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  1. natey2k4

    TNA Impact spoilers for 8/28

    God, I hope Tomko returning is true. Though jobbing him out right away is a question mark.
  2. natey2k4

    Alex Wright Theme (Please Help!)

    Thanks so much man =) And sorry about the confusion.
  3. natey2k4

    Help Name a New Promotion

    Side Effect Wrestling -> SEW
  4. natey2k4

    Alex Wright Theme (Please Help!)

    Hey man, I'm sorry I never said thanks (though I never got a chance to download it).. as I was heading back to school which is 10 hours away. I was home when I posted that msg and over the course I just never got back on until today. Thanks anyway though.
  5. If anyone has it could you please upload it. I've been looking everywhere for like.. 2 months for it.. no luck. Thanks.
  6. natey2k4

    My Video Collection

    There are some tapes that can go for over $300-400 dollars, but normally most of those tapes would be valued around 60$+
  7. natey2k4

    JoeDirt's old school match thread

    Does anyone have Alex's Wright's return to WCW in 2000? I'd greatly appreciate it..
  8. How do you get it so I can upload my stuff faster (so I can download their stuff faster)... Plus, do you know how to burn them to disc? I'm having trouble burning the MPEG-3s and MPEG-4s, so its a bit upsetting, as I barely have the disc room now.
  9. natey2k4

    Curt Hennig vs Randy Savage..

    They didn't face each other at the PPV. Hennig defeated DDP and Savage lost to The Giant. Why didn't the schedule match take place?
  10. natey2k4

    Curt Hennig vs Randy Savage..

    WCW Road Wild 1997 -- Curt Hennig v. Randy Savage..
  11. natey2k4

    My WCW Theme Library

    Thanks so much for all these themes. Any chance anyone has a clear version of BERLYN's theme?
  12. natey2k4

    Themes: WCW Alex Wright + Disco Inferno

    Haha, I see that now. But I never said I was smart, lol.
  13. natey2k4

    Themes: WCW Alex Wright + Disco Inferno

    You are a god, thank you so much bro.
  14. Hey, I dont know if I'm allowed to post this here, but I've been despartely looking for Alex Wright's WCW Techno theme, Disco Inferno's Disco Fever Theme, and Alex Wright's Single Heartbeat Away. Thanks for any help!!