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    Spirit Squad

    Ken Doane will be very good someday, but is a little green. Johnny Jeter I like a lot.
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    PROMO: When It Rains... (Part 2)

    Singaporians > Chinesse. They swallow easier.
  3. Smartly Pretty

    PROMO: When It Rains... (Part 1 of 3)

    No, he was more like the sailor on the Simpsons for me
  4. Smartly Pretty

    I'm Completely Lost

    You one upped him. You no-showed for a month and got a World title shot.
  5. Smartly Pretty

    I'm Completely Lost

    . . . or DID it . . .
  6. Smartly Pretty

    I'm Completely Lost

    Stryke is no-showing, ELM is awesome, Drea has a funny character, JJ is being super modest and ditched his character, I'm underachieving, shows are late, and Blank got in an argument. Nothing's changed. Actually, no, Stryke IS showing. Nevermind.
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    Possibly one of the most entertaining convos ever...

    Get along well with that banner that says we're 0-0
  8. Smartly Pretty

    Possibly one of the most entertaining convos ever...

    Boooooo. Get in SWF Chat. It was twice as awesome.
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    For the next Thoth report: Mailbag!

    Dude, I will never have a sucessful career. Thanks mom.
  10. Smartly Pretty

    For the next Thoth report: Mailbag!

    I'm up for doing another episode, if that's cool.
  11. Smartly Pretty

    Thoth Report 2-26-06

    Everyone seems to want in on the next one. Chat was awesome tonight.
  12. Smartly Pretty

    Thoth Report 2-26-06

    Mine was the "I'm not coughing, really" laughter.
  13. Smartly Pretty

    Thoth Report 2-26-06

    For inquring minds: Yes, I did do my homework.
  14. Danielson will have it too long for that to happen in the near future, I think.
  15. Joe's online promo made it sound like that'll be an upcoming angle, going for the triple crown, but that was probably just the set up for the Letahl break up. I'm no really sure though—I hold the record for being the only man ROH has ever fucked an order for. I'll probably have a better idea when I feel like re-ordering all that stuff.
  16. And I don't know what the hell Criplercrosface9 in talking about, atleast he spelled his comment out better than he spelled his name. I keep all my usernames everywhere the same. AIM didn't have enough room for two p's and s'. I took them out. Blow me. Though, generally when one makes a joke about another's grammar, they don't have any blatant errors in their insult. In talking about? Fuckin' hypocrite.
  17. Smartly Pretty

    ROH Dying????

    You could just go to one of the bigger shows, and make a whole weekend vacation of it, sight seeing, and shit.
  18. Quote Punk, "Never in my 26 years have I ever wanted to set someone on fire."
  19. Smartly Pretty

