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  1. Well, can't bitch too much about that. I'm not a fan of clip promos, but this one did its job introducing the WFers to the John Duran character, and I, too, marked for the Randy Turner reference. It felt a little MST3Kish, though. I'm not sure how I would have fixed that, but it read weird.
  2. Ace309

    How I made David Blazenwing My Bitch

    God, I fucking hate the way this country treats the legal system. Blaze and his friend are sitting here just making up torts as they go along, thinking they can sue for harassment, blah blah blah... jesus christ. It makes me weep for my future profession.
  3. Ace309

    A Cyclone Comet Promo

    That promo was incredible.
  4. Can't comment for long - this is the first time I've gotten to a computer in about a week, since I've been busy meeting up with the Left Coast Fleshers, Biaaaaatch, and chasing down the numerous toddlers over here in the Lodi Valley. But, let me just say I'm sorry for no-showing (I just couldn't do what I wanted to do with all the busy-ness going on preparing for the trip), I'll read the show next week when I get home, and Frost - thanks for handling the match so damn well.
  5. Pffft. We don't care about no trumpet-playing band.
  6. Ace309

    90 minute SD! on 9/11

    Isn't it generally considered a measure of a show's solid ratings and popularity to use it as a lead-in for a crappy show to bolster ratings?
  7. Why don't they call it Roundtine?