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  1. zyon

    SWF Storm Card - 5/3/2007

    Yeah ignore the six months where I won the CW title (lost it due to no show, ironic I know), built up my character around multiple factors (Peters who is gone, dislike for Stephens former number one face in the company, protege of Spike who isn't anything like Spike...or is he, and yes even ripping off Orton's destiny run), and have a pretty good feud with IL (other than the PPV match which I did finish it just never got posted, but it was horrible so it doesn't matter.), oh and despite this last month I have been one of the more reliable guys on the roster (if you would call it a roster). Yeah I suck. If it helps I sliced up my hand pretty bad, but I still wasn't motivated to show so I guess that doesn't matter. How about we drop the word limit a bit, 5K is a bit much. And in other news I'm totally Spike'ing my main event push. But the Lakers won a game so all is good.
  2. zyon

    SWF Storm Card - 4/25/2007

    Don't know if its too late, but feel free to redo the Jakey vs Zyon match if you want. I think I'll show this week.
  3. I thought the show was good, and since I don't post in this forum often I figured I would throw in my two cents. Really, I don't see how people can hate this show. Its not the best ever or anything, but most of the matches delivered and the booking was pretty flawless. MITB III- I would have rather had MVP/Benoit open, but this was fine too. Fun match. More spots than the first MITB, but lacks the psychology and emotion as the first. So they are about the same. Hardy/Edge spot was insane and speaking of the production, the slow mo to fast mo replay of the spot was sick. The right guy went over and everyone came away looking strong. Kennedy Promo- This wasn't even close to Austin's 3:16 speech, but I did get a strong vibe from this promo. His philosophy of nice guys finishing last and him not being a nice guy really lets his true character shine through. I really enjoyed this promo. Kane/Khali- Could of been worse. The slam was cool. Benoit/MVP- It would have been better with more time, but it was good just as it was. The match told a great story of MVP finally living up to the hype by arguably out wrestling Benoit, which is a great feat considering Benoit's background. The head BUTT finish made sense since it is Benoit's strongest non submission move in his moveset and MVP blocked both the Crossface and Sharpshooter. The ending allowed MVP to look strong by not allowing himself to fall into a submission, but it made sense considering the head BUTT is pretty lethal and always gets a pop. The weird backstage segment- Just fun stuff. And I swear to god I thought Steamboat was Bischoff. Taker/Batista- I agree with the placement of this match. A good moment is a good moment despite where it is in the card. Taker winning was a good moment. The match was a solid match, far better than expected. But I don't think it was as good as the Cena/Michaels match. Vince Segment- Thought this was stupid. Lashley/Umaga- Was what it needed to be. Runs ins, ref bumps, and all that other stuff was what this match was about. It was a spectical and thats what it was promised to be from the get go. Fun to watch, but the actual match was forgetable. Melina/Ashley- Sucked. They didn't even use the stipulation. Cena/HBK- I might be in the minority, but I thought this was great. The slow start was fine for me since that is what the WWE style is usually. The leg work made sense since everytime Cena decked Michaels, Shawn would sell his punches like death. Early on, Shawn the quicker wrestler dodges Cena's strong strikes. It was all about movement with Shawn who was using chops and forearms while Cena did his mindless brawling. However, when Michaels cuts Cena's leg out from him, his punches while damaging Michaels only landed few and far between. Later in the match when the match started to pick up, Cena stopped selling the leg which was dumb, but can be explained by Michaels never working on it again and that HBK isn't known for submission wrestling himself. The last ten minutes of the match were Fantastic and great wrestling by both men (That includes Cena.) and I have no qualms with the finish. It was clean and Michaels tapped to a move that has been presented as death despite how it looks. Its the WWE not some Indy fed. We should know by now that its about presentation not actual execution. So all in all it was a fun card with some solid wrestling. Oh and the conversation about the Cena character, just stay as is. Look, this isn't the first time he's been jeered, but then again look at who his opponent was. He was cheered in both matches against Umaga. When facing a legend like HBK or HHH you are more than likely going to get jeered. He's selling merchandise, has a CD, a movie, and is credible to audiences outside of wrestling. He is like a poor man's Rock...which is still better than anybody else when it pertains to a profit. Yes, he comes off fake and he's not that good of a wrestler, but in the last couple of main events he has delivered, and really thats all you can ask of the guy. And really whats the point in getting mad over the guy, we all know he's going to eat a Pedigree sooner or later anyway.
  4. zyon

    SWF From The Fire Card

    Um we don't know. And IL and myself have decided that our match will still be taking place after your match so don't worry about it. Ignore what the card says when it pertains to our match ending at the same time as yours. Basically our last segment will be used to seperate the Main event and the INT match. So just write a regular ending to your match (goes for Alan) to. IL and myself will deal with our match and end it our way. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. zyon

    This Is Bullshit.

