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    Fantasy Booking TNA

    Felt like being creative today. I haven't watched TNA in forever, but I hear its shitty these days (it was pretty shitty in the old days, too). So I did one of those "if I had 100% control and could change everything" ideas. Just looked at their roster page and whipped something up. Here it is: To get rid of: Harris, Storm, Hoyt, Nash, Steiner, VKM, Roode, Sting, Tomko, and Don West (replace him with Raven). NWA WORLD TITLE: (Champion) Samoa Joe Abyss AJ Styles Homicide (LAX member) Christopher Daniels (XXX leader) Kurt Angle Christian Cage (Coalition leader) Rhino (Coalition member) Ron Killings (Coalition member) X DIVISION TITLE: (Champion) Austin Starr Alex Shelley Chris Sabin Jay Lethal Jerry Lynn Sonjay Dutt TAG TEAM TITLES: (Champions) Team 3D (Ray, Devon, Runt) LAX (Hernandez, Homicide, Konnan) (also wrestle World Title division) Seratonin (Martyr, Havok, Kaz) XXX (Christopher Daniels, Senshi, Petey Williams) (also wrestle World Title & X Division) Shark-boy & Eric Young The Naturals
  2. Magus


    Fuck this show. LOST was once great but its become so shitty it hurts my fucking eyes. The writers should all be shot. They string out a billion plot threads and just let them flap in the wind with no resolution or explanation. Sure, ask lots of questions, but at least answer a few before you bring up more. Why doesn't Jack just ask the Others who they are instead of stringing it out? Illogical and just plain sloppy writing. I think I'm going to let Wednesday be an off night for TV shows like this. Heroes, House, CSI, Prison Break, and Boston Legal are all way better than the shit that was once LOST. I can say right now that I don't really give a damn about any of the characters anymore with the exception of Locke. Locke is still the fucking man.
  3. I thought the show was great, but I noticed something and I need to know if anyone else noticed it or knows what its about. After Chuck won, Dana was standing behind him with the belt, ready to put it around his waist. As Buffer was making the announcement, I could CLEARLY see Dana saying to Chuck "You're a fucking asshole." You couldn't hear it, but anyone could read his lips and tell that's what he said, and it looked like he was saying it to Chuck. So what the fuck? Does anyone know what this is about?
  4. Fans don't cheer faces because they pity them. Cancer won't get Jarrett over as a face. He's been stale and over-exposed for YEARS, and no amount of sob-story telling will make the fans resent him any less. The fans are going to see this and see it for exactly what it is: a tasteless ploy for heat. Emphasis on tasteless.
  5. PRELIMS: AJ vs. Abyss Rhino vs Runt Cage vs. Daniels Raven vs. Truth SEMI-FINALS: Truth vs. Cage Abyss vs. Rhino FINALS: Cage vs. Abyss for the #1 Contendership That's simpler, plus you leave possibilies open for Angle and Joe to have matches with any one of these contenders at the PPV.
  6. I know logic is supposed to be suspended, but yeah, this is a little too over-the-top. I would've liked to see them give Christian the title shot because he WON HIS MATCH, or at least put him against Abyss to determine which one gets the first shot. I wanna call it now: because WWE is doing the DX reunion, TNA has to attempt it as well. The James Gang are gonna team up with Jarrett to form a new stable. God knows how that's gonna work out. It's good that the Naturals are getting a shot in the arm, but why are Shelley and Starr teaming? That makes zero sense. I'm also glad they're pushing Ron Killings, but they're also still pushing Lance Hoyt. I like Sabin turning heel, but Christ, I fucking hate it when someone wins the title only to turn around and lose it again on the first show after the PPV. Besides, AJ and Daniels should be moving to the main event to have great matches with Angle. Speaking of which, my last complaint: Angle and Joe shouldn't be facing each other so soon. Neither man needs to lose right now. Angle winning means Joe isn't as good as a WWE guy, and Joe winning means Angle loses his first match. There's a ton of potential guys each man could face and put on a great match with. No need to hotshot any of it.
  7. Magus

