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  1. In the wake of the Maff injury, a lot of Low Ki's past worker injuries have been brought up. The unpulled kick to American Dragon's solar plexus is one that Dace Night likes to mention, and I've heard of several others but can't remember them right offhand. I got into an argument on another board about this. My feeling is that regardless of how good he looks in the ring, Low Ki's injured so many opponents in such a short career that he can safely be branded as dangerously sloppy. Yes, Kawada, Hansen and other top workers have inflicted injuries on their opponents, in some cases more serious than the concussion (Vader's eyeball, I'm looking at you), but for the number of matches they were involved in, Ki's percentage is really, really bad. The opposition points out that American Dragon is much stiffer than Ki is, and claims that since they were working a strongstyle match, the errant gamengiri is somehow okay. They claim that anyone who disagrees just doesn't understand strongstyle. I'm of the opinion that a good strongstylist isn't going to injure his opponent. One of the marks of a good wrestler is to work stiff, look good and protect your opponent. Any other opinions?
  2. Ace309

    A Wrestling Move Discussion

    As I recall, the Ganso Bomb as we know it (ie, the one used in the Misawa-Kawada match) was supposed to be a standard power bomb, but due to an injury earlier in the match the person taking the move was unable to pull himself back up the parallel-to-the-mat position and mouthed to his opponent to just drop him. As I recall, Lou Thesz also used a move called the Ganso Bomb (which is where the second one got its name - Thesz's was the original [ganso] power bomb). It was a throwing piledriver, which is obviously not something you'd want to do very often. Basically, he'd hold the opponent upside down as if for a piledriver and just spike him downward.
  3. When I read this in the paper yesterday, I immediately thought of George Carlin's "Two-Minute Warning" bit. One of the suggestions he has is that if you get your two-minute warning ("Wrap your shit up! You're gonna die in two minutes!") at a faith-healing service, you should get in line and time everything so you die just as the preacher touches you. It's somehow less funny now that it, uh, happened to an innocent 8-year-old boy.
  4. Ace309

    SWF Smarkdown Card!!

    Feh. What's Raynor done for you lately?
  5. The most recent in the rash of injuries caused by Low Ki got me thinking. I was in an argument with someone and said that one of the marks of a good wrestler is that you can work stiff without injuring your opponent, and he answered back with two of the more infamous injuries: The Misawa-Kawada broken orbital, and Stan Hansen popping Vader's eyeball out. The worst North American in-ring injuries are legendary - OwenDriver '97 comes to mind. What about in Japan? What are some of the more serious injuries? Do they happen more frequently due to the stiffer style employed by the major promotions, or (as I suspect) are the workers trained and conditioned better to avoid them?
  6. Ace309

    What foods are you craving...

    I haven't had a fluffernutter in years.
  7. Ace309

    Birthday Salutations

    Happy birthday Zed! May you spend most of it sleeping, and then get up to bitch about how bad your sleep cycle is.
  8. Progressives and Greens often talk about the importance of raising the minimum wage or creating a 'living wage' such that workers below the poverty line could feed themselves and family, pay rent, etc. It seems to me that a simple raising of the minimum wage wouldn't accomplish anything but increasing inflation - the workers cost more, and the cost gets passed along in the price of goods and services provided by businesses that employ minimum-wage workers. It creates a vicious circle. Of course, I'm bad with economics, so here are my questions: - Is the "minimum wage hike -> inflation" inference correct? - Is there a way to avoid inflation while raising the minimum wage? - How come I can't get no Tang 'round here? Discuss.
  9. Ace309

    And now, a bit of nostalgia.

    Ah yes. He learned so much, and I owned the last post on all three boards.
  10. Ace309

    The Wrestling Identity

    As I said when I previewed this for you, I like the way it's written. It's not shocking, per se, but that's because of the way you wrote it. It's a very interesting storyline and I'm glad to see it progressing.
  11. Ace309

    Hybrid vs JT playa

    Comments PM'd.
  12. Ace309

    Lockdown Comments

    Silent's been bugging me to read his match, so... I agree fundamentally with what Zed said. My personal feeling is that with the build the Demonstar has had, I'm having trouble buying it as a standard, oft-used finisher (J-Driller or no J-Driller). I see it more as having Burning Hammer status, being used once every few months if that. (Kobashi's used it twice, as I recall.) The Dragon Sleeper seemed disjointed to me. Maybe that could be remedied by a closer read-through, but it seemed to be a slice of a different match between Kibagami and English Dragon. It fit the characters, but not the match. The marker was cool. (Y)
  13. XCalibur v. Insane Luchador - When IL predicts against himself, you go with the opponent. English Dragon v. Judge Mental - Mental "The Sinner" John Duran v. Aecas - Duran, close "The Franchise" Mak Francis v. Dace Night - Francis, if he writes Viktor Tarankov v. Stryke - Tarankov in a coin toss Annie Eclectic v. Michael Craven - Annie CIA v. Show - Toss-up due to simultaneous lack of writing time Dante Crane v. Ejiro Fasaki - Fasaki~! Quiz v. "Deathwish" Danny Williams - Gotta go with Danno here Jay Dawg v. Apostle - JD Main Event "The Sacred One"Andrew Blackwell v. Nathaniel Kibagami - Silent, assuming he shows
  14. Ace309

