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  1. Kismet

    ECW Discussion- 4/14/09

    Admin Mike pissed off the cool kids, so they built a new tree fort with a new secret password. Not everyone here was worthy of the decoder ring though, so the kids that don't sit at the right lunch table weren't invited. Or something like that.
  2. Kismet

    State of the Sports Forum

    I'll miss reading your stat heavy analysis of everything. That was good stuff, and you usually had an answer for the few questions I bothered to ask.
  3. Kismet

    NHL Discussion

    That's good stuff. As a Red Wings fan, I don't get much of that anymore. They get into so few fights, then lose them anyways. Oh yeah, fights are bad. Ban it and stuff.
  4. Kismet

    Favorite Restaurants

    Fuddruckers. It's a stopping point on the way down to the Detroit area for hockey games or concerts. Good stuff. Little dive in my town generically called Pizza King. Great pizza rolls, and surprisingly really good burgers. Quizno's is pretty good for subs. Mancino's is tolerable for subs once in a while.
  5. I play Day of Defeat: Source through Steam daily, haven't had any issues with it. Haven't really tried CS.
  6. All right then, thanks again everyone.
  7. I'm really not lacking in anything. Most of it is good enough. AMD Dual-core 6000, GTS 8800(640bit),2GB Dual Channel DDR2 800 RAM. Mostly it was looking around, and there were some mentions of it slightly improving/steadying frame rates in a game or two I play. I figured I might grab one when I get a new monitor.
  8. I'm still working my way through finally having a decent computer for games. My previous computers have all had basic on board sound. Using google I haven't gotten a clear answer on this. How much (roughly) would putting a dedicated sound card into my pc over the current on board configuration(Realtek 97') improve frame rates? I'm not in dire need, but thinking about getting one if it helps.
  9. Kismet

    MLB 2K7

    "Breed" off of the Nevermind album.
  10. Kismet

    Fucking Upper Midwest

    A shame. I live one town over from Saginaw. It's the freakin bottom of the barrel. The stereotype of what Detroit is supposed to be, that's Saginaw only smaller. I'm only a little suprised by this.
  11. Kismet


    Sensei had the same idea I did. I still play it occasionally.
  12. Kismet

    LWIB 8/14-8/20

    hGhiambi cranked the shit out of that one.
  13. Kismet

    TWiB 8/7 - 8/13

    Lack of defense of a DH should be taken into consideration, but should only be a part of the package. Last year, it was close enough between Rodriguez and Ortiz that the defense made a difference. If this year there isn't anyone equal to Ortiz offensively, then the defense probably won't make up the difference. Locally, the Tigers swept the Indians over the weekend and have split 2 games with the Twins. Really a bummer about Liriano's arm trouble, with seeing him against Detroit a few times now I really hope this is a minor thing and not some long term problem. Got Bonderman vs Santana as a matchup tonight. Hope for a good show.
  14. Kismet

    TWiB 7/31 - 8/6

    Pot, kettle, etc.