    Bound For GLory

    From one of the reports I've read, West ended the show talking about how Jarrett's accomplished so much in TNA and how he's "passed the torch" to Sting. Moving beyond the ass kissing and the arrogance that HE is passing the torch to STING, they may be setting up for Jarrett moving out of the spotlight. But that's logic too, I guess. If Jarrett leaving meant watching act like God Almighty passing the torch to a guy who's already a legend and pretending that his success had nothing to do with him running TNA, then I'd go for it.
  8. Magus

    Bound For GLory

    Except apparently Joe/Angle is the ME of Genesis. I hope they don't go that route. Joe/Angle needs to be saved. They spent a YEAR building up JJ/Sting, and Joe/Angle is ten times a bigger match than that. It deserves way more build-up. I say let Sting defend against Christian next month, let Jarrett challenge Angle to his first match, and Joe can beat Rhino for the next shot. That way, Sting gets a good defense, Angle can decimate Jarrett (in hopefully a loser-leaves match), and Joe can be set up to take the title from Sting by the end of the year. Angle can go on a winning streak towards Joe's title, and we get to see the great matches Angle's capable of. When he meets Joe at Slammiversary, Joe ends his streak, putting him over huge. Then at the next BFG, Angle can end Joe's streak and finally win the title.
  9. Magus

    Bound For GLory

    All they officially have scheduled is Jarrett vs. Sting, so I'll just post what matches I think will/should go on. Jarrett vs. Sting AJ/Daniels vs. LAX Christian vs. Rhino Joe vs. Abyss Raven vs. Runt Team 3D vs. James Gang vs. Naturals vs. AMW Senshi vs. Austin Starr Sabin/Dutt/Lethal vs. Paparazzi/Petey Truth vs. Roode
  10. I say keep Sting/JJ as the main and run Joe/Abyss at BFG. Abyss provides a good test for Joe, and he can eek out a win while Sting beats Jarrett for the title. At Genesis, Sting can defend against Abyss while Joe takes out Jarrett one more time (hopefully in a loser leaves match). Then we get Joe/Sting, where Joe wins the title. Angle can keep himself busy with Christian, Abyss, and other guys till he earns his shot. Keep Angle away from Joe until the summer, where they can fued up till the next BFG where Angle can win the title from Joe.
  11. This has happened almost every time Jarrett needs to lose the title. Angle will do something to cause Jarrett to lose so he doesn't have to job cleanly. More of the same stuff, which is why my expectations for Angle in TNA are so low. Angle coming to TNA is very similar to Bret going to WCW. WCW dropped the ball with Bret, and we'll see the same thing happen with Angle.
  12. I don't see TNA using Angle properly and reaching the "next level" with Angle. TNA has signed names before, and we all thought they'd thrust the company up another notch, but they always disappointed. Like WCW back in the day, they take can't-miss opportunities and fumble them. But besides all that, here's what I'd do with Angle: I'd have him show up at a PPV, either to ref a match or just give a promo. He'd debut at the first primetime Impact and beat someone like Chris Harris easily. Then I'd move him into a fued with Christian. Over the next 2 months, Christian would get guys like Monty and Steiner to take on Angle for him. Angle could take them out, and the matches wouldn't tax him too hard. Then he'd finally get his match against Christian, defeat him, then declare that he wants the World Title (held by Joe, who'd beat Sting for it). Angle/JJ happens for the #1 Contendership, which Angle wins again, and he faces Joe around Slammiversary, where Joe gives him his first loss. Then Angle can get on the comeback trail and win the title at BFG III in a rematch with Joe.
  13. Angle coming to TNA has potential, but they will screw this up royally (if Angle doesn't die that is). TNA can't book characters to save their lives, and the matches pride themselves on being stunt shows, so Angle's gonna have to risk his health here and there. Plus, we all know that he'll just end up in a year-long fued with Jarrett over the NWA title. Sure, we'll get matches with him versus Sting, Joe, Styles, whoever, but they'll just be chapters in his fued with JJ, they'll be overbooked to all hell, and they won't get anywhere storywise. All I'm saying is TNA could have Jesus sign on to wrestle for them, but the fact is that they've got their heads stuck up their asses when it comes to creating stories, characters, and compelling matches.
  14. Russo is a mixed bag. The good is that he pushes new faces and gives everyone on the card something to do; he'll start pushing guys like Joe, Abyss, and Homicide to the top. The bad stuff about Russo is that he overbooks everything, hates clean finishes, uses cliched shock tactics, and pushes himself as an on-air character. Okay, there's a few more bad things than good... But even with his good qualities, Russo can't help TNA. Nothing short of a complete overhaul can do that. At this point, I don't think Russo is really going to hurt anything. The booking has sucked very hard with Jarrett being the only one who really has a strong push. Add that to a compete lack of focus and follow-through with the storylines, and I don't think adding Vince Russo to the mix is going to ruin anything. TNA will remain very shitty with small glimmers of hope, only now with Vince Russo on board.
  15. Magus

