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  1. Ace309

    For Fuck's Sake

    How did I deal with Isabel? I went pubcrawling. Isabel just barely caught me - I was on the eastern edge of it, and it went over Lake Erie. It was very cloudy, slightly windier than normal mildly rainy, but nothing that prevented me from making it from bar to bar.
  2. It was indeed hard to digest, but I think the different style, combined with Kibagami's character, gave it a sort of bone-chilling effect. It can't be used often, but this was one of the very few times I can see it working.
  3. Ace309

    SWF Chat Thread!

    Free sex for whoever comes to chat!!!!!!! (Note: Sex is with Craig McLennan, when he gets there)
  4. Ace309

    TSM Poster Tournament II

    Sandman9000 Caboose IDrinkRatsMilk Zack Malibu kkktookybabyaway Use Your Illusion DangerousA Rico_Constantino Corey Lazarus Texas Small Arms Wrestling Deacon JustCallMeDan El Dandy LaParkaYourCar SweetNSexyDiva Downhome Dr. Tom Bob barron Kotz T®ITEC RavishingRickRudo Youth N Asia The Dames Spaceman Spiff FrozenBlockOfPissReborn CobainWasMurdered SpiderPoet Kinetic JHawk Anglesault ShooterJay Big Poppa Popick
  5. Ace309

    Are all e-feds like this?

    This is one of the reasons both guys write. A match that's entirely one-sided that isn't justified by storyline won't win, assuming the other guy writes and doesn't write the same sort of thing. It's pretty much an autojob, because it's not a fun or good match to read. There's a lot of that sort of common sense involved in the SWF and SJL. You can't write squashes and win. You can't give your opponent a serious injury without his consent and win. That sort of thing.
  6. Well, I'm definitely going. I wish Togo was still working for them (), but that's just a minor quibble. They've got such a great talent pool. I'd be a fool to miss this. It's only about an hour and 15 minutes drive from Buffalo.
  7. Ace309

    Are all e-feds like this?

    Just head down to the appropriate forum at the bottom of the boards and look for a joining thread.
  8. Ace309

    Are all e-feds like this?

    Well, my last match was a 6000-word-limit affair. I sent it in at 5600 and change, and that ended up about 14 pages, with copious spacing around near-falls. Matches for absolute newbies run half of that, and midcard matches in both the JL and WF have upper limits of between 4000 and 5000 words... so, you'll start in the 7-page range and work your way up.
  9. Ace309

    Are all e-feds like this?

    Also, it only SOUNDS like a lot of work. Seriously. I write most of my matches during slow spots in class.
  10. Ace309

    Are all e-feds like this?

    Couldn't agree more. Half the time the RPs have nothing whatsoever to do with wrestling.
  11. Ace309

    Are all e-feds like this?

    God, no. Like everything else on the internet, e-feds run the gamut from the craptacular to the amazing. I'm biased, of course, but there are some really bad e-feds and some really good ones. Hint: The best ones are the ones that DON'T use real wrestlers. Oh, and... *cough cough cough* V V V V
  12. Ace309

    Hulk Hogan Close To Signing Japanese Deal

    Any idle speculation from people who actually know what they're talking about as to who Hogan might be taking on in the other two shows? That disqualifies me.
  13. Ace309

    "The Best Of The SWF"

    Everything's better when you use Tom.
  14. Ace309

    Happy Birthday, WC!

    Doesn't it go fast? I've been in for 18 months, which is just ridiculous.
  15. Ace309

    PROMO: Diary 1

    Oooh, strife. I think I know Crucible.
  16. Ace309

    Hulk Hogan Close To Signing Japanese Deal

    Interesting. Chono was a big player in NWO Japan, wasn't he? I wonder how they'd play the interaction if Hogan wore the NWO duds.
  17. Ace309

    Lockdown Comments.

    First Segment Did its job! The verb tense was a little odd, though. Opening Promo featuring the Suicide King I see someone else watches Family Guy, too. I love Johnny’s dickish, over-the-top heel Bond character. I really, really like the new theme music. I’m glad to see his angle continuing to progress, even though the way it was done makes him look more faceish than he probably ought to. Getting slapped down by the Suicide King just establishes a certain amount of pathos. Dante Crane Promo Ooh, toilet humour. Interesting little snippet. Dace Night over Quiz via submission The sentences tend to run on. Stop and read them when you finish. Case in point: It’s a nice, solid match, though. Mark Stevens/Thugg Promo Well written, good character interaction and MacGuffinness. Johnny Dangerous Promo I love the spy tech. Love it love it love it. Wildchild over Dante Crane via Wild Ride countout Goofy stip, but I think you handled it well despite all the pressure and junk surrounding the actual completion of the match. The finish was something that I could see coming, but it was basically the only way to handle it. Johnny Dangerous/Wildchild Promo w00t w00t~! Va’aiga over John Duran via douishime dragon sleeper Odd to see Va’aiga using such a technically-intensive move, but I can see it. Duran’s become a bit of a punching bag in the WF as of late, so hopefully he can bust out in the near future. Edwin MacPhisto Return Promo You owe me a new pair of britches. TNT/Deathwish Promo So he’s going to miss Danny miserably? More comments later.
  18. Ace309

    Hulk Hogan Close To Signing Japanese Deal

    Hmmm... Takayama and Hogan... I can't help but think that'd be fun. Of course, I'm assuming that if he wins, the match will end with him posing to "Real American." I know he didn't use it in his Muta match, but the Japanese fans will understand.
  19. Ace309

    Donation Status

    If I donate twenty bucks, can we replace the splash screen on the website with a picture of me wearing the J&R hoodie?
  20. Ace309

    Metal comments

    IL wins a title shot! And did it with a duly amusing match.
  21. Ace309

    SWF Smarkdown Card 9-22--2003

    See, Wildchild, Xero isn't so much a writer. He's more of a philosophy. The card looks great. It should be a good one.
  22. Ace309

    Hulk Hogan Close To Signing Japanese Deal

    He didn't just apply one, he applied it fromt he standing position and somersaulted to do it. It was quite impressive. Black Tiger makes a very valid point about restholds and the proper applications hurting like hell.
  23. Ace309

    Hulk Hogan Close To Signing Japanese Deal

    Um... it's the Judo term, used by a lot of the Japanese commentators, for a crucifix armbar or cross armbreaker. Craig "Pitbull" Pittman used it and called it the Code Red. It's an armbar executed by scissoring the upper arm and hyperextending the elbow.
  24. Ace309

    Hulk Hogan Close To Signing Japanese Deal

    He also did an exceptionally arthritic rolling jujigatame against Muta.
  25. Ace309

    Hulk Hogan Close To Signing Japanese Deal

    Well, obviously this isn't going to be a technical clinic. It's not supposed to be. Hogan always seems to be unusually motivated in Japan, though - see his 1993 match with Muta and any of his matches with Hansen for reference. I'm not saying they're earth-shattering, but they move Hogan up into the Perfectly Acceptable category. I can see myself being entertained by a spotty, fun match between these two guys provided they don't take themselves too seriously.