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  1. AntiLeaf33

    SummerSlam 2009

    I would be suprised if Punk doesn't win the title tonight to be honest
  2. AntiLeaf33

    The 2009 (Great American) Bash thread!

    Well, I might as well make a comment before Matt starts to think he's talking to himself: My feed kept fucking up, but considering I may have been 5 minutes trying to get my feed back, I assume that Cena mopped the floor with the Miz as all I saw when the feed kicked back in was Miz tapping like a little bitch.
  3. This really won't change a thing with who wins the best movie....just gives 5 more movies a little caption for the poster/DVD/Blu Ray cover that says that the movie was nominated for Best Film at the Academy Awards.
  4. AntiLeaf33

    Fallout 3

    About damn time. When it comes to the Broken Steel DLC, does the increased level cap and all of that goodness take effect on current games you have, or do you have to start a new game when the DLC is released?
  5. AntiLeaf33

    Punk's booking?

    Other than beating JBL, he couldn't get any credible wins to solidify his position as a main eventer / world champion. That Unforgiven Scramble Match was the best way to give him that big win had he retained, but of course he wasn't even allowed to defend the title. I enjoyed his match with Batista. It was a good contrast of quick strikes Vs. Slow power....told a nice story
  6. AntiLeaf33

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Doesn't really surprise me too much. The DS market is mostly too young to be playing a GTA game, and not everyone who is old enough to buy it is going to buy the game in its first few weeks.
  7. AntiLeaf33

    WWE General Discussion - April 2009

    When was that taken? That must have been a sight to see.
  8. AntiLeaf33

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Wow, that is an absolute steal. If I hadn't already bought it about a year ago I would get it now.
  9. So what exactly are they going to flesh Superstars out with this week? Unless they taped some matches at the RAW tapings, then it looks like the show will have one 30 second match.
  10. AntiLeaf33

    TNA Lockdown 2009

    Bottom line is that Foley is good as a short term champ as long as it means that he will be putting the next champ over.
  11. AntiLeaf33

    Rock Band!

    I really don't get the point of Lego Rock Band. Sure, it will probably make a good profit, but a lot of younger players probably don't have the coordination to be able to play anything like a game like Rock Band, so I'm not really sure what audience they are shooting for here.
  12. AntiLeaf33

    Jeff Hardy leaving?

    I'm willing to bet that if he does re-sign down the road, then having his strikes reset will probably be part of a new deal.
  13. AntiLeaf33

    Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Well, with the Habs losing again tonight they are all but done. I didn't see the point of keeping my damn beard for another 2 days so I shaved the damn thing off tonight. Jesus, I don't know of those guys can go the 6-8 weeks of the playoffs without shaving....my face was itching like hell after a week. Anyways, back to the series. I really don't understand what the hell the Habs are doing in this series. Trying to beat up a team that is bigger than you is not a smart move. It's even worse when you team is known for playing a quick, skill full game. Also, goaltending, once again is the big difference in the series. Thomas is making the big saves to keep it close when his team need it, and Price always seems to give up a goal whenever Boston gets the momentum. Not saying that all of the goals Price is giving up are bad goals, he just can't seem to make that unbelievable save to keep his team in it.
  14. AntiLeaf33

    No Raw Thread????

    Man, this board is dying a slow, painful death
  15. AntiLeaf33

    Stanley Cup Playoffs

    So, they haven't given any clue of who is starting in net tonight for the Habs, but unless they get their shit together then this shipwreck of a season is all but done. On a side note, unless they can make a decent playoff run then my playoff beard won't be a beard as much as the week and a half I just never bothered to shave.