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  1. They gave Paul Heyman the boot. That did it for me.
  2. Blue Bacchus

    PlayStation 3

    Exactly. Sony is only 8 months late to the party. Can't wait till M$ drops the price of the 360 in response.
  3. Blue Bacchus

    Transformers The Movie

    Just got back from the Early Showings at 8pm. And all I can say is... WOW. Superb effects + 80's Love + A plot inspired from the Cartoon = A mess in my pants. Just give the movie a chance and forget everything that you know when you were a kid, and prepare to fall in love again.
  4. Blue Bacchus

    Transformers The Movie

    It kinda looks like the G1 helmet from the profile shot but from the front, I get a Beast Machines Megatron vibe from him. Spoiler
  5. Blue Bacchus


    In other random news... I finally got my Wii back just in time for Super Paper Mario! The Big N couldn't fix my Wii so I got a complete replacement. They transferred all my Mii's and data from the old machine to the new which was a shock. Aside from it taking almost a month, I'm very satisfied with Ninty on this. Oh and Kids, Always ALWAYS register your serial numbers... makes things like extended warranty worth while.
  6. Blue Bacchus

    Transformers The Movie

    The movie has definitely come along way, but what drives me up the wall is that the hype machine has already started. In a two hour span, I saw four commercials for this movie and its three months away.
  7. Blue Bacchus

    Xbox LiveGamertags

    Blue1138 Have: Dead Rising Star Trek Legacy Lost Planet Fight Night Round 3
  8. Blue Bacchus


    Game Saves and Mii's are going to be DELETED (/Strong Bad). She said that they may have to purge the memory, which I already kinda figured they would re-flash the memory. The shipping label/box should be here tomorrow, so I have until then to try to evac my Mii's. Eh, as long as I get my machine back or a new one, I'll be happy. Just means I have to beat WarioWare again!
  9. Blue Bacchus


    Well my Wii is dead. It just keeps freezing after five minutes of operation. Got on the horn with NoA and I'm gonna be shipping my baby off to hopefully get repaired. Nintendo's customer service, at least over the phone, has been stellar this far.
  10. Another bad example. Have you played those? Each is like an entirely new game! New map, new story, new missions. They're totally different games that use the same gameplay system. Not "expansion packs" at all. Nah, they're all the same game. Nothing innovative at all about that series other than GTAIII's leap to 3D from 32-bit overhead sprite "goodness".
  11. Blue Bacchus

    The OAO Phoenix Wright thread

    I'm almost finished with the last case of Ace Attorney, and after that I've got Justice for All ready to go! On a side note, it looks like Hotel Dusk maybe within the same vein as Phoenix but a tad more serious.
  12. I would have been fine with an answer like "Supplies are limited and are first come fist serve." but when he's says "We've had a ton of preorders" while I'm the only preorder. That just miffs me.
  13. Ok so I went into my EB last friday to place a last minute pre-order for Phoenix Wright: Justice for All. Apparently EB and Capcom were giving out a preorder bonus. So when I placed my 5 bucks down I asked the clerk if I would recieve the preorder bonus and his reply "I don't know, we've had tons of preorders for it and it's first come first serve." So ok, I'll roll the dice and see if I get the bonus. I picked the game up yesterday and the same clerk goes "Ok here's your stylus and it looks like you were the only preorder I had."
  14. Blue Bacchus

    PlayStation 3

    Starfox DS was a good game btw. And as for Warhawk's impending "doom", eh... It didn't look that great and they couldn't even use the SixAxis correctly during the demo videos I watched.