    SWF Stats Thread - 2006 Edition

    EDIT FOR THE COMEBACK OMG NO WAI Smarks Board Name: Criplercrosface9 Wrestlers Name: "The Divine Wind" Akira Kaibatsu Height: 6'0 Weight: 195 Hometown: Sendai, Japan Age: 20 Face/Heel: face Stable: Ring Escort: No longer. Can’t say I’m at all regretting ditching Kobe, either. Weapon(s): -- Quote: “AH SKEET SKEET SKEET” But, you know, none. Looks: Major changes and shit. Right, first of all, Akira no longer bears a mask. In its place, Kaibatsu bears a Jericho beard, Kaz Hayashi hair. Clean cut, Austin Aries like build. Tattoo on his left shoulder that says “Fearless” if you can read Kanji. If you can’t, it’s cool Japanese writing. The attire is the same as before, only the new colors are black and maroon. Long tights, one pant leg is maroon, the other is black. The knee pad on the maroon knee is black, the knee pad on the maroon leg is black. Elbow pads match the knee pads. Black boots with maroon kickpads. Ring Entrance: “Protect Ya Neck” by Wu-tang Clan hits, and Akira comes out. That’s how it works with me. He comes out. He’s Japanese, he ain’t flashy. Stats: ¯¯¯¯¯ Strength: 4 - He'll have his troubles lifting the SWF's heavies (all three of them) but apart from that, he's fine. Speed: 7 - Does his fair share of flipping around, but this is more mat quickness than anything. Vitality: 7 - He won't no-sell anything, he's just incredibly hard to keep down. Charisma: 2 – I’m one of those bastards that’s going to take advantage of no one caring about charisma rating. Style: Akira used to wrestle like Sasuke, but in injury rehab he renovated his style, and his style is much more comparable to KENTA. High flying offense, and spunky kicks. Akira is also the master of te small package. MASTER. SMALL PACKAGE. OF. Akira is also a master of the spoonazi stiking style. Signature moves -Senton Bomb: No flip, just jumps on them back-first. Think Dick Togo. -European Uppercut: JJ Johnson has elbows, Akira Kaibatsu has European Uppercuts. Sell these. -Divine Backbreaker: He lifts them up suplex style, then twists their body and drops them, so that their back lands on his knee, ala Roderick Strong -It Came From Sendai: Some know it as the Angel's Wings, and Alex Shelley may be scrambling to sue me for using this name, but it's a swinging sitout Pedigree. -White Magic: Shining Gamengiri --VARIATION (Black Magic), Akira will step up for this, but instead of kicking you, will go over your head, roll, and catch you with his plant-foot's heel. -Yakuza Kick -Superkick: You know Akira’s going to pester you with the European Uppercuts, so when he finally gets you this it hurts. Likes to stun the opponent for the Divine Wind with this. -Crash and Burn: Hammerlock to clothesline. -Australian Suplex: Secure a standing double chickenwing, then roll backwards and bridge up, pinning your opponent on his neck. Common moves -Float-over armdrag: With the opponent doubled over, Akira runs and jumps, rolling over their back. As he finishes the roll, he grabs their arm and uses his momentum to drag them over and to the canvas. -Springboard front dropkick: KENTA-style, fools. -Stalling brainbuster: Strength 4 means he can't hold them up there for long, but he'll go as long as he cares to before dropping you on your head. -JAPANESE MAT WRESTLING~!: As stated before, Kaibatsu can carry himself quite well on the mat, and thus knows most of the tricks in the book. Lots of flips, rolls and handstands here. Be pretty creative, God knows they are. -Chops: Knife-edged, overhead, whatever. Sometimes, Kaibatsu just gets the urge to slap you around. In a non-heelish way, of course. -Kamikaze Rush: Springboard gamengiri. Runs to the ropes, jumps to the middle, springs off and kicks you in the face. Ouch. -Basic kicks. Roundhouses, etc. No wacky spinning uber-head-removal kicks, but stuff you could learn by watching a karate class for a few days. -Skull Fuck: Figure four necklock, roll to stomach, smash your head up and down on the canvas. Pwnzorz. And more Alex Shelley names. -European uppercut suicida: Damn skippy. -Powerdrive elbow: People's Elbow, but with no crazy posturing beforehand. Rare moves -Divine Wind '04: Head-drop Sliced Bread #2. See Bio for details. EXTREMELY RARE. -Kaibatsu Drop: A very spotty move, but effective nonetheless. Akira gets them in a dragon sleeper before flipping over them and dropping into an Stunner. -Half-nelson suplex: Cruiser killer fa' sho', home-skillet. -Natural Born Chaos Theory: Australian Suplex, but if it doesn't get the pin, roll back through, pull them up, and give them a bridged Tiger Suplex. Finishers -The Divine Wind - Sliced Bread #2 -Shadows Over Hell - an Anaconda Vice. The opponent on their back, Akira sits down to their left. He takes his right hand, wraps it around the opponents head, grabbing their left wrist. He then slips his left arm and slides it through the hole created. Keep in mind, CM Punk calls his finisher the Anaconda Vice, but it’s actually an arm triangle choke. --VARIATION (Uwabami Vice) - The aforementioned Arm Triangle Choke. Named so because Toxx actually got me to believe that Uwabami was the Japanese word for Anaconda. Touche to you, Mr. Stephens. Notes: Kaibatsu knows what he's doing now, which is good, because he no longer has Mr. Kobe to hold his hand and walk him through things. In terms of ethics, if you're familiar with Ring of Honor, Akira is a Code of Honor following guy. Bio: I don't feel like writing a whole bio out, so I'll just explain the DW'04... In Kaibatsu's debut match on August 12th, 2004, he was booked to win. Naturally, he was very excited, and his in-ring actions showed. He was jittery, he had a huge grin on his face the whole time (even when he was supposed to be selling), and it all built up. When it finally came time to hit his finisher, he was so overexcited that he overshot the flip and ended up dropping his opponent on his head. This snapped the then-19 year old back to reality. If he kept getting excited when he knew he was winning, people could get hurt. From then on, he's carried himself like a professional in the ring, and hasn't injured anyone since. Get him too angry, though, and this may very well change. And Mr. Kobe is a whore.
  20. Smartly Pretty

    OVW Results Thread...

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7U2e9I7iSu4&search=OVW Capp/Jeter
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    SWF Smarkdown Card for 2/27/06!

    Damn. I was looking forward to a follow up from that classic with Laberinto. Haha, just kidding, man.
  22. Smartly Pretty

    SWF Smarkdown Card for 2/27/06!

    I'm gonna need to write an awesome match. Good god, am I gonna have to write really well. And DAMN~! the loophole I used last time to get out of Triple Threat being null here.
  23. Smartly Pretty

    Lockdown Comments

    You're yet to edit in the winning match. You just told me and then forgot about it.
  24. Smartly Pretty


    First a call girl, now Luscious Lolitas . . . WHERE ARE ELM'S MORALS?!?!
  25. Smartly Pretty

    Lockdown Comments

    . . . That's the last time I let JJ tell me results over Chat.