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  1. Hawkius Maximus

    Japanese MMA Thread

    We need more Michael Schiavello. Have him call everything HDNet imports. Have him call every MMA event broadcasted. It's so much easier to watch these events when the commentator team actually treat it with respect, and want to do it. Kenny Rice doesn't know what the fuck he's doing, and halfway through events Bas either gets tired or bored every time. Not Schiavello. He was a godsend. Even if the fight was in a lull, he'd bust out something corny to make me laugh.
  2. Hawkius Maximus

    Japanese MMA Thread

    Keijiro Maeda winning the Heavyweight K-1 title is huge. I don't know if it'll help Japan's fight business, but it sure as fuck can't hurt. Maeda becomes the first Japanese fighter in a mainstream promotion in Japan to win a title at a heavier weightclass. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. If nothing else, good for Japan. Unlike all the other promotions in the world, they'd never had this moment before. I liked the show a lot. Much more then any of the recent MMA shows from Japan. Even the Schilt fight which was more or less a plodding manhandling was entertaining to some respect. The fans and the commentators giving Schilt no respect was hilarious. Speaking of which. Ray Sefo and Australian dude? They crush all the other commentating teams. Australian guy, whose name I can never pick up, is corny but it's not like Renallo who sets up everything and tries to be witty. I firmly believe Australian guy just...talks like that. In the middle of a hot spree, he'll just blurt out shit like, "HE'S TURNING INTO WINONA RYDER. HE'S TRYING TO STEAL THIS FIGHT!" and so on. Intensely amusing at four am. Ray Sefo had an issue about talking over himself, but he stood out when Maeda won the HW title, and did an awesome job selling it. Which makes sense, he's lived it. And he was constantly on everyone's shit for fighting poorly. The Schilt fight had some fun moments as well, such as the Australian guy praising Schilt's back step jab. This led to an awkward pause, before Australian guy goes, "Don't worry Sugar Ray...I won't mention that backstep jab again." and then both started laughing. Good times. If I took anything from the main event, it's that Alistair Overeem's a jerk. I have no idea why they weren't taking points away from him. He hit Bonjasky late once, and he kept basically throwing Bonjasky. Atleast once, Bonjasky crashed onto his head. If anything took Bonjasky out of his comfort zone, it was being tossed on his head like that. But Overeem was winning the fight until the KD in Round Three...but neither looked overly impressive. Overeem didn't look as explosive as he did against Hari, which I can only think is because instead of deciding to come out bombs away, Overeem decided to actually kickbox. Bonjasky, I have no idea why he looked so poor. It was like he wasn't prepared for Overeem, and then barely squeeked out the win. Peter Aerts looked very, very good in his fight but I'm not a huge Zimmerman fan. Le Banner pulled a dipshit and basically gave away his fight. Oh and Feitosa killed him a Junichi. Good show overall.
  3. Hawkius Maximus

    The AIM Away Messages of a Bi-Polar

    I feel for this woman. Alot. She's the type of woman I'd probably relate to well with due to my own issues. She's like the inverse of me. Where as she has to express all her sadness, anger, and feelings and whatnot, I instead constrict said thoughts and feelings within myself without revealing anything in to a tight little ball of hate. That will eventually turn into cancer and kill me. And where as I have pretty much withdrawn from life as much as I can, she continually tries only to end up being hurt. In that sense, I am wiser.
  4. Hawkius Maximus

    Smackdown vs. Raw 2009: News/screens

    My friend told me he's seeing Ads in Smackdown after installing the DLC. So either it was something odd, or they DLC'd Ingame ads.
  5. Hawkius Maximus

    Smackdown vs. Raw 2009: News/screens

    Doesn't seem they released the patch for 360, unless it's packaged IN the DLC. Which...makes me angrier about the whole thing if they did it. I could give a fuck about DLC. I want the patch with the CAW point dealy.
  6. Hawkius Maximus

    Fire Pro Wrestling

    Fire Pro HD will be an Arcade title on the 360 and whatever PS3 has. In Japan. With English Translations. And apparently no plans to put it on the American Marketplace. How that makes any sense, I'm not sure. I guess it's fine and dandy for PS3 owners since the Marketplace there is all together, but for 360 owners it basically means you'll have to set up a Japanese account (theoretically if it works), buy the game in Japanese, and then pay another Live account per month to play Fire Pro HD online with other people. Ass. Backwards.
  7. Hawkius Maximus

    Bobby Lashley makes MMA debut on December 13th...

    It's not going to take eight or nine fights. It probably won't take more then two more. They signed Brock at 1-0, they signed Cain at I believe 3-0. There's no reason to think they won't sign Lashley at 4-0 or so. And if they don't Strikeforce probably will or a Japanese promotion. Lashley's not a household name, but people do know him. No one is going to let him sit around much longer.
  8. Hawkius Maximus