    It may be just me, but I don't see the problems with a late show. Posting a show/card one day late really shouldn't disrupt anything, and since it is known Tom works midnights it should probably be expected, so if the show is posted its posted extremely late, and most people don't read the show until later that day anyway.
  6. zyon

    Skull Radio~!

    Good show. First, let me say I have the slowest computer alive. So I listened to the stream, and since it would cut out like every ten seconds, I listened to mainly the Storm Review, Storyline discussion, and Storm Preview. Everything was done well and I liked how there were honest opinions on the show. Nothing too harsh, but there was enough to get people going. Actually, talking about the fed is cool too, since it gives us a reason to listen. Just a real good first show.
  7. zyon

    Storm comments for 2/14!

    Good show overall. WC brought the goodness like he usually does. I was a bit disappointed by the next two matches, even though Johnny vs Cadillac could have been an angle match, not sure. Wish the tag match was longer since when Akira writes he's good, he's gotten a lot better, but it also seems he's gotten lazier. And its always great to read Cross' stuff, but the match was too short for satisfaction especially since it was the reformation of AU, of course, there are times where people just have time, so it's no big deal. Hardcore title match was the usual good Doom match with the sillyness sprinkled in. The sub main event and main event were awesome. Stephens writes a great match and I especially love the ending where Stephens introduces his grin to Clarks ever smiling grin. Great match. I also recommend Clark's losing match as that was very good as well. The International Title match should be great. Gabe vs Barbosa was exactly what I was hoping for. Gabriel Drake is such a fun character to read. Two Skinny White Guys deliver the promo goodness. Some more promos from others (including myself) would be nice. But what we did get was gold. Overall a good show to get the SWF Revival campaign going.
  8. zyon

    State of the SWF, 2007

    I pretty much agree with Landon., it just seems like a waste of time. I mean I see the point of setting a possible end date, but that also makes it hard to turn things around. Sure we may get people to come back, but they will be back only for this final run, which in turn makes it seem like the fed is doing better. Then the end date comes and the fed either closes or it continues, which from there is where people will drop again. Just doesn't seem like a winning situation.
  9. zyon

    Storm Predictions

    NON-TITLE MATCH Gabriel Drake© vs Ricky Barbosa - Drake. SWF INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP #1 CONTENDERSHIP Alan Clark© Vs Michael Stephens - Stephens should take this, but I believe Clark would win the actual title match. HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Insane Luchador Vs Jimmy the Doom © - IL takes it in an upset. IN THE HOUSE OF MARVELOUS: Landon "La Cucaracha" Maddix! HARDCORE MATCH Matt "Insert Gimmick Here" Myers (with James "Insert Adjunct Gimmick Here" Matheson) vs. Zyon - Not sure, but I got to admit it's fun to write Myers. TAG TEAM ACTION JJ Johnson and Manson vs. Asia Underground (Michael Cross and Akira Kaibatsu) - Asia Underground. SINGLES MATCH Johnny ‘the Barracuda’ Dangerous vs 'Cadillac' Calvin Szechstein - Johnny Wins. NON-TITLE SINGLES MATCH Wildchild© vs Zack Malibu - WC wins. Wild and Dangerous takes it.
  10. 2,500 and I'm sick as fuck. I'll still give it a shot I guess. (This should be in the word count thread)
  11. So do to the above comments, would asking for a fed wise extension be out of the question (Especially since I'm game to write the match and have it planned out, it's just that there is no time).
  12. For those who are starting to write the CF before the coming Storm could you give me a PM so I can ask of a favor for storyline terms. Otherwise I'll be promoing for Storm and you'll figure out then.
  13. zyon


