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  1. tbondrage99

    Predictions for 2009

    Here are my ludicrous predictions: Steve Austin gets inducted into the hall of fame but instead wrestling he refs one of the title matches at Wrestlemania, after the match Austin will give both wrestlers a Stone Cold Stunner much to delight of his Texan fans. Cody Rhodes will have a backstage segment with Goldust where he calls him an embarrassment to the Rhodes name leading to a feud between the two where Dusty is brought in and eventually sides with Cody who promptly turns on him as well. Vince McMahon fails to see the humor in Vince McHass and "fires" Charlie Haas on live TV. Manu will cut a promo about going back to his roots and disappears off of TV for a few weeks and will return with a wild Samoan type character to form a tag team with Umaga. Hot off the heels of the success of The Wrestler Ernest Miller gets another shot in the WWE. Trish Stratus briefly comes out of retirement to feud with Beth Phoenix. Christian will get a the WWE champion match at Summerslam after becoming a face and turning on Edge, but ultimately fails to win. Edge will be a nine time world champion by the time the year is out. The Motor City Machine Guns get a developmental deal with The WWE but never make it to TV and are released when the WWE can't decide what to rename them because the words "Machine Guns" does not appeal to there newer kid friendly image. Another Top WWE wrestler quits wrestling to give that crazy MMA fad a try. Jeff Hardy and William Regal will not get strike 3 but Kennedy gets Strike 2. Batista somehow goes another year without a single strike. Joey Mecury will be rehired and teamed with John Morrison, The Miz & Melina the group is called MNMM despite the face that John Morrison's name is no longer Johnny Nitro. Triple H will shock the world by being drafted to ECW instead of Raw, he wins the title his first night there and will win a unification match with Raw champion John Cena thus ending ECW.
  2. tbondrage99

    2008 TSM Comic Book Awards?

    That sounds like a pretty fun idea. The categories are simple we could just go with the usual ones, Best Book, Best Mini, Best Writer, Best Artist, Best Hero, Best Villain, Best Moment, you know the typical stuff. I'd say four or five should be the amount of nominees.
  3. tbondrage99

    Old Man Logan

    I can't be the only person out there that's reading this storyline. It is easily one of the best current story arcs going on in comics right now. What does everyone else think?
  4. tbondrage99

    Final Crisis

    Im still picking it up but its now wowing me at all. As far as Im concerned the best thing about Final Crisis was The Rogue's Revenge mini-series. If anyone decided to pass up on that one you really should give it a look anyways its proof on why The Flashes Rouges gallary is behind only Spider-Man and Batmans in terms of awesomeness.
  5. tbondrage99

    The one where we talk about Secret Invasion

    Has anyone else seen that Embrace Change commercial? Its good stuff. Here's the link: http://www.marvel.com/embracechange/main.html
  6. tbondrage99

    RIP Killer Kowalski

    At least this legend lived a long and happy life that wasnt cut short while only in his 30s or 40s.
  7. tbondrage99

    Desert Island Draft, Comics Edition

    A damn fine pick. I agree its the best book Marvel is putting out
  8. tbondrage99

    Desert Island Draft, Comics Edition

    A damn fine pick. I agree its the best book Marvel is putting out
  9. tbondrage99

    Desert Island Draft, Comics Edition

    Na I read the book, it would be silly to make it my last pick if I didn't right? Either love the movie but as per usual the book is better.
  10. tbondrage99

    Desert Island Draft, Comics Edition

    My next pick is one of the all time great Green Lantern Stories Emerald Dawn One of the best origin stories ever told. Period. And for my final pick 300 We all know the story, 300 Spartans vs. The Persian Army.
  11. tbondrage99

    Desert Island Draft, Comics Edition

    The picking is a little confusing right now. I didn't get a message or anything but I know Im after Stevie, so here are my round 7 and 8 picks anyways. First off I was hoping that this one would be around for a later round pick and that "gamble" paid off. Im going with Claremont and Millers classic Wolverine mini-series. One of the better Wolverine stories out there with Wolverine in Japan fighting Ninjas and the like! Wolverine + Ninja = AWESOME! The second pick is one of the biggest series that came about for a while and changed the Marvel landscape "forever", or at least so they claim, still to early to really tell, we know they wussed out on the Spider-Man aspect of it though. Super hero on super hero madness, whose side are you on and all that other good stuff, its the storyline that above all else made me into an Iron Man fan.
  12. tbondrage99

    Costumes of the Damned!

    I think the Electric Superman could of been an awesome new character if it wasn't Superman....
  13. tbondrage99

    Desert Island Draft, Comics Edition

    I agree case by case is the best and fairest way to do it.
  14. tbondrage99

    PSN Usernames

    Rage99 My games are Civilization: Revolution Devil May Cry 4 Grand Theft Auto IV Mercenaries 2 Motorstorm WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009
  15. tbondrage99

    Desert Island Draft, Comics Edition

    For my next pick I'm going with one the greatest adventure of Stan Siaki's Usagi Yojumbo Grasscutter: Forged in heaven, The Grasscutter is the lost sword of the Gods and could potentially tip the scales of power for the shadowy Conspiracy of Eight in their quest to overthrow the Shogunate and reinstate the Emperor. With the help of a witch and the souls of dead warriors, they plan to recover the lost sword and bring the Shogun down. But when the fates place the Grasscutter in the hands of Usagi Yojimbo, he becomes the focus of a deadly struggle for possession of the sword. Seeing that I have a severe lack of superhero books here my next pick will be one of the all time classic Spider-Man Stories Amazing Spider-Man #229-230: Nothing Can Stop The Juggernaut This is a perfect example of who Spider-Man is, hes up against The Juggernaut and although he has no chance whatsoever of beating him he refuses to quit. This was one of the first Spidey stories I ever read and is still one of my favorites.