    Wesley Willis

    I want to say I read last year in the campus newspaper that he was 37. Wesley Willis was fun to me for a while, until I found out that he actually had mental problems. Then, I felt really, really bad.
  15. Ace309

    Low Ki: Capable worker or liability?

    I've seen that one as well. Apparently Christopher Daniels has called Dragon the stiffest worker around. I think it may be true, since imho Ki's not reliably stiff, just sloppy and uncontrolled. To me, stiffness implies a degree of control. After all, this isn't a competition, it's a show.
  16. You can talk in the third person just as soon as you win your first match. Until then, you're required to supplicate to all the people above you. As one of the ones at the top of the list, I expect your bribes soon.
  17. What injury is it, specifically? Will it force Red to change his style significantly if and when he returns?
  18. Ace309

    Acting as your own server

    I know in my case (using Adelphia) I'd have to pay them monthly for a business account in order to run off Port 80. I believe you'd also need to run a separate box using an appropriate OS for a server. I know HVille Thugg runs his own server. I'll see if I can't shove him into this thread.
  19. Ace309

    Lockdown Comments

    My approach to this has always been something I stole from Greco. I don't know if anyone still remembers it, but at the 2000 Olympics, a chubby, teddy-bearish American named Rulon Gardner who'd never medalled internationally was up against a scary-looking Russian named Aleksandr Karelin who hadn't lost in 13 years or given up a point in 7. Gardner's approach was to exhaust Karelin, not try to outwrestle him. You have to sort of reverse things in pro wrestling... the point in a pro match is, loosely speaking, to wear the opponent out or knock him out. Against a rampant no-seller, you have to work with cradles, rollups and non-knockout pins. That is to say, against Kibagami, a bridged German is more useful than a backdrop driver. And, because some people don't catch on, you have to explain it with the commentary. The only thing I've looked at in my precaffeinated state is Williams' finish. I'm impressed. I like the storyline you're starting, which would be a Cinderella story if you weren't so god damn talented. I'll take a better look at the show later on.
  20. Ace309

    How I made David Blazenwing My Bitch

    Well, I've not read the whole thing in-depth and I'm not intimately familiar with the legislation in question. I'm also not an attorney. With that out of the way... I believe that his copyright violation (assuming for the sake of argument that there is one) would fall under the category of a tort, or a non-criminal wrong. That is, a civil violation rather than a criminal one. Torts have three requirements to recover damages: - The actus reus, or the wrong act. In this case, the actual use of your intellectual property (again, assuming arguendo that the Mall Brawl is our intellectual property and that his match was a lift of it). - The mens rea, or the intent/required state of mind. This can be negligence, recklessness, malice, or any number of other things. Blazenwing knew or should have known that he was using our intellectual property, proof being that he was competing for the fed at the time that one of them took place. We have our mens rea. - Actual injury. Ouch. There's no injury to assert here. We don't make money, so he couldn't divert our funding away from us by bringing new people into his fed at the expense of our roster. No judge in his right mind would accept an assertation of mental anguish. There's no pain and suffering. Basically, the owner of the idea of the Mall Brawl suffered no injury, so there's no case to be made. This is all assuming that the guy who booked the original Mall Brawl: a) is still affiliated with the SWF, or b) relinquished, explicitly or implicitly, his claim to the intellectual property. It's possible that a judge would say that by booking the card in a public, non-profit situation, he put the idea in the public domain. Again, I'm fuzzy on that.
  21. Ace309

    SWF Lockdown card!

    ... *changes board name to Feel Mrs. Hot*
  22. Ace309

    SWF Lockdown card!

    It's better that way, Rando. Nothing's less satisfying than reading a shitty no-show match. Besides, I find that after I write a short, quick win, I'm always out of practice for my next match.
  23. Ace309

    Promo: Commercial Break

    Nice little rehash. I'm very impressed by your ability to put this together while explaining motivation. Nice job!
  24. Ace309

    Mixed alcoholic drink

    As far as mixers go, it depends where I am. Vodka and Red Bull is great. I also like the occasional Mandarin and Tonic for a change of pace, although I hate that they put a cherry in it. If I'm at a place that's not a hole in the wall, though, I'll drink martinis all night long.