    Edit 2/16/07- Big Shot is now the primary finisher, changed a few things with the moveset. Smarks Board Name: Zyon Real Name: Zak Owens Wrestlers Name: Zyon Nicknames: (The) "Unique Youth" Height: 5’11 Weight: 200 lbs Hometown: Elkhart, Indiana Age: 22 Face/Heel: Ineriorly confused, hates Michael Stephens face. Exteriorly hates Michael Stephens face, no confusion detected. Tweenerdom hidden. Stable: None Ring Escort: None Weapon(s): Pretty much anything, if legal. Quote: None as of now. Looks: (Inside Ring) Nose length brown hair (similiar to Jeff Hardy during his druggy period). Glowing green eyes, clean shaven, and yes still a pretty boy. Upper attire consists of a tight short sleeved shirt (Think under armor) with a "Z" logo located around his right pec. Opposite colors. Black shirt = White "Z". May have different logos other than the "Z". Lower attire is baggy knee length shorts of all different sorts of colors. Wrestles in black athletic shoes. Physique wise, he's built like a professional track runner as opposed to football player. Well defined, but not really full of mass. And despite the wars he's been in, he has no real visible scarring and no piercings/tatoos. (Outside Ring, promo, etc) Everything the same as inside the ring except a bit more casual. May wear a hat, hoody, some reading glasses. Be creative. Ring Entrance: The arena goes black as the words “I’m Born”, “I’m Alive”, and “I Breathe” alternate on the Smarktron. “Vitamin” by Incubus kicks in as the crowd immediately goes into a frenzy. After a moment of build the young Zyon emerges through the curtain, and pauses at the top of the ramp. Zyon scans the excited audience before busting out an innocent grin as he sprints down the ramp. Zyon leaps on to the ring apron before flipping into the ring with a simple leap and twist of the wrist. Once in the ring, Zyon energetically runs up to the ropes and climbs to the second rope. Once on the ropes he extends his arms, which bend at the elbows as he devours the spotlight (Aka the Randy Orton taunt). Stats: Strength: 4- Gained a little bit of muscle, which helps the impact of his new neck/impact focused offense. Also helps with striking, which he has improved at. Speed: 9- Uses the speed for counters and applying maneuvers as quick as possible, which hopefully lessens the countering rate of his opponents. A great high flyer, which is just as much a curse as a gift. Once again, helps with the striking. He still can't touch Wildchild in out and out speed though. Vitality: 5- He's not zombie immortal, but with the right amount of adrenaline he can open up a few eyes. Capable of going the distance, but his body will pay for it the next day. Charisma: 2- Has the ability to talk, and may throw out a good promo once in awhile, but he's been known to trip over his words. And his lack of over the top expression doesn't get over as well as the overdramatics. Style: He's still spotty as hell and prefers flash over substance, but now he can ya know, actually wrestle...kinda. Improved in the striking and submission aspect of his game and he can now hurt you without hurting himself with impact oriented offense. However, he's still not mentally into the game. He doesn't wrestle like a chess player, he just goes and hopes for the best. If he happens to luck into psychology and stuff then its mostly accidental. Yet he does understand the concept of "Hey he's holding his neck...he must be hurt." Basically, he's an indy worker who lucked into a contract with a world renowned organization, and he's had to learn everything the hard way. Signature Moves -Cannonball Kamikaze: When perched on the top rope, Zyon will leap into the air, rolling himself up into a ball. As he descends down on to his fallen opponent, Zyon at the last second will abort the cannonball position and drive both knees into his opponent’s sternum/chest area. It does lack flash, but makes up for that due to the fact that the move is just plain mean. -Double Arm DDT: Double underhook, lift and drop victim on head. Pretty simple. Canadian Neck Breaker: Zyon will hold the opponent in a back drop position and will then maneuver his hands around the opponent’s head while instantly dropping to the canvas with a neck breaker. (Orton has used this move) Aero Driver: Scoop slam into a piledriver, otherwise known as the Juvi Driver. Just to add a little flash to the move Zyon will perform a quick spin before spiking his opponent to the ground. This move has been known to catch some opponents off guard and could possibly give Zyon a win if he’s lucky or if the opponent is really fatigued. -Decline: Reverse Russian leg sweep, otherwise known as the Flatliner that Kanyon used, not the maneuver that Jarrett and Hasan uses. -Springboard Forearm Smash (Superman Forearm): Zyon goes out to the ring apron and springboards into the air using the top rope. Zyon pulls his right arm back keeping it at about the same level as his chest. Keep left hand forward while he kicks his feet through the air. Before he reaches his opponent, Zyon pulls his right arm forward and blasts his opponent with a charged forearm smash. Dragon Sleeper: Zyon’s second most potent submission. The most basic version is grab a seated opponent in a reverse face lock and pull back. Due to Zyon's more aggressive ways, he may just start pounding away at his opponent's chest with his free hand. NOTE: Zyon can perform the other variants as well which include hammerlock, standing, body scissors, and Landon’s Dragon Clutch among others. The body scissors and Dragon Clutch variations are a bit more rare and aren’t as potent as when someone like Landon or JJ Johnson does it. Sambo Suplex: Spinning Rock Bottom. Ansatsuken Knee: Street Fighter has some cool moves. Anyway, it's the lunging knee that Sagat uses. Basically, Zyon throws his body at his opponent, shooting off a dangerous knee that is supposed to connect with the opponent's face. Common Moves Snap: Zyon’s front dropkick to the chest