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  1. I'd have gladly penetrated her at any of those times.
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    RE: Procedural Note (Taking Legal Action)

    So just like that, with one click...the would you fuck your hot cousin thread is dead? I don't even know this place anymore. This doesn't feel like home.
  4. Youth N Asia

    New Numa!!!

  5. Youth N Asia

    Ugliest Poster on TSM

    You have inner beauty
  6. Youth N Asia

    Ugliest Poster on TSM

    Can't believe I never saw this thread...
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    *jerks off into a sock and leaves*
  8. Youth N Asia

    King of the Board 2009

    +1. I keep forgetting how close to 20k I am I voted La Parka...takes me back to better TSM times
  9. Youth N Asia

    New Numa!!!

    fuckin' word, son
  10. Youth N Asia

    Brock Lesnar DEAD

    +1 Bruiser Brock
  11. Youth N Asia

    Oz: Season 6

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    233 to go...
  13. Youth N Asia

    Halloween 2

    There hasn't been a good Halloween since the original #2. Zombie's take on the first one was awful. Same shitty dialogue he uses in every other movie he does. Pass
  14. Youth N Asia

    The Office Season 5

    His ringtone was even better cause the first thing Dwight did was call Jim and idiot
  15. Youth N Asia

    Its 1 am Central and 25 guests are here...

    I like the new board, but I'm too close to 20k to just walk away from here. This board's still set as my homepage
  16. When I saw this I thought to myself "Didn't I start a similar thread..."
  17. Youth N Asia

    Who was the biggest Ring Rat?

    What about Lita's flat-chested ECW stint? Any rumors from there?
  18. Youth N Asia

    TSM Rapture

    It suck that the board seems to have just stopped. I'm posting at the new one, but it doesn't feel the same. I poke around here, but just don't feel like posting anymore, too many people have split
  19. Youth N Asia

    Mt. Rushmore of wrestling

    Too hard to do with just 4 spots to fill Bruno Hogan McMahon Flair There's just no good way to do it.
  20. Youth N Asia

    Someone want to explain

    I misread that for a moment and thought that Leena owned the board's name who we shan't speak. I don't get why the Leena thing killed the board entirely. I never cared for her, but I didn't think the board would completely fall apart during her 20 minutes in charge. I'll probably be phasing this one out and posting at the new one myself
  21. Youth N Asia

    South Park Season 13

    Yeah, they already did the Martha does something gross deal...little bit of a rehash there.
  22. Youth N Asia

    Unexpected bonus!

    I added the word "jezebel" to my vocabulary a few years ago. Thank you Jim Ross
  23. Youth N Asia


    Kate's never done much for me...but she was just smoking hot in the grocery store. If Lost was a little sillier I'd almost think Richard was a soul sucker and it kept him young. Glad we're seeing more of him this season. Looking forward to more backstory
  24. Youth N Asia

    TUF 9: USA vs United Kingdom

    Every goddamn year... Joe selling the show during "I heard that this is the craziest season yet." Blah blah goddamn blah. Same line every year
  25. Youth N Asia

    MMA Playground: TSM Fight Camp?

    10-1 tonight, just guessing wrong on the main event. Won a side bet on Cole Miller but lost plenty on Condit 1 364 Youth_N_Asia 2 292 DoubleArmbar 3 281 ViciousFish