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  1. "...and the reason you're doing this instead of taking over the farm is what?" Jesse James Sanders had heard that question approximately seventeen thousands times in the last month or so. However, he couldn't react to it the way he wanted to because well, his mother was asking it. "Look Ma, I love ya', but I've already answered this a million times. Frank is at UK right now, taking the same classes I did. He's always loved the work of the farm more than I have. He was already up at five am most mornings while you had to do everything short of throwing cold water at me." At that, Willa Mae Sanders smiled for a moment. A small memory popped up in her mind. "Actually, there was that one time-" Jesse throws his hands up in mock surrender. "Don't remind me." Game face back on. "Anyway, look. This is a short-term contract. Three months. That's all. If I'm a complete failure, I'll be back here and you and Dad can take that trip to Mexico in the RV. If I'm a success and things work out right, we'll be able to hire people to take care of the farm." "I know, honey. It's just, this is such a dirty business you're getting into - I mean, everything that's gone on..." Sanders broadly smiles for a second. "Ma, I'm the same man I've always been. You've taught me well, a few months on the road with some degenerates won't change me. After all, I survived college, right?" "Who taught you to argue so well?" "You and Dad. Well, mostly you." "Don't you forget it. Now, I want you to be careful out there. You're a smart boy, but let's be honest here. There'll be some culture shock. I expect you to do some stupid things and I'm not even including getting in a ring with other large men who want to beat you up and leave ya' bloody. All I want ya' is to remember this - be a good man son, 'cause there's way too many of the bad." It was a cheesy line, but it was true. He'd been on Earth twenty-four years and he knew the truth of that statement, slightly sheltered existence and all. "Only thing I can be, Ma. Only thing I can be. Look, we only got a few more hours 'til we gotta' be on the road to the airport. I've gotta' finish packin' and everything. Can ya' make Mary Anne or Paula help me out?" At that, Willa shrugged her shoulders and chuckled. "That'll just make things take longer. It's already goin' to be like a funeral procession between the girls, their friends, your friends, and the rest of the whole country it seems like..." Her voice trails off for a second. "...anyway, you're a big boy now. Pack yourself." At that, she tosses the empty piece of luggage at Sanders who catches it. "Guess I should learn how to do this. Be sort of embarrassing for my clothes to spill out of my bag right outside of the arena."
  2. jesse_ewiak


    Jebus, I'm a glutton for punishment... Smarks Board Name: jesse_ewiak Wrestlers Name: Jesse James Sanders Height: 6' 7" Weight: 268 lbs. Hometown: Lawerence, KS Age: 24 Face/Heel: White-meat babyface Looks: When looking at Sanders, the first impression that comes across ones mind is 'farmboy.' While Sanders is muscular and is a striking figure no matter where he is, it's a natural look, unlike say, a Bobby Lashley. From the top, Sanders has short brown hair and green eyes to go with the soft-ish face. At times, he has some stubble on his face, but usually realizes it just looks silly and shaves it before match. Wear typical early-20's male attire outside the ring and simple black tights to the ring. Nothing fancy here as he can't really afford it yet and it's not his style. Ring Entrance: The house lights dim across the arena as the blues-rock sounds of 'Blue on Black' by Kenny Wayne Shepard starts... Funyon stuff ...as the introductions are finished and the song is in full bore, Sanders comes out to a decent response from the SWF crowd. He has a small smile on his face as he comes to the ring, absent-mindely slapping hands but focused on the ring. Stats: ¯¯¯¯¯ Strength: 7 (Um yeah...strong.) Speed: 3 (Normal bigger guy speed) Vitality: 6 (Still too young to effectively no-sell death, but can still take a beating.) Charisma:4 (Not too effective on the mic, but good in the ring.) Style: High end US pro style worker. Not good on the mat or in submissions, but a decent brawler and can throw around virtually anyone if need be. Signature moves: Spinebustah~ Release German Suplex Tombstone Piledriver Snap Powerslam Flying Shoulderblock Gutwrench Powerbomb 'Snake Eyes' -style Hotshot into the corner Spear - Usual way to reverse momentum in a match ROLLING ELBOW~! Common moves: Delayed vertical suplex Release belly-to-belly suplex Clubberin' forearms Big Boot Single Arm DDT Bulldog Reverse Neckbreaker Running Forearm Samoan Drop Pumphandle Slam Rare moves: K-Driller - Big PPV matches only Emerald Frosion - called 'Combine Special' - again, title and/or PPV matches only Big Plancha - Reasons for why it is rare obvious Finishers: 'Bleeding Kansas' - Fireman's Carry into a Brainbuster - Most people, not kicking out of this LARIAT~! - Well, not quite at Va'aiga level yet, still effective and can get a win if hit at the right time and situation. 'Outlaw's Curse' - Top-Rope Fisherman's Suplex into a Sit-Out Powerbomb. Do I have to explain this is something not to be used often - if at all? Notes: Couple of quick notes - Will not cheat, but will fight fire with fire - Not that experienced, so will try things before it's time too. (ie. signatures too early, etc.) - Quick learner though, so things don't work too often twice in a row. Bio: Born on a farm outside of Lawrence, Kansas, Jesse James "JJ" Sanders lived a typical farm-life existence for his childhood. A growth spurt in his junior year got him on the football team and as a result, he played well enough at Defensive End in his last two years of high school to get a football scholarship to the University of Kansas. However, in only his third game of his college career, he tore his MCL and ACL and was never the same again. Sanders finished his degree in Agriculture summa cum laude, but went back to the farm after graduating. After a few months of basically doing nothing, Sanders came upon an advertisement for a training school for wrestling in Topeka. In Topeka, the training school was a joke, but Sanders was a fast enough learner to catch on to things so he wouldn't look stupid. Now, after nearly two years of wrestling on the midwest independent scene, he was spotted at a show in Minnesota by a SWF scout (ie. friend of a friend of a friend of Tom Fleisher) and Sanders was given a tryout match. He impressed the collected road agents enough that he was given a (minimum) contract and after a month of internal training, was brought up to the 'Big Show.'
  3. jesse_ewiak

    Box Office Report.