    Spoilers for the next 3 weeks

    Jarrett/Sting Christian/Joe Steiner/Rhino Abyss/Runt/Raven LAX/Naturals AMW/Styles & Daniels Roode/Killings Ki/Aries Dutt & Sabin & Lethal/Shelley & Devine & Petey
  16. Magus

    TNA News and notes - 8/21

    Roode is probably getting that spot because of his connection with D'Amore. Not that Roode is horrible, but a push like that could be given to any number of guys who are way more talented (Killings being one of them). Politics aplenty in TNA.
  17. Maybe this could work. Jarrett is by no means TNA's biggest heel. Christian could easily take the top heel spot, as could many others. But Jarrett isn't ducking out. Four years and he hasn't put over one soul to create a new star. In fact, everything in TNA has served to put Jarrett over, and that's just the way it's gonna be. There is NO WAY that Jarrett is "retiring" from TNA. And even if he does, he'll just show up later and screw Joe out of the title and we'll be back at square one. Mark my words, Joe WILL put over Jarrett. It's just a matter of time. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Jarrett actually did win his big final match against Sting, and a whole year of build up has been to just put him over yet again. I like the idea of people walking out when Jarrett comes out. It would send a powerful message.
  18. HA, knew it. Jarrett is NOT putting Joe over in any meaningful way EVER. I'd say he's not putting anyone else over either. BFG will be some mixture of Sting, Christian, Rhino, and JJ. Rhino and Cage are in good with D'Amore after all. Sting isn't getting his big win over Jarrett because Cage will keep getting in the way, and even if Rhino is next in line for the title, he's already been made Jarrett's bitch before, so it'll just happen again. Joe will probably get stuck now carrying Monty to a decent match at BFG. Or if they're really stupid, they can have JJ/Rhino/Joe as the main event and put over Joe without having him pin the champ. No matter how they play this out, it's gonna suck. But I've given up hope on these guys anyway. They can screw up Joe's push just as easily as WCW screwed up Benoit's.
  19. Magus

