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    UFC 82: Pride of A Champion

    The official results are as follows: Main Card Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson - via decision - Henderson tries to stand and bang with Silva in the first 1 1/2 rounds and gets caught but not finished. He'll smarten up, take the fight to the ground and grind out a win. Post fight, Henderson's face will look like he lost. Heath Herring vs. Cheick Kongo - via decision -Like Henderson, Herring will try to stand and trade, smarten up, take Kongo down and grind out a JD Chris Leben vs. Alessio Sakara - via TKO, round 3 -Leben will eventually put Sakara on his back and score a GNP victory Yushin Okami vs. Evan Tanner - via decision -Okami will control the fight but won't be able to finish and will settle for the UD Jon Fitch vs. Chris Wilson - via RNC, round 2 -Fitch will eventually take him to the ground, force Wilson to give up his back and score the win with a RNC Preliminary Card Andrei Arlovski vs. Jake O’Brien - via KO, round 1 -Arlovski is going to come out banging and will eventually tag O'Brien Luke Cummo vs. Luigi Fioravanti - via decision -I don't know much about Mario's brother. Cummo has been constantly improving. I'll give it to him. Dustin Hazelett vs. Josh Koscheck - via Triangle, round 2 -Upset of the night. I wholeheartedly agree that normally Kos would easily put Hazelett on his back at will and grind out the LNP victory. However, I see Kos taking some chances in this fight that he normally doesn't while looking for the new contract and I see it costing him. David Bielkheden vs. Diego Sanchez - via TKO, round 1 -Diego looks like he's in his best shape ever and is looking to murder someone. Interesting note, despite a lacklustre 12-5 record, Bielkheden has only ever lost via decision. Jorge Gurgel vs. John Halverson - via KO, round 2 -I don't care for Jorge and just want to see him get KO'ed
  2. Brush with Greatness

    UFC Fight Night - Florian v. Lauzon

    Fight card has been updated. Hopefully Edgar v. Maynard makes the air.
  3. Brush with Greatness

    UFC Fight Night - Florian v. Lauzon

    Updated the card on the main page. FWIW, GracieFighter is reporting that Nate Diaz has been added against a fighter to be named shortly, although that's debatable considering the already stacked card. This would make much more sense for either 84 or possibly 83. As it is, Spike better extend this to three hours.
  4. Brush with Greatness

    Elite XC.....

    That main event was awful. Tank was SLOOOOWWWW. If you can say anything, Kimbo did a good job avoiding (for the most part) Tank's slow shots and counter punching. As far as "attraction" heavyweights go, I'm pretty sure that Brock would shoot in and GNP Slice into oblivion in about 30 seconds. I don't think it would be a bad move for the UFC although I could never see Kimbo doing it.
  5. Brush with Greatness

    UFC 83 - Serra vs. St. Pierre 2

    Cote is out (and according to his camp was never in). Fellow canuck Jason "Dooms" Day takes his place and makes his UFC debut against the Talent.
  6. Brush with Greatness

    UFC 81: Breaking Point

    Have to disagree. I think Mir is a much bigger name, at least to American audiences, than Werdum. I'm not sure that either one of them deserves it (although agree that Werdum does moreso than Mir), but in my opinion, Nogueria-Mir is an easier sell to the masses.
  7. Brush with Greatness

    UFC Fight Night - Florian v. Lauzon

    You sure like to live the gimmick, eh? You are undoubtedly the toughest guy on the internet and the way that you attempt to belittle me and curse me out sends a chill of fear throughout my body, so I certainly don't want to mess with you. Anyways, I'm sorry Simon. I saw the way that you decapitated that cop. You so loco. I really hope that you don't jump through the computer screen with a machete. Once again, sorry. One other thing I've always wanted to know though... how did you get your hat to stay on your head like that without it falling off?
  8. Brush with Greatness

    UFC Fight Night - Florian v. Lauzon

    Why would they be? You do know there is such fights as prelim fights right? Really? Thanks, tips. Notice how I didn't ask if the Marcus Aurelio vs. Spencer Fisher or Sami Schiavo vs. Clay Guida fights were off, despite them also being prelims? While the UFC site still has them listed, while early articles on Five Ounces of Pain had them listed, I hadn't seen anything recently and was wondering if they were confirmed. But thanks for enlightening me about preliminary fights (despite me listing the preliminary card on my original post). Here I was thinking that Emerson v. Nakamura and Lytle v. Bradley were the main and semi-main for UFC 81. It turns out that they were actually taped before (OMG?!) and were just prelim (OMG?!) fights. Wow !!!!! Thanks again.
  9. Brush with Greatness

    UFC Fight Night - Florian v. Lauzon

    Why the fuck is UFC always so behind things on their website? EDIT: Are the Johnson vs. Speer and Neer vs. Thomas fights now off?
  10. Brush with Greatness

    UFC Fight Night - Florian v. Lauzon

    While it may be two months away yet, I haven't seen any posts on it, and with card announced, I figured it was time we start giving it some love. MAIN CARD Kenny "KenFlo" Florian vs. Joe "J-Lau" Lauzon Thiago "Pit Bull" Alves vs. Karo "The Heat" Parisyan Matt "The Hammer" Hamill" vs. Tim "The Barbarian" Boetsch Nate Diaz vs. Kurt "Batman" Pellegrino James "The Sandman" Irvin vs. Houston "The Assassin" Alexander Gray "The Bully" Maynard vs. Frankie "The Answer" Edgar (swing bout) PRELIMINARY CARD Marcus "Maximus" Aurelio vs. Spencer "The King" Fisher Josh "The Dentist" Neer vs. Din Thomas Manvel "The Pitbull" Gamburyan vs. Jeff Cox Samy Schiavo vs. Clay "The Carpenter" Guida Roman "The Emperor" Mitichyan vs. George Sotiropoulos Anthony "Rumble" Johnson vs. Tommy "The Farmboy" Speer
  11. Brush with Greatness

    MMA Comments that Don't Warrant a Thread

    Is the WEC show worth going out of my way to see? I mean, I know the results, so are the fights themselves anything special or did it end up being average/slight above average?
  12. Brush with Greatness

    UFC 79: Nemesis

    Courtesy Da Meltz...
  13. Brush with Greatness

    UFC 79: Nemesis

    Apparently Hughes demanded the interim title 5 round fight if he was going to fight GSP, probably solely on the thinking that he will have had a lot more prep time than GSP so if it goes past three he should have the advantage.
  14. Brush with Greatness

    Rashad Evans versus Michael Bisping to headline UFC 78

    I imagine that guys such as Joe Dirt, Diesel Riggs, etc. probably see Terrell's name on the card and start to train as if they would be facing that opponent, knowing that the call will come soon or later for one of them.
  15. Brush with Greatness

    TUF VI: Welterweights

    You know who else has been described as having a great chin... Cabbage!!!