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  1. Michrome

    The OAO Raw Thread 5-14-07

    Did Edge totally botch that promo or did they intend that?
  2. Michrome

    oAo ECW thread for May 1st

    Right, which would actually be entertaining instead of watching a show in front of a bunch of zombies.
  3. Michrome

    oAo ECW on SciFi 3/20/2007

    He freakin killed Holly with it tonight. It's a perfect WWE finish because the fans don't know submissions and they like obvious set ups for moves.
  4. Michrome

    91/3 rof setoN revresbO gniltserW

    Roids is too sensitive of an issue for them. How about Punk vs. Foley (painkillers)
  5. Michrome


    You have Jack and Juliette possibly going "home," as well as the possibility that Penny has found the Island.
  6. Michrome

    OAO ECW Thread

    That line of logic is fine, if you're doing just any brand. They recreated *ECW*, with a roster that cannot work any decent straight matches. The fans staying after Smackdown to watch ECW only want to see tables and spots. That is why the straight matches on ECW have such dead heat. As it is it is just a really bad, bland wrestling show.
  7. Michrome

    OAO ECW Thread

    I agree with mike, in that if they want to make this work, they have to re-educate the fans about these originals, what they were famous for, etc. The next step after that is actually letting them go all out in the way they used to. That would actually make for a good feud, but as it is it is washed up guys working straight matches with green guys. Not a good combination.
  8. Nah, Davis isn't too bad, though you could run four seasons of a comedy show just reading the assigned readings of sociology courses out loud.
  9. There are plenty of targets. The most amusing targets of all are leftist professors, whose lectures and writings alone are comedy enough. The newest Harvard president, schools that ban tag because it involves touching, hollywood morons, fidel apologists, che fans, imbecillic protesters, dorm room leftists, etc.
  10. Michrome

    OAO 02/05/07 Raw Thread

    Umaga taking the title from Lashley on Raw would be a GREAT way to rebuild him. Then they could build to Lashley winning it back at Mania.
  11. Michrome

    TNA news from pwinsider

    I just think Russo is too fucking clueless to book a good monster program. He completely ruined Angle/Joe.
  12. Michrome

    The OAO ECW Thread for 1/9/07

    Punk had to lose eventually, I think this was typically poorly booked though. It's gotten to the point where ECW only has like 6 or 7 guys that can wrestle on TV, so Punk has nobody left to wrestle except the top guys and Bob Holly. Thus they had him lose to Bob Holly. Holly is epically un-over after years of failed pushes, and this won't help things. I thought the match was pretty good though.
  13. Michrome

    TNA notes from F4W

    Right. Go do a Philly show and try that abominable bikini contest and see the response. That should be amusing.
  14. Michrome

    TNA notes from F4W

    Yes but he's referring to the broad base of fans, not 900 dorks that come to every show. They cheered like crazy for 2 super dumb fucking segments at the PPV, their approval means nothing.
  15. Michrome

    OAO TNA Turning Point Thread

    The idea behind the finish was good, but it could have been done way better. That chair rebound spot is great when Kurt is a goofball, but not when he's "the wrestling machine." An ideal finish would have been him nailing Joe with a chair, Joe no-selling it, and then killing Kurt with a musclebuster and a choke for the win.