    TNA Impact spoilers

    WAY too much Jarrett, and not only that, but he's doing the same stuff he usually does: complains about how everyone's out to get him, beats up some jobbers, and always has the last scene as the show goes off the air This is one of the things that hurts TNA the most and yet they won't stop doing it. I'm starting to fear for Joe's push.
  20. Won't happen. I see Christian turning heel on Sting only to become yet another Jarrett lackey. JJ is the top heel and no one else is allowed to even get close to that spot. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Jarrett retained at the PPV so he could keep the title until BFG. That way he could lose to Joe in a 3-way match and it wouldn't be a clean one-on-one job. In fact, I'm gonna call that as what will really happen.
  21. Sting vs. Joe (World Title)(The problem with JJ/Joe is that it would mean Jarrett would go over Sting, and that fued hasn't been going on for nearly a year for Sting to just lose in his first one-on-one match with JJ. Sorry, Jeff, but you gotta put over Sting at Hard Justice, and no, you can't just win it right back. Sting putting over Joe is just as well) Christian vs. Jarrett vs. Raven (#1 Contender) (Christian would win when Raven knocks out JJ and lets himself get pinned just to keep JJ from winning. That sets up Christian/Joe and also JJ vs. Raven, where Raven can work his way back up and JJ can work his way down. Throw in a PPV tag of Sting/Raven vs. JJ/Steiner and it makes it even better, as I'd have Raven get back his win over Jarrett in a Loser Leaves Town match) Rhino vs. Steiner (Another match to put over Rhino huge. He works best as a heel or at least as a badass tweener. He would move on to fued with Sting after this) Killings vs. Monty (Monty needs the win here, and should start working his way back up through guys like Steiner, Jarrett, and maybe Sting if there's time. I could see him challenging Joe in a good fued, but not winning) Abyss vs. Runt (squash match, but I'd have Team 3D turn on Runt and help Abyss beat him down. Then Runt could join the James Gang as their sidekick. Abyss needs someone new to work a good fued with. Someone to be the Tanaka to his Mike Awesome) AJ/Daniels vs. LAX (Tag Titles) (The LAX is finally entertaining the way they've got it now. Daniels needs to move back to the X Division because a fued between him and Senshi would own all, and Styles should get back into the ME) James Gang vs. AMW (AMW needs to take some time off so they can make a big return. They're doing well as heels, so they shouldn't turn face by any means) Bentley/Kazarian vs. Naturals (Bentley and Kazarian would lose this, but I think if they hooked up with the James Gang. Those two teams could work together as a dominant stable just interested in controlling the tag division, and also have the old attitude of DX but not solely old guys) Senshi vs. Lynn or Aries (X Title) (Senshi just needs a good opponent, because its way too soon here for him to lose the belt. He needs to be the loner champion who isn't involved in the current X Division storyline, and is just kicking ass left and right) Lethal/Dutt/Young vs. Shelley/Devine/Petey (Petey would do well joining Nash's stable, and him working against a former teammate would also be cool) Sabin vs. Nash (Like someone's already said, this rematch could be great, with Sabin getting his revenge on Nash while Nash's cronies get the win in their match due to Young being the weak link)
  22. Hopeful Predictions: Hard Justice: Sting(w) vs. Jarrett, Monty/Steiner vs. Rhino/Joe(w) No Surrender: Sting(w) vs. Christian, Joe(w) vs. Jarrett, Rhino(w) vs. Monty 2 Bound for Glory: Sting vs. Joe(w), Steiner vs. Rhino(w), Christian(w) vs. Raven After that, I think some good fueds would be Sting/Rhino (turning Rhino more heelish and brutal, maybe even retiring Sting), Jarrett/Raven (people will STILL pay to see Raven get his due against JJ; there's tons of history and they could put Raven as the wizened veteran and put JJ giving others the rub, instead of the other way around), Christian/Joe (playing the same card as Christian/Sting, where Christian hates Joe for having things handed to him while he never got a fair shake), Monty/Jarrett (where JJ puts Monty over for good this time, and maybe Monty makes an unholy alliance with Raven while dealing with JJ), and Joe/Abyss (Mitchell can handle the talking, and it'd promise some brutal matches where Abyss can start getting back to being a serious title contender instead of another enforcer).
  23. Magus

    Ultimate Fight Night V

    I'm willing to give Rotharmel a second chance. There's no shame in losing to Bisping. Besides, he quotes Shakespeare. Can't be that bad a guy if he quotes Shakespeare.
  24. Magus

    Major TNA Impact spoiler from PWInsider

    I don't see Steiner or Joe winning the match, so that leaves Sting or Christian. JJ vs. Sting should be built up, so I'm thinking that Christian wins with some heelish tactics and goes on to face Jarrett. Consequentially, he'll lose and we've got at least another month of TNJ. After that, they can set up Jarrett vs. Sting for the title. But, I'm betting they'll try Christian vs. Sting first to play up that match and to give JJ more time with the belt. Just as a side note, I don't think they'll ever fully turn Christian heel. TNA has only ever allowed for one top heel in the main event, and that's Jarrett. Christian as a heel would either be a lackey to JJ the way Monty was (bad), or he'd overshadow Jeff as the top heel (which will never be allowed to happen).
  25. Magus

    OAO Slammiversary Thread

    Reading the results of that main event made me want to throw up in some tin foil and eat it. It was WAY overbooked with a just plain stupid ending that served to put Jarrett over in "his match" and make the other four guys and the NWA title come out looking like shit. Thanks, Jeff. The HHH comparisons don't work, because HHH actually has/had talent. JJ is more like Vince McMahon with the power trip he's on and constantly hogging the spotlight no matter how obvious it is that he shouldn't be there. Fuck it, I'm gonna go watch some more UFC.