    It was marketed wrong. It was sold as this serious adaptation of Ellroy's book when it's really an over-the-top psychological thriller that has an uneven story because it's DePalma. Also, the fact it's a fictional story based on a real case pisses some people of.
  4. jesse_ewiak

    Campaign 2008

    First time he won was the 1994 "Republican Revolution" year. In 2000, the DNC put up a weak candidate. In fact, the entire '94 campaign was scarily close to the movie 'Bob Roberts.' (Young, conservative, ultraconservative versus long-time liberal stalwart.)
  5. jesse_ewiak

    Who here supports the current administration?

    Taxes are the price we pay for living in a civilized society. If you want the conservative dream of no taxes and gun control, Mogadishu is wonderful this time of the year.
  6. jesse_ewiak

    Database Of U.S. Phone Calls.

    Dean got a A rating from the NRA, had a balanced budget in Vermont, and by all accounts, aside from civil unions, was a moderate with a universal health care fetish. As a side note, the Republican Party is a bunch of Christian white guys. Have you looked at the makeup of the GOP lately?
  7. jesse_ewiak

    Who here supports the current administration?

    Wait, wait, I thought all those people holding up liquor stores and joining gangs were Harvard MBA graduates. Are you trying to tell me they might be poor, uneducated, and with no prospects for a better life as a result of government at all levels giving up on inner cities?
  8. jesse_ewiak

    Box Office Report...

    It's still going to make a zillion dollars overseas and Tom Cruise probably made per day working on this movie that most people make in their lifetimes and in theory is fucking Katie Holmes, so he still wins.
  9. jesse_ewiak

    Who here supports the current administration?

    Giimick posters like neocon are funny because ya' know they're being goofy and over-the-top. Even conservatives like kkk are at least reasonable in their Bushhitletism. :-) But then their are psychopathic fucks like Marney...
  10. jesse_ewiak

    New Bush Press Secretary is former Fox News Host

    You're ignoring the HUGE differences between Kosovo and Iraq. At last count, about 2500 differences.
  11. AFAIK, no one at the White House did the hiring. Colbert mentioned the guys name, he works for the AP and is in charge of the whole dinner. The thing is, the reason why the Press Corps went all pissy on him? Simple. They're power groupies. They love power and politics are second. I mean, look, Jon Stewart went after Crossfire like a boxer. Which is why he's unlikely to host such an event any time soon. He's nice enough to Republicans, defusing them with earnest humor, genuinely interested in their loopy argument. I doubt he's actually angry at pols. However, Stewaer's humor is more sly than ironic. He can listen well, but he can't hide his contempt. Which is why Tucker Carlson was left gasping for air. He got knocked around for twelve rounds and lost badly. Colbert is a different sort of person. He's from South Carolina and TDS was his big break. As a result, he's far more familiar with the world of true believer Republicans than most comics, especially Stewart, who after all is from Jersey. So he can fake that creepy enthusiam of blind loyalty because he knows it. However, below that is real anger. Stewart managed to host the Oscars and not piss off the room, despite the ability to do so. Colbert hosted the White House Correspondent's Dinner and pissed off the entire crowd and loved it. After all, Washington likes political humor lame. They want court jesters, not people playing for keeps. Which Colbert was. The fact was that his great offense was not in attacking the President. Bush can get pissy at the drop of a hat. It was turning on the media. Thye self-image of Washington reporters is that of heroes who are protecting the nation from the evil politicians. They are deeply offended when people suggest otherwise. Colbert called them cowards and suckups and that hurt. They aren't used to being attacked so directly, so indirectly. He didn't rant, but he sure showed his utter and complete contempt for these people. Colbert could have just tossed some nasty comments at them, but that would have been artless. Instead, he took Bush's favorite form of communication, over-the-top praise, and turned it on them. They never knew what hit 'em. Sure, Stewart can be brutally confrontational when he chooses, Colbert does it in a different way, a much more humiliating way. Instead of coming out swinging, he uses obsequiousness to shame you, to point out your flaws and errors in a way which people cannot miss. When you get beat by Stewart, you know you've had your ass kicked. There's blood on the floor, and he still looks pissed. When you get beat by Colbert, and he beat that room, you know something bad happened, but he's got a smile on his face and you hurt bad, but aren't sure why.
  12. jesse_ewiak

    WWE PPV buyrate question

    That's a corporate shareholder site. So, I doubt it's lying as Vince didn't enjoy the last time the government got involved in his business and the SEC is just as bad. Not that I'm saying it isn't possible, as Vince is insane.
  13. jesse_ewiak

    500,000 march in LA

    You guys are aware that their have been multiple studies saying nearly one hundred percent of third generation Latino immigrants speak English as a first language?
  14. jesse_ewiak


    Err...Exhibit A: One Rocky Maivia. :-)
  15. jesse_ewiak

    SWF State of the Union 2006

    As far as finding the fed goes, I found TSM, then I found the board, then I found the SWF section, then I lurked for a while, joined, and sucked. :-)