that is followed up by a kip up if he is able to perform one. Has been used more recently as a momentum changer, but can still be used offensively as well. -Flash Kick: More Street Fighter goodness. With his opponent doubled over, Zyon will perform a standing moonsault sending one of his feet into the opponent’s face. Guile’s flash kick from street fighter only without the wave that follows. -3.0 Back Breaker: Zyon is back to back with his opponent and reaches around the victim’s throat with the near arm, like an inverted reverse face lock. Zyon will then drop to his knee, bowing the opponent’s back over his own. Snap Brainbuster: Been moved to common moves since Zyon’s drop is more focused on the neck and the shoulder plexes as opposed to a murder, death, kill sheer head drop. Lift opponent vertically and quickly dropping them down is how he performs this maneuver. -No Regard: Has also been moved to common moves since Zyon has used the maneuver more frequently as opposed to using it as just a counter. Zyon will leap to the top rope, facing the crowd, and will leap backward with a sensational corkscrew body attack. -Lunging Yakuza Kick: Not your traditional Yakuza kick due to Zyon’s poor precision with his strikes. Zyon will charge at the opponent, leap and kick the opponent right under the chin. If anything it’s a running front dropkick with just one foot hitting the opponent. -Rolling Neck Breaker: Zyon will put his near leg over a doubled over opponent’s head, and then proceed to grab the victim’s near arm. Pushing the opponent’s arm forward as well as his own leg, Zyon will rotate the opponent to the canvas with a neck breaker. Used as a counter to a telegraphed back body drop. NOTE: I think Elix Skipper called this move The Play of the Day or something. -Spinning Wheel Kick: Zyon will leap into the air, twist his body so that he is horizontal, and then kick the opponent in the face with his near foot. -NOTE: Just to spite JJ. Aerial Stuff: Any and all common/regular aerial moves can go here. That includes modified and variations of most. You know, your elbow drops, leg drops, moonsaults all go here. -Snap Suplex: Quick suplex. Will sometimes chain a few together if the momentum is really going his way. -Samoan Gutbuster: Zyon will place the opponent on his shoulders in a standing fireman’s carry. From there Zyon will duck his head and push the opponent forward. As the victim falls, Zyon will drop to the canvas, throwing his knees up, which the opponent collapses on sternum first. -Blockbuster Neck Breaker: Normally the blockbuster is done from leaping off the second rope with a flipping neck breaker. And Zyon does use that variation as well, but Zyon also can leap over a standing or doubled over opponent and whip them to the canvas with a blockbuster neck breaker without assistance from the second rope. -Neck Breakers: Any neck breakers not covered in Zyon’s moveset. Hangmans, swinging, running, etc. -Reverse DDT: Uses both the sitting version and the diving variation. Rare Moves -Final Hour: A spike cradle piledriver causing the opponent on impact to either crumble or bounce a couple inches off the ground. Used to be a finisher, but Zyon has evolved a little with his move set. When busted can easily win a match, but can also be kicked out of. -Sky Twister Press: Zyon starts off by facing the crowd. He then performs a moonsault while transitioning in the air into a 450 splash. Basically a crisp Phoenix splash performed with the users legs tugged in. -Satsui no Hadou: The RARE move that puts the opponent down. You get hit with this, and it should be over. Heavyweights are safe from this unless Zyon can some how get them on his back with help from the ropes or something. Anyway the move goes as followed. Zyon lifts his opponent into a reverse fireman’s carry position (Torture rack) and elevated his opponent with the hand that is closest to the head. He uses the other hand to spin his opponent; all while Zyon sits down driving his opponent head first into the mat. Basically a Burning Hammer except the opponent is spiked in front of the user not to the side. -Triangle Choke: Another submission hold that Zyon adores…but isn’t really good at. Uses it as a counter and to maybe catch the more arrogant wrestlers off guard. Will never willingly put it on while on the offensive. -NOTE: Zyon can transition the Triangle Choke to a NASTY arm bar by pushing the opponent’s head away and transitioning his legs. Once again he’s pretty bad at the actual transition, but it is something he can do. Finishers: -Final Flash: A beautiful yet destructive Swanton Bomb on to the opponent. Zyon starts by obviously diving off the turnbuckle and when he is completely vertical he slowly starts to tilt downward like a vulture flying down on to its prey. Zyon lands shoulder plexes first instead of just flopping on to his back. The move is done to perfection and can be done on higher objects than the top turnbuckle. No longer the primary. -Big Shot: RKO/Diamond Cutter/Ace Crusher. Realizing that the 911 Aero Driver took a bit to set up and didn’t play to his strengths at all, Zyon ventured for a new finisher. He decided on the Big Shot which can be hit out of numerous positions and due to Zyon’s incredible speed is difficult to counter since you really don’t see it coming until it’s too late. Now the Primary Finisher. -Gouki Crossface: Cobra (Crippler) Crossface. Zyon's favorite submission move that was used by Ejiro Fasaki, who was World Champ at the beginning of Zyon's SWF career. After only seeing Ejiro use it one or two times, Zyon stole the move. It used to be sloppy, then the youth realized that it was simply putting your opponent's arm between his legs and pulling back on their neck. Zyon's submission finisher, but its not instant death if he traps you in it. Basically the go to move if impact and high flying dramatics isn't getting the job done.
  14. zyon

    2007 Television Dates

    One show a week, I'm happy.