    UFC 94 - Georges St. Pierre vs. BJ Penn II

    Penn really needs to shush and prove this "Best Lightweight in the world" claim many people make. I'm pretty sure it's been mentioned here often too. He hasn't proven it. He's not even the undisputed best in UFC at Lightweight, and he won't be until he drops Florian. And even then, there's plenty of others at that weight class that aren't even in UFC. I'd like to see Penn face Kitaoka for example before I even came close to crowning him. Aoki's another guy who'd keep up with Penn on the ground. BJ Penn is not Fedor. He hasn't come close to dominating his weight class. To me, BJ Penn throughout his career has been "bestowed" titles and chances that no one else in his situation would. He's like a fighting Rickson Gracie, in that people leap to call him the "Best Pound for Pound fighter", or until the GSP fight saying absurd things like he could beat anyone. The only reason he even got the fight with GSP was BECAUSE he was BJ Penn. He never was a big draw before that fight. He had only fought at LW a few times. I bitched about that when the fight was set up, and I still will because he didn't deserve that chance. He got it just because he's BJ Penn. If anything, BJ Penn's freaking out because I think people are seeing past his own myth. He's just a great fighter. He's not some legendary mythological fighter who can beat anyone. He's mortal. And right now he's got a person in his own division who could very well mow over him, so either intentionally or unintentionally he's trying to ignore him, like he has done for months now. We're closing in on a YEAR without a Lightweight title fight. And if I remember right, Penn/Florian isn't even penciled in until after May. Who ELSE but Penn would get away with that? BJ Penn wants to cling to this Vaseline Gate because with it, he can scream "GSP CHEATED!" and maintain his myth. Without it, he was decisively crushed and beaten to a pulp, and at this point anyone who supports Vaseline Gate is basically doing that for Penn. The quicker he moves on and anyone still clinging to this (and there are some including "journalists"), the better we'll all be for it.
  9. Hawkius Maximus

    Bobby Lashley makes MMA debut on December 13th...

    The only real rookie mistake Lashley made was leaving his neck out there on the shoot in the third round. He was okay everywhere else. If anything, it was Lashley's inability to get Guida down for most of the fight that surprised me most. Guida took some shots and kept coming. It did however show us that Lashley's not Brock. Lashley may be overall more skilled then Brock was circa the Mir fight, but something's not there with Lashley that it is with Brock. I'm not sure what it is, perhaps killing intent. Lashley also got more tired then I think Brock has in all of his fights. Overall, it's a solid win but no where what it probably should have been. It didn't help that the ropes were loose as fuck and the referee had no idea what was going on either.
  10. Hawkius Maximus

    Boxing Thread

    Not versed at all. I never will be either. Boxing bores the shit out of me. Doesn't matter who's fighting. I was into MMA long before I had any interest in boxing. Half the time I end up thinking "THROW A KICK" due to also being a fan of kickboxing. It never happens. I just find HW world title fights interesting. I can't explain why. If I understood it, it'd be one thing ,but I don't. It's not like Vitali/Gomez held my interest the entire fight. I "got" what was going on, but more or less it basically revolved around one guy being terrified of the other's right and proceeded to flee like a girl into a clinch constantly to avoid it, which proved to be a great tactic as until Gomez got tired, Vitali had no answer then to hug him back. Eventually I got bored of it, ironically around the time that Vitali started to kill him. It's too one dimensional, too static for me. I'm never going to be a boxing fan, but I will admit to having some interest in HW world title fights. I just don't know why. Although the live orchestra thing was awesome.
  11. Hawkius Maximus

    Boxing Thread

    I'm not a boxing fan by any means, but I find myself drawn to heavyweight title fights. I just got done watching Vitali vs. Gomez, and I loved the atmosphere. It felt *BIG*. The fight was a little bit of a letdown, given that Gomez didn't seem to want to fight at all. But I rather liked watching Vitali attempt murder. I don't get my fascination, it's not like I really enjoy it. I just...find myself drawn by the pomp and circumstance. The closest thing to it in the two combat sports I follow, MMA and Kickboxing is the K-1 WGP. Which I love as well...
  12. Hawkius Maximus

    DLC and it's future in videogames

    I will say this about Skate 2. Outside of the Time is Money thing, the DLC is pretty good. They completely revamped three places from Skate 2 which includes a bunch of "Spots", a couple Hall of Meats and other goodies. I haven't gotten the "Fantasy" whatchamacallit, but I did grab the free pack with new taunts and clothes. For 400 points, there was a HYOGE amount of content in that "Retro" pack.
  13. Hawkius Maximus

    American Idol Season 8

    For god knows what reason, I watch this show... I really liked Adam's song. I've listened to enough self indulgent rock and progressive that I got what he was going for. I can see a lot of people not getting it though. It was probably the only one that really stood out for me, as in something I'd like to listen to when I'm not watching this show.
  14. Hawkius Maximus

    2009 Worst Poster Tournament: Round 1

    Definitely Not Hot Young Wang Region 1. Goldengreek 8. Xavier Cromartie 4. KOAB 5. theone 3. YKRG 6. Jerichoholic82 2. TaigaStar 7. NoCal Mike Most Likely Homosexual Region 1. Cabbageboy 8. JN News 4. pbone 5. EricMM 3. AmDragFan 6. Twisted Intestine 2. bob_barron 7. Milky BUTT Fuck Stupid Region 1. RoHo 8. HarleyQuinn 4. Chazz 5. Matt Young 3. Jingus 6. Czech 2. Marvin 7. DarKnight The "I Tried to Save Good Matchups Until the End and Now I Have a Fuck Load of Them" Region 1. EHME 8. Cartman 4. Gary Floyd 5. Porter 3. Y2Jerk 6. Lord of the Curry 2. Enigma 7. CWM
  15. Hawkius Maximus

    The One...The Only...The Destination X thread

    Someone defend that segment. Any part of it. I'm not even talking just how bad it was, putting it on PPV, making people pay to see that. Just...any aspect of that segment. At all. Worst segment in a long, long time.