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  1. GCWPatrick

    Predicitions for 2009

    So are these predictions or wishful thinking?
  2. GCWPatrick

    I'm goign to a TNA house show

    Going to the one in St. Charles tomorrow night...the last one here was very good. Wish we were getting Angle-Styles like Cape...our main is Angle-Christian(which was the main event we got at the house show earlier this year). Looks like a good card nonetheless...also going to an indy show tonight in O'Fallon, IL so it's a full weekend ahead.
  3. GCWPatrick

    WWE SmackDown - October 10, 2008

    Thankfully I haven't heard JR say that in recent weeks, but I noticed it a few weeks in a row when he'd make some offhand comment "don't talk about her hips" regarding Natalya.
  4. GCWPatrick

    WWE SmackDown - October 10, 2008

    I think WWE's just making Victoria and Natalya look like fools at this point. And don't talk about her(Natalya's) hips... I guess she's Molly Holly Part Deaux at this point?
  5. GCWPatrick

    WWE SmackDown - September 19, 2008

    "Curt And Jerk" = "Curtain Jerk", I presume. Cute.
  6. GCWPatrick

    9/18 Impact Spoilers

    Oh yeah, and they're not really hitting each other.
  7. GCWPatrick

    Campaign 2008

    http://news.yahoo.com/s//ap/20080913/ap_on...r/obama_waffles Wow.
  8. GCWPatrick

    Comparing The Brian Kendrick to Mitch Hedberg

    The Brian Kendrick opened up a yogurt and underneath the lid it said "Please Try Again" because they were having a contest he was unaware of. He thought he might have opened the yogurt wrong, or maybe Yoplait was trying to inspire him. "Come on Brian, don't give up! Please try again!" A message of inspiration from your friends at Yoplait...fruit on the bottom, hope on top!
  9. GCWPatrick

    Gas Price Check...

    Got as low as $3.27 around the St. Louis area but it seems to be going back up over the past few days...
  10. GCWPatrick

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    Hey look, it's "up-and-coming wrestlers = young punks who don't respect THE BIZ or THE BOYZ IN THE BACK" Part MCMXVIII. Maybe it'll actually work this time.
  11. GCWPatrick

    SmackDown Spoilers - July 11, 2008

    There is no way for Edge to break up with Vickie and remain a heel.
  12. GCWPatrick

    WWE Raw (6/30/2008)

    That WAS one of my main thoughts...Edge was an idiot to even show up on Raw, especially a night after royally screwing over Batista to "get rid of him for good". Heels do tend to do stupid things in the name of self-glorification, I suppose...just like faces do stupid things in the name of fair play. It's all part of RASSLIN. I guess an underlying theme was that Edge felt insulted that JR was upset about going to Smackdown...
  13. GCWPatrick

    WWE Raw (6/30/2008)

    Someone mentioned the irony of Edge living by MITB and dying by MITB...don't forget the other irony of the title change: It happened on Raw where his darling Vickie couldn't do a damn thing about it like order an immediate rematch in a 17-on-1 handicap match with Chavo as referee where Punk could only win if Edge spontaneously combusted or something like that.
  14. GCWPatrick

    The one (and only!) Raw thread for 16/6/2008

    My reaction to the main event run-in was along the lines of "are you serious?"
  15. GCWPatrick

    Random Thoughts

    Guess it makes some sense since there's already a Matt on the roster...