.
  11. mfn

    House Season 5

    I don't even know how to feel about that. I didn't really pay attention to the whole episode so I'm going to watch it online. ( My friends wouldn't stop playing Halo so I couldn't DVR it ).
  12. mfn

    The OAO Wrestlemania Streams thread

    I don't think I've paid for a PPV since 2004. I either go to the bar to watch it or I watch a stream.
  13. mfn

    Downgrading to XP

    I have Windows 7 beta installed right now and it's absolutely amazing. The beta of this OS kills Vista.
  14. mfn

    The OaO Raw Thread - 3/30/09

    As much as I don't want that to happen at all.... I wouldn't be surprised if that's actually what happens.
  15. mfn

    Kane and MMA fighter in bar brawl?

    Maybe Tim was drunk and Kane got him off guard? Who knows? Either way it's an interesting story.